All the mahjong cakes and pastries you can dig into this International Mahjong Day

From mahjong keyboards to mahjong makeup sponges, mahjong has very much evolved into something more than just a traditional game that we only play during Chinese New Year.

With the social gathering restrictions currently in place, however, meeting up with your mahjong buddies and extended family members for a game (or 10) is unlikely. But, we may have found something to help reminisce your time spent shuffling and arranging mahjong tiles – and it comes in the form of mahjong-themed desserts!

Just in time for International Mahjong Day (1 August), these edible cakes and pastries are so good-looking, they’ll surely make an Insta-worthy update on your feed!

Ahead, check out the local bakers that you can get your mahjong desserts to celebrate the upcoming International Mahjong Day.

Mahjong Cupcakes

bakers brew mahjong cupcakes

With edible mahjong tiles that look exactly like the ones you play with, these little treats by Baker’s Brew are probably the most perfect cupcakes for mahjong fanatics to munch on.

Choose from a range of 12 flavours including sweet options like Blissful Berries and Salted Caramel Chocolate, or opt for flavours like Ondeh Ondeh and Coffee Melaka to give these cupcakes a local twist.

These Heng Heng Mahjong Cupcakes are available in a box of six at Baker’s Brew for S$36.80. Top up S$36 to make it a box of 12. 

Mahjong Macarons

mahjong macarons
Image Source: Chantel VO/Instagram

We recently came across these beautifully handcrafted matcha-filled mahjong-inspired macarons by Chantel Tran VO, a baker based in Vancouver, and we were totally in awe at how intricate – and dare we say, perfect – the calligraphy work details were.

caramelloz mahjong macarons

Lucky for you, there’s a local bakery that offers mahjong-themed macarons too!

Pick two different flavours with every 10 pieces purchased and up to three flavours with purchases of 15 pieces and more. Check out the full list of flavours available here.

Planning on gifting these to a friend? Caramelloz has you covered with a gift note service that’s free of charge.

These mahjong macarons can be found at Caramelloz for S$3.50 each – minimum order of 10 pieces required. Receive five complimentary pieces with every 20 pieces of macarons purchased.

Mahjong Cakes

the frosted chick mahjong cake

Got a special occasion to celebrate with a fellow mahjong enthusiast? Look no further than this full-sized cake from The Frosted Chick that’s topped off with extremely realistic-looking mahjong tiles, gold coins, and gilded splatter.

And if you want to add the fun money-pulling element in all those trending cakes you’ve been seeing recently, you can do so for this mahjong-themed cake for an additional S$50.

Choose from over 10 different flavours, including Nutella Velvet, Matcha White Chocolate, and Vanilla Lemon Curd

This Mahjong Minimalistic Cake can be found at The Frosted Chick for S$105. 

bob the baker boy mahjong cake

For an even more huat-looking cake, this one from Bob The Baker Boy features a two-layer cake that’s topped with mahjong tiles, cash notes, and 4D receipts.

For the cake flavours, you have plenty of local and classic options such as Tropical Mango with Nata De Coco, Pandan Ondeh Ondeh, Cookies & Cream, and Belgian Chocolate.

Get the Fa Cai Toto and 4D Lottery Cake from Bob The Baker Boy for S$168.

Mahjong Cookies

ilovefluffybakes mahjong cookies

Freshly baked mahjong cookies? Don’t mind if we do!

Plus, how could you possibly say no when a bite into these delectable goodies by ilovefluffybakes will reveal an oozy chocolate centre?

What’s more, each piece is also personally hand-drawn by the owner Sophie, which makes the cookies look more authentic and artisanal.

These Mahjong Cookies are available in a box of 12 for S$38.80 from ilovefluffybakes. Three different designs will be given out at random.