Here’s how you can make muah chee at home, including flavours like matcha and pumpkin

Since we can’t eat out due to the Circuit Breaker measures, people in Singapore have gotten a little creative in their own kitchens. In fact, Yahoo’s top searches during this period are recipes for Dalgona coffee, tapioca pearls, and pancakes — no surprises there, really. Among the searches for comfort carbs, however, there’s one on the list that made us do a double-take: muah chee.

That’s right. The popular pasar malam snack made of glutinous rice is something Singaporeans have missed and have been trying to make at home. If you’re one of them, you’re in luck. We have an easy recipe to start you off with as well as a clever alternative and four other flavours you can try.

Easy muah chee recipe

Ingredients you’ll need

100g of sifted glutinous rice flour
120ml of water
1/4 tsp of salt
1 tbsp of shallot oil
20g of sugar
5 tbsp of sesame seeds

How to make your own shallot oil

1. Heat 200ml of cooking oil in a wok.
2. Fry 10 sliced shallots over low-medium heat until they’re golden brown.
3. Place shallots on kitchen paper to drain excess oil.
4. Store them in an air-tight container in the fridge.


1. Mix the glutinous rice flour with water. Stir it into a smooth batter.
2. Stir in the shallot oil and mix well. The oil makes the batterL smoother and more fragrant.
3. Steam the batter in a steaming pan or plate for 15 minutes.
4. Place the mixture on plate or tray containing topping of choice.
5. Using a pair of chopsticks, stir the dough until it reaches a springy consistency.
6. Use a pair of scissors to cut the cooked muah chee into bite-sized pieces.
7. Roll each piece in your topping of choice until they’re all fully coated.

How to make muah chee with a rice cooker

If our recipe still sounds like a chore to you, Leslie Koh has an alternative. The Singaporean has become a hero of sorts after he recently shared an easy muah chee recipe on Facebook, which involves using a rice cooker.

Ingredients you’ll need

2 cups of rice four
2 cups of water
1 tsp of sugar
1 tsp of sesame oil
Ground peanut powder


1. Pour 2 cups of rice flour into a bowl and add 2 cups of water. Stir well.
2. Add oil to a piece of kitchen towel and coat the whole in a thin layer of oil.
3. Pour in the batter and let it cook for 3 minutes.
4. Check in after 3 minutes. Stir and let it cook for another 3 minutes.
5. Cook for an additional 3 minutes until the mixture turns into a dough.
6. Add in the sesame oil and mix it with the dough.
7. Cut the dough into smaller pieces and toss it in peanut powder.

Matcha muah chee

Here’s a recipe for the matcha lovers. You can choose to add a teaspoon of matcha or green tea powder into your batter before steaming, or coat your dough with it after steaming. This depends on how strong you want your matcha to taste. When you coat it in matcha powder after you steam it, you’ll notice a lingering taste.

Black sesame muah chee

If you love the nutty, fragrant flavour of black sesame, you can add it into your recipe too. At the very first step, mix your fried and ground black sesame in with the glutinous rice flour and water. Then, follow the rest of the recipe as usual.

Pandan muah chee


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To add a rich pandan taste to your dough, you can also mix water with a pandan paste. Then, combine it with the glutinous rice flour and stir well.

Pumpkin muah chee

Pumpkin can put a creamy spin on your traditional recipe. Before you add in the glutinous rice, mix mashed pumpkin with a tablespoon of peanut oil and some water. Then, add the glutinous rice and strain your mixture over a sieve. Follow up with the rest of the recipe.

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