Goodwood Park Hotel’s highly acclaimed Durian Fiesta is back with exciting new creations!

If you’re a enthusiast of the King of Fruits, you’ll have heard of Goodwood Park Hotel’s acclaimed Durian Fiesta, an annual durian event in Singapore where fans and curious individuals alike gather to bond over the fruit.

In celebration of the hotel’s 120th anniversary, you can expect their Durian Fiesta this year (14 March to 26 July) to be bigger than ever, with seven new mouthwatering pastries that highlight the unique flavour of the durian fruit. Check them out below!

D24 Pavlova and D24 Coffee Pavlova

These two sugary desserts are created in memory of the world’s best ballerina, Anna Pavlova, whom Goodwood Park Hotel hosted during her Singapore debut in 1922. The two pavlovas (SGD12++ each) contain luscious durian pulp, cased in a sweet and crunchy meringue crust, and will satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. Choose the original version that allows the durian to stand out, or opt for the aromatic coffee variation, which complements the taste of the fruit perfectly.

This elegant creation is available for dine-in customers only, at the hotel’s Coffee Lounge or L’Espresso.

D24 Party Squares

Why just have one flavour when you can have four? The hotel’s D24 Party Squares (SGD80 for 1kg) feature 16 cubes of cake with their four bestselling flavours: D24 Cream Cheese, D24 Coconut Pandan, D24 Coffee, and D24 Chocolate Marquis, so you’ll never run out of ways to eat durian!

D24 Summer Dream

Inspired by the sun-drenched and greenery-filled areas of the Goodwood Park Hotel, the D24 Summer Dream jelly cake (SGD72 for a 1kg cake, or SGD12 for a slice) has a light flavour to contrast the rich taste of the durian sandwiched between layers of sponge cake. The cake is meticulously crafted, and is topped off with a jelly layer that encases grapes, blueberries, and edible flowers, making it truly resonant of summer.

D24 Nutty Delight

Poised to become one of the Fiesta’s most popular pastries this year, the D24 Nutty Delight (SGD20 a piece) combines the one-of-a-kind flavour of durian with the concept of the much-loved peanut butter and jelly, creating a contemporary dessert that features a light durian mousse on top of a layer of luscious peanut butter, finished with peanut butter marshmallows.

D24 Galaxy Ice Cream Roll

Among the indulgent treats on this list, this one truly takes the cake (literally). The dreamy galaxy pattern on the Galaxy Ice Cream Roll (SGD62 for the whole roll, or SGD15 per slice) is illustrated onto a sponge cake layer that wraps around a block of house-churned, smooth durian ice cream, that has made it one of the most memorable dishes to be served since its first appearance in 2011.

D24 Golden Fritter

Sure, you’ve tried deep fried banana fritters, but durian fritters are a whole new experience. Requiring precision by the Minjiang culinary team in its creation, the Golden Fritters (SGD10++ each) are carefully deep fried to ensure the durian inside remains cool, while the outer layer is piping hot when served, resulting in a unique combination of textures and flavours.

Available for dine-in only.

If you’re a long-time customer and miss their signature dishes like D24 Puff or Crepe, Goodwood Park Hotel is bringing back many of the crowd favourites! Some of them include the D24 Mousse cake (starting from SGD14 per slice) with a Mao Shan Wang variation (SGD72 for a 1kg cake), lavish D24 (SGD20 per tub) and Mao Shan Wang ice cream (SGD29), and the tiny but mighty D24 Puff (from SGD10++ for two pieces, dine-in only), if you’re just looking for a quick durian fix!

Don’t see your favourite here? Check out the full list on Goodwood Park Hotel’s page.

To order a dish from the hotel, you can either visit The Deli from 9 am to 9 pm daily, call (65)6730 178. Alternatively, complete a form available at the hotel or their website, then email to [email protected]. For takeaways, your orders can also be emailed to [email protected]. The last order date for dishes is 21 July 2020, at 12 noon.