Here are our 8 Instagram chefs to follow for the ultimate #foodinspo

Sometimes we all just need to break the monotonous routine of cooking and eating the same old meals, shake things up by trying something new.

Trying new things can always be a little bit scary so to help get you started, AVENUE ONE has gathered a list of Instagram chefs from all over the globe from New York to Singapore that you should definitely hit the “Follow” button on.

Get ready for some serious #foodinspo up ahead that will surely make you feel excited to whip up something new in the kitchen.

1. Linda Miller Nicholson

Photo: @saltyseattle on Instagram

Linda is known for her incredibly colourful pasta which you won’t even be able to believe is all made naturally using plants!

Her pasta is not just colourful and creative but it is also gluten-free.

After going viral on TikTok and Instagram, Linda has even written her own recipe book about how you can try your hand at making these deliciously beautiful creations.

Draw some inspiration from her colourful creations about what your next meal should be.

2. Noor Murad

Photo: @noorishbynoor on Instagram

Noor is the head recipe tester at the Ottolenghi test kitchen and her Instagram is filled with bright, flavoursome dishes as well as tips on how to create them.

She is also the co-author of the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen’s book, and all her recipes are super simple without compromising on flavours.

3. Martha Collinson

Photo: @marthacollinson on Instagram

If there’s anyone who knows how to create a delicious and easy bake, it’s Martha Collinson. She rose to fame after becoming the Great British Bake Off’s youngest ever contestant, reaching the quarter-final of the fifth series at just 17.

Martha is now a show chef for Virgin Radio UK and is also a two-time cookbook author.

Her Instagram is filled with a mouth-watering array of meals from desserts to breakfasts, and all of her recipes are available on her Instagram Story highlights.

4. Kristina Cho

Photo: @eatchofood on Instagram

Kristina Cho’s Instagram boasts a variety of aesthetically photographed Asian treats from traditional mooncakes to soup dumplings.

She is the proud author of her cookbook Mooncakes & Milk Bread which came out back in September.

Kristina also uses familiar traditional ingredients in her recipes, which is perfect for us living in this region.

Her recipes are available on her Instagram Story highlights.

5. Rahul Mandal

Photo: @bakewithrahul on Instagram

If you’re a fan of the Great British Bake Off, then Rahul’s Instagram handle (@bakewithrahul) might sound familiar.

Rahul was crowned the winner of the Great British Bake Off in 2018 and has continued to share his passion for baking on Instagram.

His Instagram is filled with posts of his beautifully detailed bakes as well as videos of him trying new recipes. Visit Rahul’s Instagram for some inspiration for your next bake.

6. Lucia Lee

Photo: @foodminimalist on Instagram

Lucia’s Instagram is adorned with her delicious and colourful savoury meals.

Her food is made from humble ingredients that anyone of us could get our hands on but she has elevated these recipes with her own tips and tricks.

Lucia’s recipes are available on her Instagram posts.

7. Jessica Merchant

Photo: @howsweeteats on Instagram

Jessica is the perfect person to follow if you’re always looking to whip up something quick and easy without compromising on deliciousness – her recipes use simple ingredients and are so easy to make.

She is also the proud three-time bestselling cookbook author, so you know you can count on her for some inspiration for your next meal.

Find Jessica’s recipes on her Instagram stories as well as on her blog.

8. Marilyn Choong

Photo: @veggiesfromars on Instagram

This final Instagram chef on our list is one of Singapore’s very own!

Marilyn is a student from NUS studying food science and technology, but her Instagram consists of an array of brightly coloured vegan foods that any of us could easily replicate at home.

Watch Marilyn experiment with other creators’ vegan recipes as well as some of her own. Her methods and recipes are available as Instagram posts and Instagram Story highlights.