Will pandan and tofu go well in a BBT? We tried Gong Cha’s new To-fu Oyako-inspired Pandan TO-FU Pudding Drink at A.C Kafe

In celebration of the beloved Japanese character To-fu Oyako’s 25th anniversary, Gong Cha has teamed up with ActionCity to launch specially created drinks, available from 8 January at the AC.Kafé.

The new creations to look forward to include the Pandan TO-FU Pudding Drink and a new bubble tea topping, the Boba Jelly. AC.Kafé will also be releasing a special menu featuring tofu dishes as part of this celebration.

Ahead of its official launch on 8 January, the AVENUE ONE team visited AC.Kafé to try out the new menu.

When we first set foot into AC.Kafé, we were greeted by a beautifully furnished café taken over by the beloved character.

ActionCity had revamped AC.Kafé into a To-Fu Oyako-themed concept and you can look forward to life-sized standees, wallpapers, and screens featuring To-Fu Oyako.

To-fu Oyako-inspired bubble tea drink

What most Gong Cha fans are likely to want to know is how the new Pandan TO-FU Pudding Drink (S$4.90) tasted.

To be honest, we would have never thought that pandan and tofu would go together, so we were a little hesitant at first. But Gong Cha’s newest creation totally changed our minds.

The Pandan TO-FU Pudding Drink was bursting with rich, pandan flavour that wasn’t too sweet and cloying and the tofu pudding were a surprisingly good complement to the drink.

While we can’t really see the tofu pudding from the cup, once we slurped on the drink, we could tell that they were quite generous with it. We had a good amount of tofu pudding with every sip, and its silky smooth texture made the drink so much more delicious. This is definitely something you shouldn’t miss when you visit.

New Gong Cha’s drinks & tofu dishes

Apart from the specially created Pandan TO-FU Pudding Drink, you can also find four of Gong Cha’s signature drinks on the menu. They include the Mango Green Tea (S$3.90), Taro Drink (S$4.90), Passionfruit Green Tea (S$3.90), and of course, the all-time-favourite Milk Tea (S$3.90).

If you’re ordering one of these signature drinks, consider switching things up by opting for the the newly released Boba Jelly topping (+S$0.60).

While the Boba Jelly still retain a flavour that’s similar to regular pearls, it has an extra chewy texture that’s more similar to nata de coco. This gives the drinks a nice punch if you’re the type to enjoy “QQ” textures.

As for the tofu dishes, take your pick from the Mentaiko Crispy Tofu, Century Egg Crab Tofu, and Agedashi Tofu, all of which come with a generous amount of sauce and toppings. Our favourite was the Mentaiko Crispy Tofu has an addictive flavour you can’t get enough of.

Dine-In specials

AC.Kafé is running a special promotion for dine-in patrons. Purchase a main course and you’ll get to enjoy a cup of bubble tea and tofu of your choice for an additional S$6.90++.

AC.Kafé has an extensive menu of French toasts, pizzas, pastas, rice bowls, ramen, and Western cuisine, most of which are priced under S$20, so we’re sure you’d be spoilt for choice.

For our main courses, we went with the Mentaiko Pasta (S$15.90) and 10″ Smoked Duck Pizza (S$14.90), and let’s just say that the flavours made the carbs and calories totally worthwhile.

Other promotions at AC.Kafé


Don’t miss the limited-edition MY FIRSTO-FU Bubble Tea Vinyl Figures that are exclusively available at AC.Kafé, and are redeemable with every S$200 spent. Earn one stamp with every S$20 spent, and accumulate 10 stamps to redeem one for yourself. These vinyl figures will be available from 8 January.


ActionCity has also revamped AC.Kafé with the TO-FU OYAKO character designed by DEVILROBOTS. An ActionCity exclusive, the DEVILROBOTS TO-FU ROBO [email protected], which is a privileged collaboration with the famed Medicom Toy-it, will be available for purchase from 9 January onwards.

AC.Kafé is located at 78 Airport Boulevard, #04-223, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666.

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