Where to get good quality seafood delivered right to your doorstep?

It takes quite a lot to snag fresh seafood. First, you need to be familiar with the wet market scene and be committed to waking up at 4am to rush to the market just as the catch of the day come in. And then, you still need to be savvy enough to pick out high quality seafood based on the recipes you want to try that day.

For those of us who aren’t able to do the above-mentioned, we have good news for you. Here are where you can buy fresh, high-quality seafood and have them delivered to your home.

Live auction for fresh seafood

If you’re in for a bit of competitive fun, why not give live-streamed auctions a go?

Since the start of circuit-breaker measures, livestream marketing has been a big hit, gaining traction amongst individuals who seek to snatch up the best deals in town. This includes the sale of fresh seafood in Singapore on Facebook Live.

Lian Huat Seafood

Perhaps best known for this particular style of sales, Max Kee, founder of Lian Huat Seafood has been auctioning his catches with the help of social media since the beginning of 2019.

Daily livestream by Lian Huat Seafood

Established in 1974, Lian Huat Seafood prides themselves on their range of high-quality produce encompassing both fresh and frozen seafood at the most competitive prices. Kee’s daily three-hour long livestreams from Tues to Sat 9pm yield thousands of views each time, bearing testament to just how dedicated the team is.

Lian Huat Seafood also offers an assortment of fresh produce on Shopee

Orders can simply be placed though their Facebook page or via competitive rounds of bidding for bigger catches. Lian Huat Seafood is also on Shopee. Free islandwide delivery for purchases above S$60.

Contact: 9641 1516 

First Market Online Bidding

With over 34k followers on their Facebook page, this vendor is a highly-recommended one for their great selection of seafood, ranging from live mantis prawns to the widely-loved threadfin. The stall follows a similar live-auction bidding style at 9am daily (except for Mon).

Facebook Live on First Market Online Bidding

Highly lauded for their speedy service, the team works hard to offer same-day delivery for a flat fee of S$5, boosting the freshness element of your purchases. This could be the reason why items purchased are often cited to be fresher than those found in wet markets! Free delivery provided for orders S$55 and above.

Contact: 9234 8187

Mark of Freshness

If you’re prepared to splurge a little more for premium seafood, do check out local actor Mark Lee’s online mart. The stall boasts a variety of fresh salmon cuts and king crabs, all for a good price. Bidding takes place Sun to Wed, 8pm – 10pm.

Live auction bidding by Mark of Freshness

Coupled with swift delivery and high packaging standards, it’s no surprise this newly founded business has already garnered 16k followers on Facebook. Delivery fee of S$8 for purchases below S$100.

Website: www.farocean.online

Direct vendors for fresh seafood

The Seafood Market Place by Song Fish

Not just a distributor in Singapore but across Asia as well, Song Fish is a wholesaler with a client base comprising of fine-dining restaurants, hotels, retailers, wholesalers and ship chandlers.

Despite the exceptional quality they boast, seafood prices start from S$5, with one of their best sellers the New Zealand King Salmon Fillet priced at just S$12! Free delivery for orders above S$100. If not, a flat rate of S$10 will be charged.

Contact: 6777 3939 | Website: www.songfish.com.sg

Triton Seafood Market

Triton Seafood Market prides themselves on their efficient seafood handling techniques that result in hand-picked and carefully sorted purchases.

Led by Gen Z fishmongers, the company is big on convenience and promises accountability. Orders close at 12am daily and products are delivered the next day. Some highlights include live Canadian lobsters for less than S$50 and their bestseller is the Singapore Wild Caught Flower Crab.

Contact: 9766 5876 | Website: www.tritonseafoodmarket.com

Market Fresh

Market Fresh is an online wet market comprising of stalls offering different types of fresh produce.

Operating just like a wet market – with purchases made unavailable on Mondays – buyers can expect to see the same affordable prices here sans the common wet market filth! Be sure to check out their latest available promo codes.

Choose from two delivery timings, with no minimum purchase. Free delivery for purchases above S$68.

Website: www.marketfresh.com.sg/collections/seafood

Oceanstar Trading

If you’re looking for a cheaper option without compromising on quality, Oceanstar Trading is the vendor to go for. Established in 2008 from a small humble market stall, this stall has grown and developed in the wholesale and retail sector in the last few years.

Besides offering a huge variety of seafood at wallet-friendly prices, this vendor has regular flash deals at great prices! A plethora of local-favourites can be found under their fresh catch section and all items will be cleaned, gutted, and vacuum-packed individually for delivery. Free delivery for purchases above S$60.

Contact: 9886 1500 | Website: www.oceanstartrading.sg

Ah Hua Kelong

Once a fish specialist company that only provided seafood to restaurant chains in the past, Ah Hua Kelong has since expanded its business and is now offering consumers their variety of harvest.

The local company rears their own seafood in the floating fish farms of northern and western Singapore.


Ah Hua Kelong is unique in their seafood bundles that promise more for less. Check out these seafood sets for extra savings! Free delivery for orders above S$60.

Website: www.ahhuakelong.com

Fresh seafood on Shopee

YES, Shopee does sell live seafood too! Unsure about it’s freshness or quality? Fret not, we’ve done the checks and these are some trusted sellers to get your favourite catch from.

The Seafood Company Official Store

Being the third largest distributor of seafood in Singapore, the Seafood Company has been supplying their freshest produce to a handful of local restaurants.

With a big part of their focus being the reduction of environmental harm, the Seafood Company is MSC-certified, meaning they farm and provide seafood in a sustainable and responsible way.

Although their selection of fresh seafood is smaller on the Shopee site, you’re sure to receive produce of equal quality!



With a near perfect 4.9-star rating and 3.4k followers on Shopee, this seller skips the wet market and offers over 30 different types of fresh seafood direct from Jurong Fishery Port.

With a huge variety of seafood supplied, ranging from Norwegian salmon to wild caught stingray, you’re sure to get more bang for your buck. Besides, Shopee offers free delivery!

With several wet market vendors now taking it online with promises of affordable fixed prices and fast delivery straight to your doorstep, you can now purchase fresh seafood from the comforts of your own home.

App-based Delivery Services

TADA Fresh Market


TADA Fresh Market is an newly founded initiative by TADA Singapore, launched in the midst of Circuit Breaker measures in a humble attempt to sustain the livelihoods of local wet market stallholders. Working directly with the vendors at Tekka Market and Tiong Bahru Market, TADA Fresh Market is a next-day wet market delivery service that brings the freshest seafood to your doorstep all within an app.

With a completely digitised inventory of these two well-loved markets, you can now get your groceries from wet markets all the same, with much greater convenience! Simply order through the TADA app the day prior to expected delivery and your orders will be collated late at night by wet market merchants. TADA drivers will then fulfil these orders with 100% of delivery fees going to them to support Singapore’s taxi and private-hire and help them earn a fairer share with this zero-commission service.

Free delivery for purchases above S$50.

Website: www.tadafresh.com 

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