These Taiwanese-style bagels are the healthiest and most unique pastries we’ve seen in a while

If you’re looking for healthy bagel options in Singapore, then these Taiwanese-style ones will be perfect for you. Not only are they healthy and look amazing, they also have some unique flavours that taste as good as they look.

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Made by JIABABA, a home-based, online-only bakery run by two Taiwanese sisters, these were created because the founders wanted to bring a taste of their home to our little red dot.

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So how do these Taiwanese-style bagels differ from traditional bagels? Unlike your typical bagels, which are shiny and have a hard crust, the sister’s bagels have a more soft and spongy end, making them slightly chewy.

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The sisters focused on making healthy, handmade bagels, and are inspired by Taiwanese food trends. One of the most popular options is generously filled with a creamy taro paste that’s well-loved in Taiwan, as well as Singapore.

Besides this, they have a wide variety of flavours available, and use natural ingredients with no added refined sugar or oils for a guilt-free treat.

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A popular option to go for is their Mini Bagel Dessert Box, which is filled with six mini bagels. The box has three mini Matcha bagels and three mini Black Sesame bagels.

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Lovers of matcha will love their matcha bagels as the strong taste of matcha shines through despite their generous fillings. The matcha bagels are filled with white chocolate ganache with cookie crumble, butterscotch cream cheese with pecan, and classic red bean with butter.

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If you prefer a richer and nutty flavour, try their black sesame bagels, filled with caramel cream cheese and dates, hazelnut ganache with almond, and classic taro with butter. They have plenty of other flavours for their regular-sized bagels as well, which are available at S$8 per bagel.

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As they are a home-based business, their menu changes every week, and is updated on their Instagram page every Wednesday or Saturday, so drop them a follow and keep an eye out for their next update if you’re looking to purchase some bagels for yourself. Please note that each customer is limited to one box of bagels per week.

Visit their Instagram page to place an order.