This aesthetic Chinese-style bar serves up pei pa koa cocktails and mala lotus roots; they sound weird but taste really good

Most of the bars we head to usually have interesting cocktails and house pours that are decidedly western. We’re talking about the usual gin and tonic, martini, and daiquiri. They are then paired with bar bites like buffalo wings, fries, nuggets, and such.

However, if you’re looking for something different, you definitely have to pay this Chinese-style bar a visit. Lalang offers modern Chinese and Thai bites along with quirky and aesthetic cocktails that will guarantee you a good time.

Aesthetic bar

The moment you arrive at the entrance, you’ll know with just one look that this bar is going to be a hotspot for not just food and drinks, but also for photos. A red neon sign of the bar’s name is hung on the storefront, and when you enter, you’ll see similar red neon signs scattered around the bar.


The theme of this bar is that everyone’s here for a good time, not a long time. And of course, alcohol is the foundation to a good time.

Credit: 开欣果/XiaoHongShu

For those who don’t understand the words, this neon sign in Chinese says that alcohol will cure all diseases. So drink up!

If you think that that’s all the aesthetic parts to the bar, wait till you see the washroom. The washroom has a huge red neon sign of the bar’s logo, along with white LED decals of the bar name strategically placed to give off a 3D effect. It looks so trippy! You can take a simple shot with you standing right in front of the sign. With just the outline of your body, it’s going to look aesthetic and perfect for the Gram.


Alternatively, you can also switch it up and let the red neon lights illuminate your face as you pose like a model.


Menu offerings

As for the food and drinks, you’ll be treated to a wide spread of Chinese food, as well as a few Thai dishes. The cocktails also have a unique spin to them. You can opt for the classic cocktails, or go for their specialty ones.

Mala lotus roots, mala chicken, and more

You can expect to taste lots of spicy mala dishes, like the mala lotus roots and mala chicken. While these may be spicy, you can easily fight the fire in your mouth with a refreshing glass of cocktail.

Just look at how crispy and delicious the lotus roots are! The flavours of the spice and numbness coupled with the crunchiness of the lotus roots are the perfect combination for a snack in between drinks.

Credit: 开欣果/XiaoHongShu

They also have salted egg lotus roots if you prefer something with no spice.

Look forward to grilled meat skewers and barbecued vegetables on a stick that come in a bundle of 10 on a plate. The Signature Pork Skewers are so tender, that you’re probably going to ask for seconds.

Credit: 开欣果/XiaoHongShu

If you’re looking for a fuller meal, you can also order the pad thai with a side of tom yum soup.


And for those who still prefer the classic bar bites that every other bar offers, Lalang also serves french fries and popcorn chicken. Their fries are served in a cute trolley, so do whip out your phone to snap some photos for the ‘gram before digging in.

Credit: Lalang Singapore/Facebook

Interesting cocktails

You might be wondering how unique Lalang Bar’s cocktails can be. Well, you may have heard of the cough syrup, pei pa koa, if you’ve taken it previously with the intention to soothe your throat. And you would know that it has a minty flavour, and thankfully, unlike other cough syrups, this one doesn’t taste that bad.

While most of us would only drink it when the situation calls for it, the bartenders at Lalang Bar have taken advantage of the minty flavour of pei pa koa and put it in a cocktail that you can enjoy anytime.

Credit: 开欣果/XiaoHongShu

The cocktail is served in a cup that looks just like a miniature version of Chinese wine jars, and it has the word 福 on it, which means fortune. Drink up and let the fortune roll right in!

Another cocktail that you should try is their Milo Coffee, which is a twist to the milo and kopi peng that we always order from coffee shops. This drink is made up of vodka, milo, coffee, and coco brown, and served in a cute bear glass.


Drink it slowly though, because this cute little glass of cocktail will get you tipsy in no time despite how innocuous it looks.

And last but not least, do try their signature cocktail, Lilac Dream, that comes with an aesthetic topping.

Credit: Lalang Singapore/Facebook

This cocktail is the one to go for if you’re in the mood for something lavender and floral. Take a whiff and you’ll get a hint of the fresh smell of spring. Don’t forget to take lots of photos of this as well!

Location details

If you would like to make your way down to Lalang to try out their food and drinks and experience a chill night, be sure to reserve a table before you head down. They’re quite popular so you may not be able to get a seat so soon if you do a walk-in.

Happy hour starts from 3pm to 6pm and it’s available daily, with prices starting from just S$8 nett.

Address: 7 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238957
Opening hours: 3pm to 10.30pm (Tue – Sun)
Reservations: Telephone | Chope