Malaysians are loving this ice kachang-flavoured ice-cream – find out where you can get it in Singapore

In our year-round hot and humid weather, nothing beats an icy bowl of ice kachang topped with red beans, sweet corns with coconut milk and sugary syrups drizzled on top.

However, that would require you to actually leave the house and brave the outdoor heat to buy this delicious dessert. Sure, some shops offer delivery, but there is waiting time and the ice kachang might be all melted by the time it reaches you. Who wants that?

Now, what if we tell you that you can stock your fridge with the closest thing to real ice kachang, ready to be enjoyed any time the craving strikes? Yes, we are talking about this ice kachang-flavoured ice-cream from Nestle!

The ice-cream is Halal-certified, and comes in three layers Neapolitan-styled with three signature flavours of classic ice kachang: sweet corn, coconut and red beans.

According to people who have tried it, the ice cream does have the taste of classic ice kachang with the combination of the three flavours, and is ideal for the whole family to enjoy together.

You can enjoy the ice cream on its own, or add any toppings of your choice to make this an even more indulgent treat. The Nestle website has some drool-worthy suggestions when it comes to toppings, such as peanuts grass jelly and mango jelly:


Or sago cake and shaved mela gulaka:


You can also add a scoop of the ice cream on top of a bowl of chendol for the ultimate local dessert flavour combination:


We don’t know about you but we can’t wait to get our hands on the ice cream and try out all of the above variations!

Wondering where to buy the Nestle Ice Kachang Ice Cream? Sadly the ice cream is not widely available in supermarkets in Singapore. However, you can still order it from Nikmart Halal Frozen at SGD4.9 per 1.5 litre tub.