Enjoy a 3-tier afternoon tea tower for just S$11.95+ per person at this rustic restaurant – the treats look too pretty to be eaten!

Afternoon tea is usually seen as something expensive, and it is mostly only offered in hotels. These hotels also tend to charge a higher price for the sets if you’re dining on a weekend, which is also the only time that us working adults are free.

Thankfully, this rustic restaurant offers a three-tiered afternoon tea tower for just S$11.95+ per person daily. That’s right, the price is the same even if you go on a weekend!

Swiss market concept

Marché Mövenpick is a rustic restaurant that has a unique Swiss market concept. Each guest will be given a card upon entry so that they can experience ordering meals from stalls, just like what happens in a European marketplace. No cash will be used when ordering, because all you would have to do is pass the stallholders your card to log the price of the item you ordered.

Even though you’re coming here for afternoon tea, you will still be given a card so that you can order more dishes like their famous rosti served with sour cream or other desserts if the tea set isn’t enough.

Credit: 玖壹姐姐/XiaoHongShu

Three-tier afternoon tea tower

The afternoon tea set comes with sweet and savoury treats elegantly served in a three-tiered tower. The way they plate their treats is so aesthetic that it would definitely make for a good post on Instagram.

Credit: 玖壹姐姐/XiaoHongShu

The set is perfect for sharing with your partner or a friend after you’ve just had lunch because it is not too filling. The cosy atmosphere of the restaurant also makes it a good hangout place as you continue to catch up while taking small bites of the set every now and then. This also comes with two cups of premium coffee or tea so that you have something to counter the sweetness of the treats.

Credit: 玖壹姐姐/XiaoHongShu

On the top tier, you have two decadent fruit tarts, and an original tart with whipped cream on the top. These tarts are made with natural local and seasonal ingredients, and are freshly handmade with love each day. They are accompanied by a huge bright red strawberry, and four slices of fudge brownies with nuts peppered on them for that extra chocolatey crunch.

Credit: 玖壹姐姐/XiaoHongShu

On the second tier, you have a chocolate fondue with an assortment of fruits like grapes, strawberries, and bananas. We all know how good chocolate fondue is. And when you pair chocolate with fruits? It makes for the perfect dessert.

Credit: 玖壹姐姐/XiaoHongShu

On the last tier, you have a flavourful meat-filled wrap conveniently sliced into four bite-sized pieces for easy sharing. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the filling falling out of place while you eat, causing you to look like a messy eater. The wrap comes with a side of salad with cherry tomatoes and salmon, and a dollop of sauce right in the middle.

After you’re done with dining, simply head to the cashier to pay for your bill. If you used your given card to order any additional items, these will be keyed into your final bill as well.

For just S$11.95+ per person (S$23.90+ for the set), this afternoon tea set is definitely worth heading down for. Besides, if you’re not full, you can always take a walk around their Swiss marketplace to see what else the restaurant offers.

Credit: 玖壹姐姐/XiaoHongShu

This afternoon tea tower is available daily from 2pm to 6pm at three Marché Mövenpick outlets: 313@Somerset, Suntec City, and VivoCity. Since it might be crowded on the weekends, it’s recommended that you reserve a table before heading down. You can do so here.