These Korean-style “fatfatcarons” feature local flavours that will please both adults and children alike

There’s a quaint little takeaway bakery located in the middle of Kampong Bahru Road that sells desserts that are so jaw-droppingly spectacular, they look like they were prepared at a gourmet restaurant.

Living up to its name (“Happiness” in Korean), HAENGBOKcakeYO truly brings out the happiness in every customer with their Korean-inspired bakes.

One that caught our eyes in particular is their super-sized macarons a.k.a FatFatcarons (S$5.80 each, S$19.80 for 4) that you might have heard of before from its parent company, nanatang. Its creation was inspired by South Korea’s Fatcarons (“ttung-carons”) which are already larger adaptions of the original treat.

Source: @iris.nihao

But FatFatcarons take the French confection to an even higher level by adding extra elements within the thick filling, almost doubling the Fatcarons in size.

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And to make it even more exciting, the flavours they come in are remarkably unique and extraordinary. Forget boring chocolate or bland vanilla, FatFatcarons bring to us local twists including the teochew Orh Nee and coconutty Ondeh-Ondeh.

Source: @iris.nihao

If the kids want something a little more modern, they also feature flavours like Double Citron, Banana Chocolate, Raspberry Pistachio, and Rainbow Vanilla Cheese. There’s something for everyone here!

Source: HAENGBOKcakeYO

HAENGBOKcakeYO offers a selection of other delectable treats including gooey Chubby Cookies (S$5.80 each, S$14.80 for 3) that are slightly crunchy on the outside, and chewy in the middle.

Source: @iris.nihao

Not forgetting its Korean roots, the bakery also serves up the Instagram-famous Korean bento cakes in Chocolate, Yuzu, and Black Sesame flavour (S$9.80 each).

Source: HAENGBOKcakeYO

Other cakes on the menu that are just as gorgeous to look at are the Strawberry Shortcake, Grapes Shortcake, and Mixed Fruits Shortcake (S$6.80 each). Decorated with freshly cut fruits, they remind us of the aesthetic Japanese fruit sandwiches.

HAENGBOKcakeYO is constantly churning out new flavour profiles every month, so stay updated on what’s to come next via their Instagram. And unfortunately, the bakery is strictly open for takeaways only. We recommend that you order through their website because their bakes sell out fast.

  • Address: 41 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169358
  • Opening hours: Thursday to Monday (11 am – 7 pm)
  • Telephone: 9388 4068

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