Janice Wong launches subscription boxes to bring you fun activities and delicious treats every month

As we are spending more and more time holed up at home, you might soon be bored of doing the same things like watching movies or playing games.

If you are looking for something to spice up your day, well, we have good news for you! Janice Wong has just launched a monthly subscription box filled with activities and sweet treats for your whole family to enjoy together.

The complimentary ‘Paint With Me’ Gift Set

Every month, you can look forward to receiving Janice Wong’s signature products such as chocolates and cookies along with new, exclusive items you can’t find in stores. They have also partnered with Optimo Food to offer you a range of nutritious treats from New Zealand that everyone in your family can enjoy.

If you’re looking for an activity you can do with your family, how about baking some delicious treats that you can enjoy together afterwards? The “Bake at Home with Janice Wong” kit included in every month’s box comes with a recipe card and all the ingredients you will need to try your hands at recreating Janice Wong’s signature treats such as chocolate nut spreads and cakes at home.

That’s not all! You can also expect surprise birthday treats and samples of their delicious ice cream flavours.

Every subscription will receive a “Paint With Me” Welcome Gift Set for your little ones to scribble and create pictures with. The Gift Set includes a set of five Janice Wong chocolate paint jars, two brushes, edible paper and edible chocolate crayons.

Subscriptions start at a minimum sign up of six months at SGD35 per month and half-year subscriptions at SGD210. Payment can be made here.