This food court stall offers individual serving of mala grilled fish and set meals for under S$10

Ever been in a situation where you’re craving that tantalising and mouth-numbing spicy mala grilled fish but had no one to share it with, so all you could do was settle for something else that was just not as satisfying?

This quaint little shop knows exactly how that feels, and that’s why they’ve decided to introduce individual portions of Chongqing-style grilled fish so that you can enjoy the delicacy whenever you feel like having it!

Credit: Clara/XiaoHongShu

That’s right, you no longer have to take days or even weeks to plan a mala meal with your friends anymore. You can just have it yourself!

Individual set meals for under S$10

I Sel-Fish is tucked away in the Food Republic at Causeway Point and it serves Chongqing-style grilled fish in a hot skillet in three different sizes.

Credit: 慧玲S/XiaoHongShu

If you’re eating alone, you can order half of a fish without its tail for S$9.80 or half of a fish with its tail for S$10.80. These come with two types of toppings in the grilled fish, two sides – beancurd skin and Chinese cabbage – and a bowl of rice.

Credit: 会驾的双子座/XiaoHongShu

If you’re feeling extra ravenous, or if you’re sharing it with a friend or a loved one, you can order a whole fish for S$19.80. This comes with four sides – bean sprouts, beancurd skin, Chinese cabbage, and sliced potato – and two bowls of rice.

Those who have eaten Chongqing-style grilled fish will know that the prices offered here are very wallet-friendly, and you can hardly find something like this anywhere else. Furthermore, this is located in an air-conditioned food court, so you won’t have to worry about perspiring too much from the spice.

If you prefer to have other sides like enoki mushroom, fried beancurd skin, lotus root slices, sweet potato noodles, and instant noodles, you can also order them separately for an additional S$1 each.

Credit: 林林/XiaoHongShu

Once you’ve decided on the size of fish you would like to order based on how much you’re able to eat, you can proceed to choose from seven different preparation styles: Fresh Green Pepper, Spicy Fragrant, Fragrant Garlic, Delicious Tomato, Sichuan Pickled, Sour & Spicy Golden Soup, and Mushroom Savoury.

The ones that most people tend to prefer are the Fresh Green Pepper and Spicy Fragrant, and looking at the photos of their food, it’s not difficult to see why!

Credit: 会驾的双子座/XiaoHongShu

For S$9.80 a set, the portion is huge. And the food tastes good as well with the right amount of spice and kick. The offer can’t get better than this!

The additional toppings that they include in the set offer a different flavour and texture to the meal, so you won’t get bored from just eating fish.

Credit: 慧玲S/XiaoHongShu

And since the grilled fish is served in a hot skillet, you can be assured that the fish will remain hot till the end of your meal. This makes it especially perfect for eating on a cold, rainy day.

If you’re looking to enjoy an individual portion of grilled fish, it’s time you pay a visit to this little stall. As with all things popular in Singapore, get ready to queue, but tasting that delicious grilled fish at the end of it all makes the wait worthwhile though.

I Sel-Fish is located at 1 Woodlands Square, #04-01/02/03/04, Food Republic, Causeway Point, Singapore 738099.