18 ice cream delivery services that will bring the cold, sweet treats right to your doorstep

Living on our sunny little island, a cool treat such as ice cream is always more than welcome. With how we are all working from home by default now, you might be feeling a bit lazy to go out to buy some ice cream when the heat is making things unbearable indoors.

Check out this list for 18 ice cream delivery services you can consider to bring these delicious treats right to your doorstep.

1. Creamier

Credit: Creamier on Instagram

Known for their creamy, handcrafted ice creams and golden waffles, Creamier has many popular flavours. Be sure to try their fan-favourites  such as Earl Grey Lavender (S$12.90), Summer Strawberries (S$16.90), and Sea Salt Gula Melaka (S$12.90) to name a few.

You can also order their famous Frozen Golden Waffles (S$14) for a real treat. Creamier offers seasonal flavours as well, so keep an eye out for them on their website and their Instagram page.

If you are ordering their ice cream for a friend, check out their gift bundles. Look forward to free islandwide door-to-door delivery for orders S$65 and above. Take note that you should place your orders three days in advance, and you can order via their website. Creamier ice cream pints are also available on Deliveroo, foodpanda, and GrabFood.

2. Sunday Folks

Credit: Sunday Folks on Instagram

Sunday Folks is a well-known artisanal ice cream parlour in Singapore best known for their tall swirls of hand-churned ice cream sitting on top of fluffy, golden waffles. Although you won’t be able to receive your delicious ice cream in their signature swirl, you can get it delivered to your doorstep in stunning pints.

Look forward to flavours such as Earl Grey Lavender with Toasted Almond Thins (S$19) and Ferrero Rocky Road (S$19) for chocolate-lovers. You can also get the Ice Cream of Sunday Folks Trio (S$55) if you simply can’t decide.

Enjoy free Singapore islandwide delivery for orders S$100 and above and take note to order at least three days in advance. Place your order on their website to enjoy their delicious, fresh ice cream.

3. Udders

Credit: Udders on Instagram

A local ice cream brand that has been seen representing Singapore at the dining tables of important events such as the Trump-Kim Summit, Udders has many delicious options for you to get a cold sweet treat. They are also available at convenience stores such as 7-Eleven.

Udders offers more than just ice cream and waffles, they also have options such as ice cream pies and ice cream cakes. If you’re looking for a less guilt-inducing option, try their Nuude Ice Cream series as it is all-natural, and low in calories and fats.

Get Udders delivered to you for a S$5 islandwide delivery fee with a minimum order of S$35 to S$49, or get free delivery with orders S$50 and above. Enjoy a First-Time Customer Promotion of free delivery with a minimum order of S$35 to S$49 with the code UDDERSNEW. Order on their website.

4. No Horse Run Gelato

Credit: No Horse Run on Instagram

A hidden gem in Yishun, No Horse Run Gelato has unique flavours such as Muah Chee (S$18.50) and Green Apple Yakult (S$17.50). They even have a new Honey Stars Cereal flavour and are bringing back a fan-favourite flavour, Cereal Milk. We’re so glad this quaint little shop offers ice cream delivery islandwide with free delivery fees for all orders of their premium gelato that are above S$60.

Order their gelato from their website and keep an eye out for new flavours on their Instagram page.

5. Kind Kones

Credit: Kind Kones on Instagram

Perhaps you might be looking for something that’s a little kinder to your diet. Try Kind Kones’ frozen treats that are made with healthy, vegan-friendly ingredients. Try flavours such as Peanut Buttercup (S$18.50), Salted Chocolate Chip (S$18.50), and the Almond Brittle Fudge (S$18.50).

You can also indulge in their vegan flavours such as the Keto Avocado Coconut (S$18.50) and the Blue Planet (S$18.50).

Enjoy free delivery for orders S$30 and above, and same day delivery is available for all orders made before 4pm. You can also get a free cooler bag with purchases S$70 and over. View other stunning flavours and order on their website.

6. Apiary

Credit: Apiary on Instagram

For another round of all-natural ingredients and some healthy ice cream, order up some sweet treats from Apiary. The Apiary flavour (S$17) is made with a wildflower honey ice cream base that has either caramelised cacao nibs or bee pollen folded in. Another popular flavour is the beautiful Blue Milk (S$15) which is made from milk infused with blue pea flowers.

If you can’t make up your mind, try the Best-seller tasting set (S$25), which comes with six single scoops of their most popular creations.

Enjoy a S$5 islandwide delivery for S$5 with a minimum spend of S$50, and same day delivery is available for items ordered before 2pm. Check out their other flavours and order from their website.

7. Mrs. Plump’s

Credit: Mrs. Plump’s on Instagram

Having ice cream in a pint can be a bit troublesome when you’re feeling particularly lazy, and so Mrs. Plump’s is offering her delicious treats in the form of popsicles too. Made from superfoods, these artisanal ice creams sell out fast, so be sure to keep an eye out on their website.

With delicious flavours like the Strawberry Popsicles (S$16.90) and the Chocolate Kale (S$16.90), the first flavour created, Mrs. Plump’s ice creams are more than worth a try. For healthier options, look under the ‘Superfood’ or ‘Keto’ range.

Head to their Instagram page for updates on how to get their ice cream delivered to you.

8. Merely

Credit: Merely on Instagram

Merely offers you absolutely delicious and all-natural ice cream flavours, and they have a very wide and interesting variety available for you to choose from. Try Horlicks Panda (S$12) that is made with crushed Hello Panda biscuits, Milo Fudge Cake (S$12), or Red Velvet Cake (S$12). With many more options available for you, they are not merely a one-stop-shop.

Merely has islandwide delivery and they dispatch orders every Tuesday to Saturday, between 1 to 6pm. They are available on their website, Grabfood and Deliveroo, and you can whatsapp them at +65 8874 5760 for urgent orders.

9. Kook’s Creamery

Credit: Kook’s Creamery on Instagram

Known for their lava cookies, Kook’s Creamery also serves up delicious ice cream flavours that are impossible to resist. Try Ferrero Rocher (S$15.90) or Blue Chai Hokkaido Milk (S$18.90) ice cream. You can also order the Lava Cookies & Ice Cream Cooler Bag Bundle (S$69.90) for a scrumptious treat.

Get free local delivery with a minimum order of S$65, or select the self-collection option at checkout. Order from their website.

10. The Daily Scoop

Credit: The Daily Scoop on Instagram

A well-loved brand, like many others on this list, The Daily Scoop also has plenty of flavour options for you to choose from, such as Cashew Caramel (S$12.50) and Spectaculoos Cookie Butter (SS$12.50). You can also order the 6 cups of Cool Cheer (S$28.30) or Happyness box of 6 cups (S$25.30) for six scoops of different flavours.

Aren’t you glad they offer ice cream delivery?

Get free delivery for orders S$50 and above, or pay a S$5 delivery fee for orders below S$50. They also have a minimum of S$25 for their delivery service. Order via their website to pick your favourites from their over 50 flavours range.

11. Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream

Credit: Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream on Instagram

Looking for some childhood nostalgia? What Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream serves is bound to make you smile as you reminisce the good old days. Flavours include classics such as Raspberry Ripple, Mocha Chip, and even Durian so you’ll feel as though you have a traditional ice cream cart right at home.

Their current ongoing promotion features three blocks of ice cream, one packet of wafer biscuits (32 biscuits), and one rainbow bread with free delivery for S$28. Order via their Facebook page or Whatsapp them to place your order.

12. Scoopz

Credit: sgfoodonfoot on Instagram

A favourite among locals since they began in 1996, Scoopz is best known for their amazing Durian and Mao Shan Wang ice cream. Now with new flavours such as Milo (S$16) and Mango Sorbet (S$16), Scoopz is more delicious than ever.

Enjoy free delivery for orders above S$58, and you can order via their website.

13. Tom’s Palette

Credit: Tom’s Palette on Instagram

Try some of Tom’s Palette unique and innovative flavours right at the comforts of your own home. Try Granny’s Favourite or Milk & Chocolate Almonds to brighten up your day. Their pints (650ml) cost S$18 each, with an additional S$3 per tub for premium flavours.

They deliver every Friday, between 2pm and 5pm. Delivery fees are at S$10 for orders below S$54, and you can get free delivery for orders S$54 and above. Call them at 6977 9749 to place your order, and check out their website for more flavours.

14. Burnt Cones

Credit: Burnt Cones on Instagram

A popular gelato shop in Singapore, Burnt Cones is known for its aesthetic interior and delicious gelato flavours. The shop also serves delicious brunch options for a more savoury and filling treat. And now we’re thankful they offer ice cream delivery.

Their gelato is relatively healthy, as it is made with natural ingredients and is 96% fat-free. Enjoy your guilt-free treat from the comfort of your home and order delicious flavours such as Fior De Latte (S$5) and Strawberry Basil (S$6). View their menu here or check our their website for their other delectable treats.

Burnt Cones has a minimum order of S$30 and offers islandwide delivery at S$12. Place your order on their website.

15. Birds of Paradise

Credit: Birds of Paradise on Instagram

Another gelato option with Instagram-worthy aesthetics, Birds of Paradise is well-known for their nature-inspired ice cream. Flavours such as ea-Salt Hojicha (S$17), Lychee Raspberry (S$17), and White Chrysanthemum (S$17) are definite must-haves. Try their Thyme Cone Chips (S$2) for some crunch and added flavour to your scoop.

View the full selection of flavours here and check out their Instagram for minimalistic shots of their gorgeous ice cream.

Enjoy free islandwide delivery with a minimum of SS$55 on your order, and a minimum order of 3 pints and a maximum order of 4 pints is required. There will be a S$5 delivery charge for orders between S$50 and S$54.99. Place your order before 2pm for next-day delivery.

16. Kindred Folk

Credit: Kindred Folk on Instagram

Like many other options on this list, Kindred Folk makes their own ice cream to offer you fresh batches of their delicious cold treats. Top-sellers include Loaded Cookies and Cream (S$13) and Cereal Milk (S$13). And for a vegan option, go for Sea-Salt Gula Coconut (S$13). It’s definitely one of the ice cream delivery services we’re most excited about.

View their full menu here and place your order via this form.

Kindred Folk offers delivery at a fixed fee of S$9, and has a minimum requirement of 2 pints. You can also pick up your ice cream from their outlet at King Albert Park Mall.

17. Monarchs & Milkweed

Credit: Monarchs & Milkweed on Instagram

With gelato as stunning as its namesake – the Monarch butterfly – Monarchs & Milkweed features botanical elements in their flavours.

Their handmade gelatos include delicious options such as the Brown Butter Sage (S$16.50) and the Tahitian Vanilla (S$16.50).

They offer free delivery for orders above S$50 and you can place your order or view their full menu on their website.

18. Wunderfood


Healthy food retailer Wunderfood is known its offer of easy, healthy food for busy people. And if you’re looking for low-calorie ice cream that taste just as good, consider its gelato – newly introduced to its stable of offerings.

There are three flavours available: Salted Coconut & Mango Swirls (this is dairy-free), Blueberry Yoghurt (our personal favourite!), and White Truffle & Dark Chocolate.

Get them at S$15.90 each or indulge in a bundle with all three for S$41.90.

Wunderfood offers delivery at a fee of S$7.50. Free delivery is available when you spend at least S$65.