McDonald’s launched new items that has us scratching our heads, and no, it’s not food

After releasing a series of weird items like burger-and-fries print lounge wear which was so sought after it caused the website to crash, our favourite go-to fast food chain is releasing yet another addition to its collection: a set of six McDonald’s themed candles!

Coming in a box with six candles in glass jars, these candles look ordinary enough until you have a closer look. Inspired by McDonald’s iconic Quarter Pounder ingredients, the six scents are Bun, Ketchup, Pickle, Cheese, Onion, and 100% Fresh Beef. The restaurant encourages buyers to “burn [all six candles] together for maximum deliciousness”, presumably to give the effect of having a Quarter Pounder burger in front of you.

Despite the confusion expressed by followers on McDonald’s official Instagram account, the candles seem to be consistently sold out on their website, and the fast food chain explains that this odd release is to celebrate the burger’s nearly 50-year run. We don’t know about you, but this addition has us on the side of the confused fans. If you’re a fervent supporter of McDonald’s however, you may want to buy this as a collectible (and possibly even burn them) when you chance upon their restock.

View the Quarter Pounder burger candles in all its glory on McDonald’s website, going for USD35 per set.

For fans that aren’t exactly beef-and-onion candle enthusiasts, McDonald’s has also released more “normal” merchandise options so as to cater to all.

If you can keep a loved one near your heart, why not do the same with your favourite burger? With a golden heart-shaped locket from our favourite fast food joint, featuring the Quarter Pounder burger on the inside, our problem is solved.

From the comments, this release seems to be more welcome than the unorthodox candles, with some even asking for a chicken nugget version!

The locker retails for USD35 on their website.

As if two releases aren’t enough, check out this sticker (USD8), which pretty much speaks for itself…

…and this set of conjoined gloves (USD25) to share with your other half.

View the full collection of McDonald’s merchandise (with even more options like calendars, T-shirts, and pins) here. Take note that most of the items have already sold out at the time of writing.