These Singapore-made truffle chips are a hot favourite among Korean stars right now – one said it’s her favourite beer snack!

If you’ve ever walked past an Aroma Truffle & Co. store before, you know that you’ll be greeted by an intense aroma of truffle courtesy of the brand’s best-selling Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips (S$10), which supposedly is the world’s strongest-smelling bag of truffle chips.aroma-truffle-chips

Featuring thick and crunchy ridge-cut potato chips tossed in Black Summer truffles and coated with various herbs and spices, these chips just leave you wanting more all the time with an addictive, lingering flavour combination of garlic, wild mushroom, and earthy hazelnut undertones.

While most Singaporeans are familiar with these moreish chips from Aroma Truffle, the brand recently made waves for putting a homegrown brand on an international stage – South Korea, to be specific.


How exactly did these chips even go viral? Well, the hype all started after bags of Aroma Truffle chips made an appearance in the supernatural Korean comedy TV series, Sell Your Haunted House. 


Starring well-known Korean celebrities such as Jang Na-ra and CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa, the actors were seen having a casual gathering as they snacked on these chips alongside a can of beer.


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In the scene, the character Hong Ji-ah (played by Jang Na-ra) proclaimed, “It’s my favourite snack to have while drinking.”

What’s more, Chung Yong-jin, vice chairman of Korea’s largest retailer Shinsegae Group, had also recently posted an Instagram story with an image of the chips along with the caption, “My secret weapon, unveiling Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips!”

The Instagram story was said to cause up quite a stir in the nation, with Korean citizens rushing online to snag bags of these Aroma Truffle Chips.

Between its appearance at Sell Your Haunted House and Chung Yong-jin’s social media shout-out, Aroma Truffle saw sales skyrocketing 10 times more than before, selling over 100,000 bags of chips. Following its overnight success, Aroma Truffle has also taken a step forward to partner up with Korean e-commerce stores like Market Kurly and Coupang to bring these chips across the globe.

What else to check out from Aroma Truffle & Co.


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For those who love all things spicy, Aroma Truffle recently rolled out an all-new Fiery Mala Potato Chips (S$10) that will surely tickle your fancy. Glazed with the best Sichuan peppers and infused with earthy flavours of the brand’s signature Black Summer truffle, this bag of mala goodness is guaranteed to pack a punch with every bite.

To get your hands on these aromatic chips, head over to Aroma Truffle & Co. stores located at Plaza Singapura, Chinatown Point, and Westgate Mall. Alternatively, you can find them online on Aroma Truffle’s e-store, Shopee, and Lazada