This new Korean BBQ restaurant serves authentic Korean dishes along with premium cuts of meat

I’ve always complained that it’s hard to find good Korean barbecue in Singapore, which is why I won’t pass up the chance of discovering a new spot where I can get my Korean BBQ fix. I’m glad that I’ve found another great Korean BBQ restaurant that won’t disappoint.

NAMI Korean Grill House opened recently and it’s located along the quiet Greenwood Avenue – an apt location given that the new restaurant is inspired by Nami Island, which is known for its natural and serene setting.

Helmed by the same company that owns HANJIP Korean Grill House, one of the biggest Korean barbecue restaurants in Singapore, NAMI similarly offers an authentic Korean barbecue experience that’s hard to come by in Singapore.

Highlights in the menu

NAMI offers an extensive range of meat cuts including Kurobuta Berkshire Pork, Australia Wagyu, and USDA Prime Beef selections, while also offering traditional Korean dishes and seafood items.

AVENUE ONE visited and tried a few of the items on the menu, and here are the ones that won our favour.

nami review ginseng chicken soup
Ginseng Chicken Soup

Of the traditional Korean dishes, the Ginseng Chicken Soup is certainly one that you should order. While it may not taste very flavourful at the start, allow it some time for its content to seep in the soup, and you’ll find that it tastes better and better as you go along.

The Seafood Pancake was pan-fried till it’s slightly crispy – and remained so even after it’s been served for a while – and was flavourful to boot. I think this is a crowd-pleaser that is great for sharing when you’re with a group of friends.

nami review marinated prawns
Marinated Prawns

As for the seafood items, go for the Marinated Prawns (saewoojang) if you are looking for an authentic Korean seafood dish that you don’t always find in Singapore. While I was slightly squeamish about eating raw prawns, I still tried the dish and can see how those who enjoy raw seafood will enjoy this well-marinated dish.

Besides Marinated Prawns, NAMI also serves Korean Abalone (jeonbok) and Marinated Crabs (ganjang gejang) – both of which are authentic Korean seafood dishes to try.

The meat cuts are definitely at the heart of the menu; there’s no way you’ll visit NAMI without ordering them for the barbecue experience.

nami review meat cuts

I had the Wagyu Striploin, Marinated Boneless Short Ribs, and Kurobuta Pork Belly – these can be ordered a la carte or as part of a meat platter.

Of them, the Striploin was definitely the star of the show. You can probably already guess by looking at the great marbling on it, which tells you that it’s a premium cut of meat. Thanks to the ideal distribution of fat and meat, what I got to enjoy was delicious beef that melts in your mouth.

nami review bbq meat
The Wagyu Striploin was very tasty.

The meat was juicy and didn’t require much seasoning for it to taste amazing.

nami review short ribs
Marinated Boneless Short Ribs

The short ribs were tender and chewy at the same time, which was satisfying to bite. The marinade was also delectable – a good blend of savoury and sweet flavours for a balanced profile.

nami review pork belly

While the pork belly wasn’t what we were looking forward to the most at first, it turned out to be an item I really enjoyed.

With a generous amount of fat to give you that buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture, the pork belly was grilled perfectly so it was chewy and didn’t feel too cloying. Those who don’t typically eat beef should definitely go for this.

nami review chorong chorong

Besides a fantastic line-up of food items in the menu, NAMI Korean Grill house also serves a variety of beverages, including Chorong Chorong Soju, which comes in five flavours: Green Apple, Green Grape, Lychee, Peach, Grapefruit. While NAMI also serves makgeolli and other beverages, I’ll highly recommend that you order soju when you’re there for barbecue because its refreshing flavour helps lift your palate and wash down the grease so you can enjoy more meats during the meal.

We tried the Green Grape and Lychee and they were both smooth and refreshing. This brand of flavoured soju is probably the best I’ve tried so far and I’ll look out for it in the future.


nami review bbq

NAMI Korean Grill House is definitely among the top Korean barbecue places you can find in Singapore that serves high quality meats and a very authentic Korean dining experience. Round up your friends – I feel that four or more will be ideal – and order a wider variety of items to share for the best experience!

NAMI Korean Grill House is located at18 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore, 289212. Make your reservations on Chope.