Macaron ice cream is that hidden gem from Paris Baguette you haven’t tried

Mention Paris Baguette and chances are that you’ll think of its cakes and iconic milk pudding.

But here’s a hidden gem you should order at your next visit: macaron ice cream.

Credit: thehungrysingaporean on Instagram

Available in two flavours, these macaron ice cream treats come with a large serving of ice cream sandwiched between two large macaron shells.

Credit: eatfullfulll on Instagram

If you’re looking for a sweet, refreshing treat on a hot, sunny day, go for the Mint Choco Macaron Ice Cream (S$5.50).

Credit: chewyischewing on Instagram

If you prefer something classic, give the Cookies and Cream Macaron Ice Cream (S$5.50) a try. This features a generous milky, creamy serving of cookies-and-cream ice cream sandwiched by two large chocolate macaron shells.

These macaron ice cream treats are often ordered by Paris Baguette fans or those who are aware of this hidden gem, which is why they – especially the Mint Choco flavour – are usually sold out.

Fans love how rich and creamy the ice cream is and that the macaron shells remain crisp despite being frozen. They definitely sound worth a try if you love ice cream and macarons.

Head down to any of Paris Baguette’s outlets across Singapore to try these delicious Macaron Ice Cream treats, and check out their website to see what other delicious treats they offer.

Feature image credit: chewyischewing on Instagram (left), parisbaguette_sg on Instagram (right).