We tried Gong Cha’s all-new Brown Sugar and Strawberry Milk Foam series

Just when you thought Gong Cha’s classic Milk Foam couldn’t get any better, the beloved bubble tea brand is dropping a new Milk Foam series this coming Wednesday on 15 October 2020!

Available in Brown Sugar and Strawberry flavours, the milk foam can be paired with any of their signature teas. I had a taste of the new milk foam, and here are my thoughts (spoiler alert: I absolutely love it!).

Gong Cha Brown Sugar Milk Foam

Black Tea (left) and Alisan Tea (right) with Brown Sugar Milk Foam and Pearls

When brown sugar toppings and flavours shot to popularity in the bubble tea world, I jumped on the hype train and bought myself a cup too. I wasn’t a huge fan of how sweet the brown sugar was, and I’ve stuck to my dependable good ol’ milk tea ever since then.

When I took my first sip of Gong Cha’s Brown Sugar Milk Foam with Black tea, I was pleasantly surprised and might have pulled a Kombucha girl face.

The milk foam was packed with brown sugar flavour, yet it wasn’t too overwhelming and tasted delicious with the black tea. I’ve tried switching up my bubble tea orders with the occasional milk foam topping, but nothing has quite ever tasted like Gong Cha’s brown sugar one! I’d totally recommend this if you’re looking for a sweet and savoury drink, but want one that isn’t too cloying.

Black Tea with Brown Sugar Milk Foam and Pearls

I also had some brown sugar pearls added to my drink, and while it was indeed an arm workout trying to get the milk foam, tea, and pearls all nice and blended, all it takes is a good swirl and patience and you’re good to go. Or, you could do what I did, and pop the lid right off to have a taste of the milk foam on its own!

Personally, I think Brown Sugar Milk Foam is best paired with black tea or Alisan tea. The strong, rich flavours of these two teas complement the savoury milk foam well, and you really get the best of both worlds with this pairing.

Strawberry Milk Foam

Green Tea (left) and Oolong Tea (right) with Strawberry Milk Foam

Here’s the thing – I love anything strawberry flavoured, candies, milk, ice cream, you name it. But it’s never once crossed my mind that strawberry could be incorporated in a sophisticated way into bubble tea until today!

My first sip of the Strawberry Milk Foam reminded me of the childhood snack everyone knows – strawberry Pocky, and blended really well with the green tea! While I’m usually #teammilktea, the Strawberry Milk Foam’s flavour and texture really elevated the green tea that I paired it with, giving it just the right amount of creaminess and milkiness after I shook it well.

Green Tea with Strawberry Milk Foam

As surprising as this sounds (trust me, I was shocked too), I found that the Strawberry Milk Foam was a lot sweeter than the brown sugar one. I’ll take into account the sugar level of all the drinks I tried, which I kept at 50%. I’ll be ordering my Strawberry Milk Foam teas with 25% sugar in future when I’m in the mood for a light and refreshing pick-me-up drink!

I paired the Strawberry Milk Foam with Green Tea and Oolong Tea, thinking that these “lighter” teas would not overpower the taste of the Strawberry Milk Foam. But alas, the Oolong Tea was a little too strong for my liking, and the taste of the milk foam was drowned out by the flavour of the tea. I’d recommend going for green tea when getting your Strawberry Milk Foam fix, but if you prefer a stronger tea that packs a punch, then Oolong’s for you!

Where and when can you get this new Milk Foam?

Gong cha’s Brown Sugar Milk Foam and Strawberry Milk Foam will be available from 15 October 2020 onwards at all Gong Cha outlets and major food delivery services – Grabfood, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo.

The Brown Sugar Milk Foam teas are priced at S$4 and S$5 respectively for regular (500ml) and large (700ml) sized cups, and the Strawberry Milk Foam teas  S$3.40 and S$4.40.

PS: The new milk foam will be available on the permanent menu, and you can bet that’s going to be my new favourite topping for my Gong cha drinks from now on!