Ichiran releases its first-ever instant cup noodles that took 20 years to develop

We’re sure the hearty, umami taste of Ichiran is etched in your minds, even though it’s been a long time you’ve visited Japan (or Hong Kong and Taipei, where there are outlets).

The famous ramen chain that specialises in tonkotsu pork bone broth ramen often sees long queues and is one of the most raved about Japanese ramen brands around.

While Ichiran already has their version of instant noodles in the market, the 60-year-old brand said that they have spent the last 20 years developing a new product – their famous ramen in the form of instant cup noodles. Here’s a video that will certainly whet your appetite:

The long development is so that they can ensure that the broth and noodles in cup noodles format will taste as good as their in-store offerings that fans are familiar with.


While many instant noodles in the market try to stand out by providing a lot of extra toppings, Ichiran is keeping it simple. They said that they want diners to enjoy the “true flavour of their noodles”. Each cup contains only noodles, broth, and the brand’s original secret red sauce.


You’ll be given two packs of ingredients – one in powder form and one in liquid form – to create the rich and deep flavour of the broth that has a smooth sensation to it.


The cup also contains a specially made oil that enhances the taste and aroma of the ramen.


Known for their long and straight noodles, which is a signature of Hakata-style ramen, Ichiran’s cup noodle version uses custom-made non-fried noodles to produce straight ramen that also has an addictive wheat flavour.


The Ichiran Tonkotsu cup ramen will be on sale in Japan from 15 February at convenience stores, supermarkets, Ichiran stores, and online. It is priced at 490 yen (~S$6.22). We’ve found a vendor offering it on Shopee currently and are expecting more of such vendors to pop up once it officially drops.