This restaurant serves overflowing bowls of chirashi kaisendon from only S$12.90 – you can even add on hotate mentai for just S$3.90!

We are always on the lookout for affordable and delicious food options in Singapore, and Kei Kaisendon is the latest one on our list that checks all the boxes!

The Japanese restaurant serves up generous portions of kaisendon – that’s a Japanese rice bowl topped with plenty of fresh sashimi, or raw fish in case you’re unaware – at multiple outlets across Singapore, and imports only the freshest ingredients from Japan to create the highest quality sushi bowls just for you.

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The outlets are outfitted to look just like traditional Japanese restaurants with wooden fixtures and half-curtains hanging from the ceiling.

We absolutely like that it’s a family-friendly restaurant that’s also suitable for gatherings with colleagues and friends.

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The speciality of this restaurant, the Kei Signature Kaisen Don, is available at just S$12.90+ for the small size – and goes up to S$19.90+ for the large size, if you’re feeling particularly hungry.

The dish also comes with either a salad or rice, or you can choose a mixture of both.

You also have the option of either the Kei sauce or the Yuzu Wasabi sauce for your sashimi seasoning.

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The menu consists of plenty of other rice bowl options, such as the Salmon Kaisen Don, which is available at just S$18.90.

With generous slices of salmon sashimi, this bowl will surely satisfy all the salmon lovers out there.

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There is also the Unagi Kaisen Don, which is priced at just S$19.90.

It’s a serving of nearly overflowing cuts of fresh sashimi cubes together with cooked unagi pieces sitting atop a bed of fluffy white rice for a mouthwatering savoury meal.

Check out Kei Kaisendon’s menu to see other gorgeous don options offered at the restaurant.

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Apart from generously filled kaisendon, the restaurant also has a plethora of side dishes to go with your main dishes – including Hotate Mentai, which is scallop grilled with fish roe and mayonnaise, that you can add on for just S$3.90+.

If scallops aren’t your thing, try the Clam Miso Soup for S$2.90+ or the Gyoza at S$3.90+ for three pieces.

You can even get tasty Japanese Sweet Potatoes for S$2.50+ or four pieces of Tamago Mentai at S$5.90.

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Those with a hearty appetite will be glad to know that you can upgrade your meal to a set at Kei Kaisendon.

For just S$3, you can get a Miso Soup and Salad, or a Miso Soup and Tobiko Onsen Egg. For S$6, you can get a Miso Soup, Salad, and three pieces of Salmon Sashimi.

Head down to one of Kei Kaisendon’s many outlets across Singapore to try its variety of Japanese dishes, click here for location details.