This cafe serves Insta-worthy “cloud” desserts that are delicious – and it opens till 3am

If Geylang’s usual supper spots aren’t doing it for you, and you are in the mood for something a little sweeter, you might want to check out this new little ice cream cafe that is open until 3am.

monday blues store
Credit: Monday Blues/Facebook

Monday Blues is getting lots of social media love, thanks to its welcoming cafe interior and Insta-worthy menu items. (Psst,  its brightly lit interior also helps ensure you take gorgeous photos!)

Credit: on Instagram

Pick from 16 ice cream flavours including Speculoos, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Hazelnut, and even Black Sesame, a recently added flavour that’s gaining popularity. They also unique flavours such as Burnt Pineapple and Yuzu Lemon with Rose Lychee for those who are more adventurous.

A single scoop is priced at S$4.80 and a double scoop costs S$7.80. Add on a cone for S$1 and their magical Cotton Candy Cloud for S$2.

Credit: on Instagram

Their Classic Waffle with a single scoop of ice cream is available at S$10.50 while the signature Cloudy Waffle is only available with double ice cream scoops, and available at S$14.80. Additional ice cream scoops are available at S$3.50 each, or add toppings and syrups for S$0.50 each.

monday blues cloud cone

This cafe’s signature have to be its “cloudy” creations: Cloudy Waffle (S$14.80), Cloudy Cone (S$7.80), and the Cloud Cup (S$6.80). Their “clouds” are actually cotton candy that are made fresh in the shop, which is why they look extra fluffy.

monday blues cloud waffle

Among them, the Cloudy Waffle is probably the most popular. This comes with two golden squares of waffles, topped with two scoops of delicious, smooth ice cream, and surrounded in a ring of fluffy cotton candy for the perfectly beautiful dessert. On the other hand, if you try the Cloudy Cone, be careful as it can get rather messy when the cotton candy melts.

Monday Blues is located at 749 Geylang Road, Singapore 389655, and is open from 1pm to 3am daily.

Featured image from Cassakating / Instagram.