This Korean flower tea stick instantly makes any cup of tea look 100 times more aesthetic and Insta-worthy

We usually only enjoy tea in two ways, either in a teabag or in a teapot with the loose tea leaves suspended in the tea infuser.

The only thing that’s usually aesthetic about tea is its packaging, but you’ll definitely be mesmerised by the creations of Kkokdam, a Korean tea company that specialises in premium flower tea.

It sources flowers that are available during the different seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter – and turn them into flower tea so that we can all enjoy the beauty and the scent of these flowers through a different experience.

Flower tea sticks

Take a look at their signature tea sticks that are made with real premium flowers.

Doesn’t it look so pleasing to the eyes? It’s definitely Instagrammable if you ask us!

Credit: DC热心市民廖女士/Xiaohongshu

Simply place any of the flower sticks that they offer into a glass cup, and you can instantly level up your tea-drinking experience.

It’s so pretty to look at, and it tastes pretty good too!

You can even mix it up and add these flower tea sticks to other beverages to enhance their flavours and give them a floral aftertaste.

Credit: DC热心市民廖女士/Xiaohongshu

The flower tea sticks come packaged in individual glass test tubes, which makes them look beautiful even in their packaging!.

Credit: DC热心市民廖女士/Xiaohongshu

The whole experience of unboxing the tea sticks from Kkokdam and making the flower tea is just enchanting and therapeutic.

Credit: DC热心市民廖女士/Xiaohongshu

They are sold in a white box of five test tubes, and this will certainly serve as a great gift for someone who loves tea. You can simply add a ribbon around the white gift box and present it like that to your recipient.

Credit: DC热心市民廖女士/Xiaohongshu

The flower tea sticks come in a total of five flavours. The one pictured above is the Bridal Wreath Spiraea. Other flavours include Chrysanthemum, Korean Mint, Siberian Chrysanthemum, and Mugwort.

According to them, chrysanthemums help to cool the liver and relieve your stress when you drink chrysanthemum tea.

So if you’re looking to gift someone whom you know has been experiencing a lot of stress lately, you can opt for the Chrysanthemum Flower Tea Stick.

Credit: Shopee

For those who would like to get some relief from food poisoning, abdominal pain, and diarrhoea, you can consider drinking the Korean Mint Flower Tea Stick because it helps to keep your stomach warm and inhibit bacteria.

The Siberian Chrysanthemum Flower Tea Stick is beneficial for women and helps to warm the hands and feet while the Mugwort Flower Tea Stick is great for treating abdominal pains and improving blood circulation.

Credit: DC热心市民廖女士/Xiaohongshu

You can get a box of five tea sticks here for S$33.32.

Flower tea

Other than the flower tea sticks, Kkokdam also sells flower tea in its loose form packaged in a mini jar. This jar can serve five to 10 cups of tea.

Credit: Shopee

It comes in eight flavours in total – Cherry Blossom, Chrysanthemum, Cockscomb, Mugwort, Magnolia, Acacia, Marigold, and Siberian Chrysanthemum.

Whenever you would like to brew a cup of tea, you can use a pair of tweezers or chopsticks to extract two to three flowers and place them in a cup. Add some hot water, and soon, you’ll be able to enjoy a good and aesthetic cup of flower tea.

Each mini jar can be purchased at S$25. If you’re looking to try more flavours, a set of two can be purchased for S$35.15, a set of three for S$55, and a set of four for S$65.

Credit: 溜个又又段r/Xiaohongshu

You can take a look at them here.

Butterfly tea bags

And the last aesthetic flower tea product that Kkokdam offers is their butterfly tea bags. This features a selection of flowers in a quaint little tea pouch for infusion. The label of the pouch is nestled in an intricate cutout of a butterfly that is perched on your cup, anchoring the tea bag in its place.

Credit: Lily Yu/Xiaohongshu

The tea isn’t just calming, it also offers a serene experience whenever you look at the butterfly on your cup and the vibrant colours of the floral tea.

Credit: Lily Yu/Xiaohongshu

There are six flavours to choose from – Cockscomb, Marigold, Chrysanthemum, Siberian Chrysanthemum, Magnolia Kobus, and Acacia – and the butterfly for each flavour is in a similar shade to the colour of the tea when it is brewed.

Each box comes with three tea bags for S$10.50. You can purchase a gift box of three flavours for S$33, or purchase a set of all six flavours for S$45.75.

Credit: Lily Yu/Xiaohongshu

You can purchase the butterfly tea bags here.