20 Japanese snacks available in Singapore you should get to quench that wanderlust

If not for the ongoing pandemic and safe-distancing measures, we’re sure that most of us would be halfway across the globe right now, indulging in different mouthwatering cuisines and escaping the rigours of our daily routines. It’s hard to see our travel plans get thrown out of the window just like that, but at least we can always turn to food for comfort.

Japan has always been one of Singaporeans’ top travel destinations owing to its rich culture as well as delicious variety of addicting and not to mention, one-of-a-kind, snacks and food. While it might take awhile before we can once again step foot onto the land of the rising sun, here’s a list of popular Japanese snacks available locally to bring the beautiful Eastern experience straight to you.

Savoury Japanese snacks delivered to Singapore

1. Glico Pretz biscuits

This popular childhood tidbit comes in the form of stick-shaped biscuits, but instead of being dipped in sweet fudge, Pretz biscuits are dusted with a slew of different savoury seasonings. So, whether you’re a spicy kind of person or a sucker for salty flavours, there’s always going to be a Pretz for you. Here’s a few of our top choices to get your taste buds tingling:

Salad Flavour

Available on Kokoro Japan for ¥942 (~S$12.23) for three.

Ripe Tomato Flavour

Available on Kokoro Japan for ¥857 (~S$11.12) for three.

Mixed Flavour Box

Spoilt for choice? Consider these mixed flavour boxes, which are here to satisfy your different taste preferences and cravings. This mix pack include Glico’s Thailand-inspired flavours like tom yum, shrimp, and corn, so there’s bound to be a Pretz box that keeps you coming back for more.

Available on Shopee for S$9.90 for a set of ten.

2. Uni Rice Crackers

With its rich origins widely believed to be in the rice-producing Sōka city of the Saitama prefecture, rice crackers were birthed as a way to preserve excess rice in a yummy, crunchy form. Throughout the years, there has been many takes on the staple rice cracker, with different regions coming up with unique yet equally as tasty flavours.

Bonchi’s Uni (or Sea Urchin) rice cracker is a joyful jumble of soy sauce and umami goodness. This crunchy cracker is a must-try for seafood fanatics as well as those who enjoy a tantalising balance of savoury and salty flavours. While they are shaped like actual sea urchins for bite-sized convenience, they do not taste overly fishy.

Available on Bokksu for S$6 for six.

P.S Aside from its online market, Bokksu also offers a subscription plan so you can receive authentic Japanese snacks and teas sourced directly from Japanese family-makers. By subscribing, not only will you enjoy different themed combinations of original Japanese goodness every month, but you’ll also be keeping the vibrant family-run Japanese businesses alive. Bokksu reviews have aid it was worth it, so what are you waiting for?

3. Calbee Jagabee and Jagariko Potato Sticks

These french fry doppelgängers are well-known for their lightly salted and seriously addictive flavour. Made out of actual potato bits, it’s no surprise these crunchy, easy-to-eat snacks are a family favourite. To top it off, they even come in a generous variety of seasonings as well. While you can find more common flavours like seaweed from your local supermarkets, here are other unique flavours you can obtain online:

Jagabee Happiness Butter Flavour

You won’t be able to resist the buttery sweetness of Jagabee’s Happiness Butter which consists of an enticing fusion of butter, honey and sour cream guaranteed to make you burst into a smile.

Available on Kokoro Japan for ¥863 (~S$11.19) for three.

Jagabee Butter Soy Sauce Flavour

What you see is what you get with this awesome mix of soy sauce and melted butter potato sticks. After all, how could you ever go wrong with these two flavourful ingredients?

Available on Kokoro Japan for ¥844 (~S$10.94) for three.

Jagariko Cod Roe Flavour

Fun fact: “Jagariko” is taken from the term “Jagaimo” meaning potato. The creator of Jagariko named the biscuit after a friend called Rikako. Hence, Jagaimo + Rikako = Jagariko!

This salty rendition was inspired by Cod Roe, a popular culinary ingredient in Japan. If you enjoy rich flavours, it might be time for you to give this promising one a go.

Available on Kokoro for ¥851 (~S$11.03) for three. 

Jagariko Cheese Flavour

Perhaps one of the more popular flavours amongst youngsters, Jagariko’s Cheese biscuits can be picked up the most at Japanese convenience stores. This version combines potatoes, vegetables and cheese to create an affordable yet tasty snack. Pair it with a refreshing glass of soda and enjoy!

Available on Kokoro for ¥851 (~S$11.03) for three. 

4. Mala Agesen Fried Rice Cracker

Did someone say mala? Yokohama’s Ryumon Shoji, the first Sichuan restaurant chain in the region which serves up mouthwatering Chinese cuisine, has invented snacks infused with its authentic tastes for its fans to take home and enjoy. You can bet that Singaporean mala enthusiasts are in for a treat with their mala fried rice crackers which offer that familiar spicy, tingling sensation that we all can’t help but crave for.

Available on Bokksu for S$2.50 per one piece.

5. Black Sesame Taiko: Kumamon Design

If the nutty taste and crispy texture of Black Sesame don’t tempt you, then maybe this adorable Kumamon packaging will.

Straight from the Kumamon Prefecture, the Iwata Corporation’s Black Sesame Taiko boasts a perfect triumvirate of rich flavours extracted from roasted almonds, black sesame and sweet mizuame.

Just like its influential bear mascot’s warm and fuzzy presence, these yummy crackers are hand-made with love at every step of their production. Otherwise, it’s safe to say that you’re bound to fall in love with these little crackers with big flavours!

Available on Bokksu for S$30 for ten. 

6. Lotte Choco Pie

Children love it. Chocolate lovers swoon over it. You’ve guessed it, we’re talking about Lotte’s Choco Pie snack. Consisting of moist sponge cakes softly covered in luscious whip crème, this fudgy confection guarantees to fulfil all your after-meal dessert cravings. There are two suggested ways to enjoy it – have it at room temperature as a snack or straight out of your refrigerator for the whole dessert experience.

Available on Kokoro Japan for ¥992 )~S$12.86) for a pack of nine.

7. Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs

First popularised on the bustling streets of Osaka, Takoyaki is a classic Japanese street snack made of golden, pan-fried batter that rises into its iconic round shape. It is usually filled with diced tako (octopus) and topped off with sumptuous shavings like dried bonito flakes.

If you’re upset about not being able to savour these warm, savoury tako balls in real life, you’re in luck because Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs are second to none in emulating the original Takoyaki’s appetising, umami-rich flavours. They even give you that extra crunch and bite-sized ease – perfect for gratifying snacking on the go.

Available on Bokksu for S$1.

8. Sanko Rice Crackers Cheese Almond


These highly popular snacks combines the goodness of three components: crispy rice cracker, creamy cheese, and unsalted, crunchy almond. So be warned: you may not be able to stop reaching out for it.

While this snack is available in Isetan, it is often out of stock. Thankfully, there are other ways you can get hold of it online.

Available on Shopee for S$14.85 for a pack of 16.

Sweet Japanese snacks delivered to Singapore

9. Dora Choco

If savoury tastes aren’t up your alley, keep reading from here because we also have a line up of sugary Japanese goodies that are sure to fuel your sweet-tooth.

First on the list is Dora Choco, a more compact and arguably cuter version of the classic Japanese dorayaki. Dorayaki is a traditional sweet pastry made of moist castella cakes that sandwich a thick red bean paste filling (yes, it’s that pancake that Doraemon loves eating).

In Dora Choco, however, the red bean paste filling is replaced by a gooey chocolate centre for a fun and modern twist. Well-liked by the young and young at heart, we reckon that you’ll keep reaching for these at your afternoon tea time sessions after your first bite.

Available on Bokksu for S$20 (pack of forty)

10. Kit Kat

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d probably know that Japan rolls out exciting new flavours of this sweet treat almost every year. You’ve probably even brought back a few rare ones from your trips to Tokyo to share with friends and family.

But did you know that now, you can get these unique additions online too? Here are a few of this season’s delectable limited edition options you should get your hands on now:

Ruby Chocolate Nuts + Cranberry

One of the latest additions to their “everyday luxury line (Mainichi no Zeitaku)”, Ruby chocolate is a new chocolate type (after milk, white, and dark chocolate) that was only birthed in 2017, and made from unfermented ruby cocoa beans. Despite its short history, its natural pink shade and tangy taste will surely wow your taste buds.

Available on Bokksu for S$10 per pack of 12.

Ocean Salt

Who said Kit Kats and sea salt don’t go well together? This white chocolate bar seamlessly marries sweet with salty to give a finely balanced everyday snack.

Also, Nestle Japan (manufacturer of Kit Kat) has been actively part of the movement towards decreasing marine waste by replacing plastic packaging with paper. Hence, with every purchase of this limited edition flavour, the company promises to donate ten cents to “Zero Waste Japan” which develops environmentally-products. In other words, by purchasing a pack, you’re not only treating yourself but showing some love to marine creatures !

Available on Bokksu for S$12 per pack of 12.

Variety Party Box (20 Flavours)

Ideal for the fickle-minded candy lovers or those who simply want to try them all, this party box features 20 of the most popular Japanese Kit Kat flavours, from matcha and hojicha to Japan sake and Shinsu apple – there are even flavours exclusive to each culturally unique region in Japan. Its beautiful packaging also makes it ideal as a gift.

Available on Bokksu for S$60 per box of 60.

11. Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate

You may remember these little pink triangles from your childhood or while you were wandering the aisles of Daiso.

These famous chocolate “Mount Fujis” are made of the particularly sweet and gooey Meiji milk chocolate topped with strawberry-flavoured white chocolate. Its bite-sized shape and likeable flavour will definitely have you finishing one whole box before you even know it.

Available on Shopee for SGD6.15 for two boxes

12. White Black Thunder

The Black Thunder chocolate has been taking Japan by storm since its release and many have fallen in love with its intense chocolate flavour.

It’s a wildly addictive trio of chocolate, chocolate cookies, and puffed rice, and has since been incorporated into various other confections. Even Mcdonald’s Japan couldn’t hold back from collaborating with them for a limited edition Mcflurry flavour.

Created exclusively for the wintry environments of the Hokkaido prefecture, this candy bar features a snowy white chocolate coating that hugs the classic Black Thunder bar. Creamy yet perfectly crunchy, this chocolate bar will leave you sweetly energised.

Available on Bokksu for S$18 per box of 12.

13. Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Kinako

Mochi has been a significant part of the Japanese culture for years, and is eaten most notably during New Year’s celebrations and their lively festivals. Traditionally, mochi is made of glutinous rice pounded into a sticky paste which wraps around delicious ice cream flavours.

Echigo Seika’s fluffy Kinako puffs come as a miniature, nutty snack with additional sprinklings of kinako (roasting soybeans) powder taken directly from Hokkaido. Its soft, delicate texture and mellow sweetness will certainly leave you wanting for more.

Available on Bokksu for S$12 for six packs.

14. Shiroi Kobito

Shiroi Kobito or directly translated to “White Lover”, is a French-style cookie where langue de chat (white cookies with their edges baked to golden brown perfection) embraces white chocolate to form an irresistible, crispy pastry that melts in your mouth.

This sugary pleasure is made to perfection where every stage of its production is carefully timed and ingredients faithfully measured. That’s probably why its been loved for so long among both locals and tourists alike, and earned its reputation as a much sought-after souvenir from Sapporo, Hokkaido where it originates.

Ishiya Seika White Choco Sand is available on Shopee for S$28.50 per box of 12.

15. Strawberry and Milk Tea Cookie

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory’s highly raved sweet cookie waits for no one. These limited edition snacks quickly go out of stock owing to its aromatic milk tea icing which is softly cream-piped between its toothsome cookie layers.

P.S. This special flavour is only up for grabs in the spring time so be sure to secure yours now before it’s too late!

Available on Bokksu for S$30 for a box of ten. While stocks last.

16. Ina Kanten Papa Cup Jelly Powder (Coffee Jelly)

Coffee jelly or kanten is a gelatin-like dessert garnish of English and European descent. They’ve since hit the Eastern shores and made waves in Japanese cafes and restaurants where they are incorporated in various dishes and beverages like ice cream and coffee.

Add a unique touch and additional flavour to your usual tea time cuppa by fixing yourself a warm latte topped off with cubes of coffee jelly. Simply dissolve the powder in hot water before refrigerating and you’ll have yourself a cafe-worthy sip in no time.

Available on Lazada for S$10.05.

17. Strawberry Tartlet


This may look like a common snack you find along the supermarket aisle but what makes this made-in-Tokyo product stand out is the freshness of the strawberries.

Using gelatin-free jelly made from real strawberries, it presents a light, joyful bite, which complements the taste of the buttery tart.

Available on Bokksu at S$6 for eight pieces.

18. Kanro Pure Muscat Gummy


These heart-shaped soft gummies are packed with a delightfully sweet and sour grape juice. Bite into it and enjoy a juicy texture that’s rich in taste.

We love that it comes in a resealable pack so you can save it for snacking on in different sittings – that is if you could resist it!

Available on Kokoro Japan for ¥704 (~S$9.13) for three packs.

19. Uji Matcha Au Lait

Tea aficionados all acknowledge that Uji, Kyoto produces one of the richest traditional matchas in the world.

As its fancy name suggests, this instant matcha mix adds a nouveau spin to the classic brew, granting its tasters with a creamy, milky sensation that is just to die for. Whether you want to keep warm on rainy days or are in need of a cold refreshment in the heat, this versatile au lait is here to stay as it can be made into both hot and cold versions.

Available on Bokksu for S$1 per stick

20. Hoshino Hojicha Latte

Hoshino’s instant Hojicha latte reinvents the original tea’s exquisite nutty aftertaste with a contemporary hint of caramel. Since Hojicha is a roasted substitute of matcha, those who prefer a richer, less sweet flavour can give this deluxe beverage a spot on your snacking table – it won’t disappoint!

Available on Bokksu for S$14 for seven sticks.