It’s strawberry season in East Asia, check out these limited edition food before they’re gone!

It’s that time of the year again, and no, we’re not talking about Christmas.

It’s officially strawberry season in East Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, and China, and before you rush to the nearest supermarket to snatch up a box, here are some even more exclusive foods that are made from the juicy, red fruit that may not even be available in Singapore!

Starbucks Korea’s strawberry collection

Arguably the world’s most famous coffee chain is back with yet another limited edition series, featuring both strawberry-flavoured drinks and food that is super popular among its Korean fans, especially their Strawberry Chocolate Tart.

Starbucks Korea’s Strawberry Heart Palmier

Have a sweet tooth? Give their three limited edition drinks a try!

Starbuck Korea’s Lovely Strawberry Latte, which they say tastes of Spring,

Sweet Strawberry Chocolate Cream Frappucino, a seasonal twist on one of Starbucks’ crowd-favourite beverages.

And the Romantic Strawberry Tea, a refreshing iced, flavoured tea that will make the perfect companion to the Strawberry Chocolate Tart!

Strawberry buffet at Lotte Hotel and Resorts, Korea

Yes, that is an actual thing! Lotte’s “Strawberry World” is a limited time only strawberry buffet that features every kind of strawberry snack you can think of: chocolate covered or sponge strawberry cakes, strawberry puddings, tarts, and even strawberry tacos (see the whole collection for yourself in Lotte’s video).

At 55,000KRW (SGD64.58) for an adult and 32,000KRW (SGD37.57) for a child (12 years and below), you get a cup of coffee or tea, and this glorious strawberry feast.

A must-go if you’re a strawberry fanatic, “Strawberry World” is available from 4 January 2020 to 26 April 2020 at two time slots every weekend, 11 a.m. to 1p.m., or 2p.m. to 4p.m.. at Lounge & Brasserie.

Bailey’s Irish Cream Strawberry Ice Blend and Strawberry Matcha

You may have had the famous Irish cream liquor in your coffee, but have you ever tried it in a strawberry ice blended (SGD2.78) or matcha drink (SGD4.58)? The iconic Family Mart convenience store chain in Taiwan celebrates this year’s strawberry season with the two exclusive drinks perfect for the winter season, spiked with Bailey’s Strawberry and Cream which gives the drinks its rich flavour.

Both limited edition drinks are available at Taiwan’s Family Mart outlets from 12 February 2020, where each person is limited to two cups, while stocks last.

Street Churro’s Strawberry Heart Churro

It’ll always feel like Valentine’s Day with these adorably shaped pink churros! These limited time only ones are lightly oil fried and then coated with either hazelnut or cinnamon powders, followed by the strawberry spread and dried strawberry sprinkles. Plus, these are perfect for Instagram shots too!

Buy yours from Street Churro stores around Taiwan, priced at NT99 each and available from 16 February onwards.

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Strawberry choux pastries, popcorn, and potato chips

While potato chips brand Lay’s is known for its wacky flavours like mint and cappuccino, we’ve certainly never even dreamed of a strawberry and condensed milk flavour. Try it for yourself at Taiwan’s Family Mart, together with other equally odd combinations, like the strawberry cake potato chips, or the classic strawberry flavoured choux pastry and popcorn.

Strawberry cheese ice-cream

Yet another strawberry flavoured item from Taiwan, this unlikely pairing of strawberry and mascarpone cheese is made into a rich and flavourful dessert that is available for a limited time only, from 10 February at 7-11 Taiwan outlets.

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【 7-ELEVEN 】 ▫️杜老爺甜筒草莓起司冰淇淋⁴⁰ Strawberry Cheese Ice Cream   杜老爺甜筒Duroyal Cone? 新口味新上市??? ||季節限定|| 草莓起司口味?? 添加了馬斯卡邦起司Mascarpone Cheese的冰淇淋,再加上草莓果醬?? 還有一顆顆小小脆米,吃起來滿清爽的味道,好吃??  #0212 #7ELEVEN #杜老爺甜筒草莓起司冰淇淋 #杜老爺 #DUROYAL #草莓起司冰淇淋 #杜老爺甜筒 #季節限定 #甜筒 #딸기치즈아이스크림 #아이스크림 #콘 #ストロベリーチーズアイスクリーム #アイスクリーム #コーン #strawberrycheeseicecream #icecream #cone #popdaily #popyummy #Jyun的便利商店食記

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Strawberry Coca Cola

Lucky for us, we can buy this Japan exclusive online! If you’re a fan of both strawberries and the original drink, you’ll want to get this limited time only flavour ASAP, on Takaski for SGD20.14. Sold in huge 500ml bottles, you’ll have plenty of Strawberry Coca Cola to enjoy from the comfort of home, no tickets to Japan necessary.

Strawberry Milkshake Oreos

Another Japan exclusive, these thin Oreos have a unique strawberry milkshake flavoured filling, and are individually packaged so you can take part in the Strawberry craze wherever you go!

Available on Sugoi Mart for USD5 a box.