Seafood bags with huge lobsters and abalones?! Best part, they’re delivered to your house

Hanging out with my pals has been quite a challenge since the pandemic started. With dining restrictions changing from time to time according to the situation and my own fear of dining out whenever the case numbers ramp up, I haven’t been able to dine out with my friends for a while.

This is why I thought what the newly opened Lobstar is offering is pretty genius. Lobstar specialises in seafood bags designed for messy eating and offers delivery to your house so you can have a party with your friends (within legal limits, of course!) over good food.

The items were packed well and came in this pretty bag.

I gathered two of my friends for a “seafood party” at my house, so we can try out this new food delivery service in town.

Lobstar review: What to order

The seafood in the Lobster Superstar bag, featuring generously sized lobsters.

The most iconic seafood bags is definitely the Lobstar Superstar Bag (S$69). This features rock lobsters that are of generous sizes, and we had it with the classic Chilli Crab Sauce.

Besides the lobsters, this bag also includes Asari clams, green mussels, and jumbo prawns; all of them complement the star of the show – the lobsters – to give you more seafood decadence.

I’d say that this is going to be a delight if you’re a lobster fan; you won’t be disappointed by the freshness and generous sizes of the lobsters.

The Shellabration bag was our favourite.

We also had the Shellabration Bag (S$66), which is stuffed with South African abalones, Canadian scallops, Asari clams, green mussels, and jumbo crabs. We had this with the Creamy Salted Egg Butter and it was an absolute guilty pleasure that we’re not complaining about.

All of us agreed that the Shellabration bag was the one that we’ll order again next time.

The Creamy Salted Egg Butter sauce was absolutely addictive and we found ourselves digging in again and again for another item from the bag just to enjoy more of the sauce.

The abalones from the Shellabration bag are larger than usual.

Personally, I really liked the abalones, which are larger than usual. They’re very juicy and have a pleasant aroma that makes them very enjoyable to bite into. The corns and broccoli in the bag also soak up the sauce so don’t forget to indulge in them too.

The scallops were also cooked perfectly, so they’re succulent and chewy, without being “rubbery”.

For all the seafood bags, you’ll get to choose among four different sauces: Creamy Salted Egg Butter, Chilli Crab Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, and Spicy Mala Sauce (note: you’ll have to add S$6 to the bill for this option), as well as among four carbs: Angel Hair Pasta, Garlic Fried Rice, White Rice, and Crystal Vermicelli, as part of the order.

We cleaned up all the sauce by dousing it over the Garlic Fried Rice and Angel Hair Pasta. I was hesitant at first about eating too much carbs in a feast like this, but it was so irresistible – especially the pasta. Warning: you’re going to eat more carbs than you thought you were going to.

Besides the two seafood bags, we also tried a few salads and sides to cleanse our palates. The salads really helped to cut through the rich taste of the sauces from the seafood bags – so remember to order them too.

The Crabby Salad came with tiny whole crabs.

One of the most interesting salads has to be the Crabby Salad (S$18). This came with actual tiny whole crabs that I thought looked a little intimidating. I hesitated but still bit into one of the crabs. I expected it to be just like soft-shell crabs but it was a lot harder and left rough bits in the mouth. You can try it if you’re looking for something novel, but personally, I won’t be ordering it again.

The Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg was very addictive.

As for sides, you have to get the Fried Mini Man Tou (S$4) for dipping into the Chilli Crab Sauce, and we all really enjoyed the Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg (S$10) that we wished it can be sold separately in a packet so we can enjoy it over our next Netflix binge.

Lobstar review: Will I order again?

Table cloths, aprons, and gloves were part of the package.

I really like the entire concept that allows me to enjoy seafood bags at home with my friends. Lobstar provided us with table covers, aprons, and gloves, so we can really get messy without qualms.

Freshness, size, and taste are three things I always look out for in seafood, and I think Lobstar has definitely checked every single box. It’s not hard to see that they know seafood well so we get bags that don’t just satisfy your hunger but tantalise your palates.

For the quality that they’re offering, the prices are also very reasonable.

I definitely will look forward to ordering from Lobstar again, especially for gathering with friends or for events like a birthday celebration with my family.

Lobstar is available exclusively online this website