Try flame-torching your own A5 wagyu beef at this Naruto-themed restaurant for the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth experience

Calling all Naruto fans!

There’s a Naruto-themed Japanese restaurant in Singapore that allows you to remember your favourite moments from this famous anime while enjoying delicious Japanese cuisine, and we’re pretty certain you won’t want to miss it.

konoha izakaya storefront
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Head down to Konoha Izakaya for tantalising Japanese food or enjoy an alcoholic drink with friends or colleagues within the Naruto-themed restaurant walls.

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The restaurant has posters of the characters from the anime on its walls for you to enjoy as you savour the delicious food and occasionally hosts giveaways for its patrons to bring home exclusive merchandise too.

Beyond the amazing anime concept decor, the restaurant bar offers authentic and quality Japanese food that can be paired with any of the alcoholic beverages on the menu

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The most eye-catching item on the menu would have to be the A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Ribcap Experience (S$35).

A plate of thinly sliced, high-quality Wagyu beef, served alongside a dish of ponzu sauce to be brushed lightly on the meat along with some Himalayan sea salt for you to dip the cooked meat into, this dish is a must-try for beef lovers.

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You get to torch your own meat to your preferred level of doneness for a fun and memorable experience while ensuring you get that hint of smokiness in every juicy bite.

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If beef isn’t your thing, try the Torched Shime Saba (S$13.50), which is a cured mackerel fillet torched in the aburi style.

The fish is filled with flavour in every mouthful, and being torched allows it to gain that delicious smokey and charred taste that elevates the taste of the dish.

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Other than these fiery food options, they also have the Naruto Ramen (S$14.80), which is a bowl of ramen inspired by the anime itself.

In the bowl, you’ll find ramen noodles soaked in a tonkotsu miso broth together with savoury char siew slices and naruto fishcakes.

Fun fact: the anime character was actually named after the pink and white fishcakes you see in your ramen bowl!

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Other noodle options include the Cha Soba (S$7.80), a bowl of thin Japanese Soba noodles made from buckwheat flour and green tea powder.

If you prefer rice, try the Crispy Pork Tonkatsu Curry (S$16.80) for some delicious Japanese curry paired with crispy pork tonkatsu served on a bed of Japanese white fluffy rice with an onsen egg.

Check out the Konoha A5 Wagyu Cheeseburger (S$30) too, as well as plenty of other side dishes that’ll be the perfect accompaniment to your main courses.

Credit: konoha.izakaya on Instagram

For those looking to pair their meal with an alcoholic beverage, Konoha Izakaya has a wide selection of sakes available, ranging from an adorable Zuiyo Kumamon Cup (S$18, 180ml) to the richly flavoured Kiku Masamune Dai Ginjyo (S$88, 720ml).

Here, you’ll also find an assortment of shochu, gin, and whiskey plus soft drinks for non-drinkers.

Konoha Izakaya is located at 2 Tai Thong Crescent, #01-25, The Venue Shoppes, Singapore 347836.