New Dual Concept Cafe-and-Bar Hits Home Run With Its Munches, Mood, and Music

Nestled amidst the vibrant energy of Clarke Quay, the newly opened Home isn’t just another restaurant; it’s an experience. This dual-concept haven seamlessly transforms from a comforting daytime haven to a dynamic nightspot, catering to your every mood and desire.

home dawn ambience
Home Dawn features a lazy vibe perfect for brunch.

Step into Home Dawn, bathed in the warm glow of the morning sun. Imagine sinking into a plush armchair, sunlight streaming through expansive windows as you gaze upon the picturesque Singapore River. This is your cosy nook, a haven for the soul, where breakfast transforms into a soul-soothing ritual as you indulge in perfectly brewed coffee.

home dusk ambience
Home Dusk transforms to a vibrant, music-centred spot.

AVENUE ONE visited on a weekend evening as it transforms into Home Dusk, a vibrant space where live music and delicious bites take centre-stage after the sun dips below the horizon.

The atmosphere crackles with energy, fueled by the curated lineup of pop and Chinese hip-hop from talented bands and DJs. Yet, amidst the energy, there’s a sense of relaxed comfort, a space where you can truly be yourself and groove to the rhythm.

Homely Ambience

home club cosy ambience
A cosy and homely vibe welcomes us in.

With a name like “Home”, it probably isn’t surprising that cosiness and comfort is of importance to them.

As I arrived at the first floor, I noticed how the setup resembles a comfortable bedroom. Walk up the stairs to where the restaurant is, and you’ll be greeted by homely furniture and decor such as music posters that welcome you in immediately.

home club clarke quay signboard and view
Home looks out to the Singapore River.

Ask for a seat by the window if you’re early so you can take in the beautiful view of the Singapore River as you enjoy your meal.

The Food Hits Home

We ordered a few items from its extensive menu and here are the ones that were most memorable for my companion and me.

home dusk food review Wagyu Beef Steak Rendang
Wagyu Beef Steak Rendang

The Wagyu Beef Steak Rendang was delectable. Imagine melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu, each fiber infused with the rich, complex flavours of a housemade rendang sauce. It’s a symphony of sweet, savoury, and spicy, a love letter to Southeast Asian cuisine reimagined with luxurious flair.

home dusk food review Black Pepper Crab Udon
Black Pepper Crab Udon

For a taste of Singapore with a playful twist, the Black Pepper Crab Udon is a must-try. I love how the satisfying crunch of soft shell crab nestled amongst springy udon noodles, all bathed in a luxuriously umami black pepper crab sauce. It’s a textural and flavour explosion that’s both familiar and exciting.

home dusk food review Chilled Truffle Pasta
Chilled Truffle Pasta

Don’t miss the Chilled Truffle Pasta, a decadent dish that had my companion and I swooning. Let your palate enjoy the cool embrace of perfectly cooked pasta, each strand infused with the intoxicating aroma of truffle oil. Shio kombu adds a touch of salinity, while sakura ebi and tobiko provide pops of briny brilliance. It was a luxurious indulgence that lingered on the palate long after the last bite.

home dusk food review Gochujang Ayam Nasi Lemak
Gochujang Ayam Nasi Lemak

The Gochujang Ayam Nasi Lemak was a generous and hearty dish for those looking for something that satisfies. This classic Singaporean dish gets a Korean twist with the addition of gochujang, its subtle heat perfectly complementing the creamy coconut rice and succulent chicken. It was a flavour adventure that was both bold and satisfying.

home dusk food review moo ping
Moo Ping

And for a quick, flavour-packed bite, look no further than the Moo Ping. These succulent skewers of grilled meat burst with smoky sweetness, a perfect companion to your favourite cocktail.

And speaking of cocktails, Home Dusk offers many creative ones that come with cheeky Chinese names inspired by Mandopop.

home dusk food review cocktails
Sour Plum Brandy is in the foreground, and behind it is the Coconut Capari and Soju.

We tried the Coconut Campari (想你的椰), concocted with campari, gin, coconut, and lemon, for a tropical drink that refreshes, as well as the Sour Plum Brandy (无梅子酱) that delights with sour plum, brandy, lime, and cointreau, if you’re looking for a drink with more kick.

If you’re not a cocktail person, Home Dusk also offers an extensive range of alcoholic beverages, from soju to beer.

Let The Music Bring You Home

home dusk live band

Home Dusk’s live band specialises in Chinese R&B and hip-hop music, offering an upbeat yet relaxed atmosphere the moment they hit the stage.

As the live band crooned familiar Mandopop tunes, the diners found themselves moving their bodies involuntarily to the groove of the music. It was easy to let loose and just enjoy the moment.

Our Verdict

home dusk food review

All in all, Home was able to deliver local flavours with a touch of global flair, all served in a space that feels like, well, home. So, come hungry, come curious, and prepare to be delighted.


  • Reservation Promo: Get to redeem a complimentary HYOGO OYSTER (3 Pcs) when you make a reservation on Chope, with minimum spending of S$100
  • Opening Promo: Purchase 1 beer tower and get 2 complimentary bottles of soju (valid till 29 Feb 2024)
  • Happy Hour Promo: Enjoy 1-for-1 beer, soju, cocktail from 5 – 8pm

Home is located at Blk 3A, River Valley Road, #02-03, Singapore 179020. 
Home Dawn is open from 10.30am to 5pm on weekdays, and 10am to 5pm on weekends. Visit its Instagram page for more information.
Home Dusk is open from 5pm to 1am from Sundays to Thursdays, and 5pm to 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. Visit its Instagram page for more information.