The latest food hype in South Korea is a cereal you’ve never heard of

While Singaporeans are drinking a cup of bubble tea a day, here’s what is making major waves in Korea: General Mill’s French Toast Crunch.

Originally sold in the United States only, General Mills created this cinnamon-and-syrup flavoured cereal in 1995, and it gained massive popularity among its American consumers, especially the 90’s kids. It has discontinued and relaunched after receiving endless feedback to bring back this must-loved cereal.

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Since French Toast Crunch’s global launch, its glazed maple syrup and cinnamon flavour, as well as the adorable, tiny French toast shape of the cereal has won over the hearts of many, especially in South Korea.

This is currently one of the most sought after foods in South Korea – so don’t be surprised to see Korean bloggers or Instagrammers posting pictures of it.

On Naver (a Korean internet server), many bloggers – even those who usually don’t eat cereals – were fascinated with the flavour and smell of the cereal, with most of them agreeing that it tastes and smells exactly like french toast with maple syrup and cinnamon!

Buyers also comment on the unique crunchy texture of the French Toast Crunch cereal, and how it doesn’t turn soggy in milk like other cereals do, due to the thin coat of sugar around the tiny, french toast shaped cereal, which preserves its crunchiness.

What’s more, this cereal doesn’t contain any artificial colouring or flavour, making it a guilt-free and delicious breakfast option for the whole family. We don’t know about you, but after seeing all the raves online, we’ve been dying to try out the French Toast Crunch cereal for ourselves too see if this Korean food hype lives up to the buzz!

Lucky for us, we can get a taste of the famous cereal in Singapore without having to travel overseas: you find it on online sites like Lazada at SGD10.50 a box, although it doesn’t retail at major supermarkets in Singapore.