Geode cakes are perfect for weddings and birthdays – here’s where you can get one in Singapore

Hollow cavities lined with dazzling gems, geodes are breathtaking mineral formations that reveal a hidden crystal interior. They dress up a bedside table and make a lovely addition in the living room. The last thing we’d expect, however, is to see it in cake form. Yup, geode cakes are a thing, and they’re here to stay.

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Since BLACKPINK’s Jennie took to Instagram to share the customised black and pink confection, geode cakes have seen a spike in demand. More bakeries have churned out their own luxurious versions for birthdays and weddings, complete with touches of crystal-esque sugar and agate-like swirls. We’re all for a delicious take on crystal healing.

But before we show you where to purchase a lovely geode cake in Singapore, let’s take a moment to admire these gorgeous creations from all around the world.

Gorgeous geode cakes

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Bakeries in Singapore to get geode cakes

These bakeries below provide bespoke services, so you can always change up the colours and designs to fit any theme.

1. Yume Pâtisserie

Decked in black and deep purple, Yume Pâtisserie’s geode cake is speckled in gold and has faux crystals within it. Its elongated height gives it a classy look, while also providing enough room to cater to two caverns. You can choose from nine exciting flavours and select a colour palette to suit your celebration theme.

Yume Pâtisserie offers a customised geode cake from S$110. Click here to place an order. 


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Rose gold geode with florals ?

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Be it hair, accessories, or cakes, rose gold remains a popular colour option. Take your penchant for rose gold to the next level with GIEBAKES’ geode cake that’s blooming with pastel pink flowers and sweet macarons. It’s designed with a pretty watercolour effect and filled with sugar crystals dusted in rose gold pigment.

Creme Maison Bakery offers a customised geode cake from S$140. WhatsApp 9856 8489 to place an order.

3. Creme Maison Bakery

Known for its beautiful and elaborate toppers, Creme Maison Bakery is a go-to for customised cakes. This sapphire geode cake is surrounded by royal blue details, which look like they’ve been painted on with brush-like strokes. The cavern is stuffed with gleaming gems too. For a sweet, minimalist touch, Creme Maison has topped the cake off with sheets of white and concrete grey.

Creme Maison Bakery offers a customised geode cake from S$140. Click here to place an order. 

4. The Baking Experiment

geode cakes the baking experiment
The Baking Experiment

Best-known for its cute cakesicles, cupcakes, and cookies, The Baking Experiment also has beautiful cakes in its lineup. This two-tier fondant geode cake comes hand-painted with edible crystals and gold leaf decorations. We’re in love with the blue marble pattern that mimics the swirls of agate stones.

Email [email protected] to place an order. 

5. Kaeleigh Cakes Co.

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Shine bright like a diamond ?

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Apart from serving up adorable customised macarons, Kaeleigh Cakes Co. also creates an elegant geode cake that minimalists will love. The blue-tinged sugar crystals have an ombré effect to add depth to the cake, while the gold flakes lining the mouth of the geode gives it an expensive touch.

WhatsApp 9461 1093 or email [email protected] to place an order.

6. Liberty Bakes

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Will never get tired of Crystal cakes! Despite how painstaking it is, the end result is always a joy. . ❇️ And I got to say the same for the marble buttercream technique that I tried from @mijjicakes !! I almost gave up thinking my colours all got too mixed up and that I will probably be seeing a watercolour effect instead of the marble. But her best tip was 'keep scrapping'. And I did just that. Totally love this amazing marbling effect. Thank youuu. Give it a try guys❤️ #gemcake #bluegems #crystalcake #geodecake #seablue #bakersofsgp #wiltoncakes #bkosfood #bakersg #bakerspassion #celebration #cakes #cakebatter #cakestagram #coconutlover #lovebakingcakes #singaporebaker #sweettooth #birthdays #homebakersg #eatcake #cakesg #celebration #bakergirl

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Liberty Bakes is partial to beautiful hues of blue and it shows in this geode cake, which has an opulent marbled effect that’s reminiscent of the sea. Apart from sugar crystals that give it a stunning geode effect, you’ll also find translucent sheets of crystal on top of the cake. It’ll definitely be the centre of attention at an ocean or Frozen-themed party.

Liberty Bakes offers a customised geode cake from S$80. Call 9771 8316 to place an order. 

7. Miss Glutton SG

A self-taught baker, Miss Glutton SG’s geode cake is for those who prefer a simple cake that’s just as grand. Her pastel pink cake is sliced open to reveal a beautiful nook that’s filled with sugar crystals. Edible gold leaf is placed around it to amp up the luxe factor.

SMS or WhatApp 8127 5399 to place an order.