Redeem a free popsicle today – find a golden stick in it and win a 5-course food pairing meal too!

For those of you who love your alcohol and ice cream – you’re in luck – because Guinness will be deploying a special truck at the Ocean Financial Centre to hand out limited edition, 100% Vegan Guinness customisable popsicles today, on the 16 November. Did we mention that they’re giving the popsicles out for free?GUINNESS-truck

If you want to catch sight of a celeb, TV & Radio presenter Kimberly Wang will be on site to hand out these popsicles from 11.30am – 1.30pm.guinness-popsicle

Look forward to a range of exclusively-created toppings such as candied bacon and chocolate popping candy, roasted peanut and smoked salt powder, and lastly, a white chocolate champagne sauce to go on its limited edition Coconut Popsicles – how deliciously tempting is that?

But that’s not all – there will be a total of EIGHT popsicles that will have golden popsicle sticks hidden within, and those eight lucky winners will be entitled to an amazing free-of-charge 5-course food meal and Guinness experience worth SGD88/pax at its first upcoming beer and BBQ event in Singapore, Great Grill Out (24 and 25 November at Emily Hill).

But if you don’t win yourself a golden popsicle stick – it’s not the end of the world – you can pre-register yourself for FREE to The Great Grill Out. There are limited slots for admission registration – so hurry!

On-door entrance fee of SGD20, inclusive of one pint of Guinness.

A weekend of live music, grilled meats, and Guinness, Great Grill Out is the ultimate BBQ experience for beer and meat enthusiasts. Expect to see exclusive dishes from the likes of Artichoke, Camp Kilo Charcoal Club, Decker Barbeque, Red Eye Smokehouse and Sidecar, as well as Beer sommelier sessions with Ian Colgan and masterclasses with renowned chefs.

The truck will be at Ocean Financial Centre from 11am – 5pm on Friday, 16 November.