This bistro is where you should hang out at if all your friends have different taste preferences

A watering hole that serves Mexican and Italian-fusion cuisine and tradition Teochew-style fish soup that has 27 years worth of heritage… wait, what?!

You can call it rojak, but many are going to love that No Milk Bistro offers a good melting pot of flavours, which cater to the Singaporean palate, which is rather diverse anyway. They serve everything from traditional fish soup to handmade pasta (including a fusion creation of ma la pasta!) so everyone’s going to find something they enjoy and have a good time.

No Milk Bistro’s Teochew-style fish soup

You can’t talk about No Milk Bistro without mentioning its clear Teochew-style fish soup that’s served without milk – which is where its name came from, by the way.

Level 1 of the bistro looks like a fish soup shop that attracts lunch crowd

Level One of No Milk Bistro offers clear fish broth that’s based on the recipe of a fishmonger that the four owners helped out at the wet market when they were children. The fishmonger imparted the way to make his delicious Teochew-style fish soup. His 27-year-old recipe is given a modern twist at No Milk Bistro as it’s garnished with Japanese nori instead of seaweed.


The fish soup can be served with sliced mackerel ($6), fried sea bass ($6), or a mix of the two ($7), and you can choose to have it with steamed rice, thick or thin bee hoon, mee sua, mee tai mak, kway teow, or porridge, according to your preference.

Definitely a highlight at the bistro, the fish soup is sweetened by the taste of fresh fish slices and is rather addictive from the moment you take your first sip. We found ourselves reaching out for it throughout the entire meal.


Pair the fish soup with No Milk Bistro’s Black Char Siu, which is another crowd-pleasing dish you should consider. Its grilled pork belly and ngoh hiang completes the experience if you’re a meat-lover.

Head to the bar at level 2


Take the stairs inside the level 1 fish soup restaurant to and head to the bar at level 2, which presents a whole new ambience altogether. This area feels like the best spot to enjoy Mexican, Italian and local fusion cuisine and alcoholic beverages.

Ma la pasta

Besides chilling over drinks, warm your tummies with their egg pastas. The Beef Rendang Pasta, in particular, is comfort food. Beef in this dish is stewed for 12 hours so it’s tender and flavourful. You can also try the ma la pasta if you’re a ma la fan who wants ma la with everything.

The pastas are handmade daily using waterless dough made of eggs and flour – the Italian way of pasta-making. This method gives the pasta more flavour and you can taste the difference as you sink your teeth into it.


They also have a drinks repertoire that’s comprehensive, ranging from craft beers to fresh fruit cocktails, with prices between S$10 and S$20. No Milk Bistro also dishes out discounts ranging from 1 for 1 liquor by the glass to 15% off bottles to Korean soju deals (three bottles for S$42 with a free yakult mixer).

No Milk Bistro is located at 18 Pahang Street. The first floor fish soup boutique is open from 11am to 10pm (Monday to Saturday) and the second floor bistro is open from 5pm to 12mn (Monday to Saturday).