These LINE Friends cooking pots are exactly what you need to add some fun to your kitchenware

Sure, we have to admit that a household only truly needs one (or two) functioning pots in the kitchen for daily use but one can never have too much LINE Friends merchandise, even when it’s something from the kitchenware department, right?

three different designs
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Part of a new launch, these LINE Friends cooking pots feature three main characters – Brown, Cony, and Sally, and come with a simple yet adorable design and colourway.

adorable lids
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Each is made of ceramic and comes with a lid that’s topped with a corresponding character head that functions as a handle.

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This series of ceramic pots are extremely functional and can cook up almost everything you can possibly imagine. The sides are also conveniently attached with handles so you can take the pot off the stove and enjoy your meal immediately without having to worry about washing extra dishes.

boiling soup
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Cooking up your favourite instant noodle or making yourself a piping hot bowl of soup for a comforting dinner at home will be extra fun with these adorable pots, don’t you think?

line friends pot lifestyle
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Get the LINE Friends Large Ceramic Soup Bowl with Lid for S$85 on Shopee.