KOMYUNITI’s new menu presents exciting fusion dishes and quirky cocktails

Fusion dishes, when done right, are always well-loved among Singaporeans. With that in mind, restaurants such as KOMYUNITI are offering diners the chance to indulge in all kinds of exquisite flavours in just a few dishes,

KOMYUNITI, located in YOTEL Singapore, is launching a new menu that re-presents fusion cuisine. Reflecting the taste of Singapore’s diverse restaurant culture, the new dishes play on familiar tastes to create an unexpected culinary experience.

Sharing plates for a communal dining experience

Some of us can get really possessive about our own plates of food (especially if they are delicious), but KOMUYUNITI encourages you to share food – after all, enjoying good food is always a great way for people to bond!

New Head Chef, Benny Lim, has curated an array of delectable sharing plates that combine the best of Eastern and Western influences. If you want to try all of these out, remember to jio a few friends down to share them with you.

Hoisin Duck Flatbread

For starters, you may want to order this bite. It is one truly addictive dish –  you have crust that is baked till crispy perfection, a mix of juicy and crunchy vegetables, and of course, tender smoked duck breast.

However, what is truly outstanding about this dish is actually how the fragrant Hoisin sauce, drizzled on top of the fresh ingredients, adds a flavourful kick with every bite you take. We certainly foresee you and your friends fighting to finish the last piece of flatbread.

Beef Burger

If you can’t resist a good beef burger, KOMYUNITI’s signature Beef Burger will be right up your alley.

Just imagine a perfectly grilled marinated Angus beef patty, mayo dressing, cheddar cheese, homemade bacon jam(!), juicy tomatoes and fresh lettuce – all nestled between two charcoal buns. Don’t forget your serving of creamy purple cabbage coleslaw and shoestring fries, and you now have the perfect burger dish.

Did anyone mention anything about sharing? Sorry, we want this all to ourselves!

Charcoal Fish Fingers & Chips

Black is the new black, and KOMYUNITI has added charcoal to one of the most unexpected dishes – Fish & Chips!

Although it may look a little strange when you first see it, remember that looks are deceiving. This dory fish has been purposefully coated with bamboo-infused charcoal batter for health benefits, and actually tastes better than the usual rendition of this classic British dish.

Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself!

Spicy Korean Chicken 

We never say no to fried chicken – especially not Korean fried chicken.

What truly differentiates Korean fried chicken from your usual fare is the sauce, so we love that this one is served with red hot homemade Korean buffalo sauce. Be warned: this sauce is really, really spicy!

No Korean dish is complete without kimchi, so you will find that the fried chicken is served with portion of kimchi, which is a powerful combination of sour, salty, and spicy flavours that will blow your mind.

Potted Plant Tiramisu

Served in a little flower pot, this reinvented dessert layered with an espresso-infused coffee sponge and Oreo-crumbed “soil” is an ideal sweet ending for two – or one, if you still have space in your stomach.

Engulfed in an espuma liquor custard and topped with fresh mint leaves, this dessert tastes more refreshing with every bite you take, which is surprising because it’s so easy to get sick of eating sweet treats.

Cheeky cocktails that are just as sophisticated

No night out is complete without drinks, so you shouldn’t pass up the chance to order a cocktail at KOMYUNITI either.

The cocktails here are concocted by As’ad Isnin, who emerged as one of the Top 5 Bartenders in Asia in the recent Barstylez International Bartender Championship 2019. For this new menu, As’ad drew inspiration from the lifestyle of cityfolk to create a refreshing line of cheeky cocktails that appear unassuming yet are sophisticated to taste. He draws inspiration from the lifestyle of cityfolk

Each cocktail has been tastefully made as a great conversation starter, and is sure to keep your company entertained all night long.

Lost Not Found

As’ad explained that the name for this cocktail is inspired by the fermented strawberries used in this drink. It is getting less common to incorporate this fermented fruit in cocktails, so he has added a unique mix of herb liqueur, botanical herbs and prosecco to get people talking about this almost-lost art again.

Comic Coffee

For those who need to get their caffeine fix, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this cocktail, which we think will be a hot favourite among diners.

Comic Coffee is a vodka-based cocktail made with citrus, dark cherry, soya bean curd (!) and salted espresso, inspired by the buzzing and fashionable streets of Harajuku. You must sip till the end to taste the smooth and silky soya bean curd, which is prepared by none other than As’ad himself. And if the taste of coffee is a little strong for you, you can nibble on the nougat served alongside for a sweet break.

Restaurant name: KOMYUNITI @ Yotel Singapore
Address: 366 Orchard Road Level 10, YOTEL, 238904
Opening hours: 6.30AM to 1AM
For more information: Website | Facebook | Instagram