Watch a “mermaid” swim before your eyes as you dine?! Now happening at a bar in the city area

Enjoying live bands and people-watching at a restaurant may sound a little passe now that you know what Fish Pool at The NCO Club offers – a mermaid performing in a gorgeous Olympic-standard Diving Pool.

This unique performance was previously only available at Fish Pool during special events but this year, you’ll be able to catch it whenever you visit the re-opened raw bar, which opens only on Friday and Saturday.

Intrigued, AVENUE ONE visited Fish Pool to find out if the experience is weird or wonderful.

Fish Pool review: How did we like the food, cocktails and mermaid performance

fish pool the nco club review 2

Stepping into the bar, the first thing you’ll certainly notice is the huge pool in the backdrop. Even before the “mermaid” begins her performance, the pool already lends an air of mystery to the ambience.

Fish Pool offers premium seafood showcased in three ways: sashimi, crudo, and ceviche, so it is certainly an ideal dining spot for those who enjoy raw fish.


fish pool the nco club review red prawn
Red Prawn. (Photo by AVENUE ONE.)

If you enjoy crudo, the Red Prawn (S$24) will be a dish to look forward to. The aesthetically pleasing dish delighted me with its appetising colours and I love how the refreshing pesto and lemon juice lifted the taste of this dish.

fish pool the nco club review uni & caviar
Uni & Caviar. (Photo by AVENUE ONE.)

Of the items I’ve tried, my favourite has to be the Uni & Caviar (S$38). This was presented like a Japanese temaki (hand roll), with its contents filling out a seaweed cone.

Fresh uni (or sea urchin) filled out the cone generously and its creamy, decadent flavour was balanced by the lightness of caviar.

otoro and chutoro
Otoro & Chutoro

The Otoro & Chutoro (S$38) is another dish you can consider ordering. This features fatty tuna with egg mimosa and was topped with nori cream. It may be a little salty to eat on its own, but enjoy it with the bread chips that are provided, and it’ll transform into a moreish dip you can’t get enough of. Note that some may find it slightly cloying, so this is certainly a dish to share.


fish pool the nco club review ocean inspiration
Ocean Inspiration (Photo by AVENUE ONE.)

Its cocktails seem to be hits or misses depending on the audience. My companion loved both the powerful Ocean Inspiration (S$28) and the light and smooth R&T Heights (S$28) while I was not a fan of either.

However, one thing we both could agree upon was how Instagram-worthy both drinks were.

Mermaid performance

fish pool the nco club review 1

The bar definitely came to life the moment Syrena the mermaid dived into the pool. You may have found her name familiar – Syrena’s acclaim to fame as Singapore’s first mermaid had given her a number of media coverage over the years.

After I took in her gorgeous hair and makeup as well as mermaid tail, I was impressed by how gracefully she swam in the pool despite her props and costumes. She was able to make everything effortless.

fish pool the nco club mermaid performance
Mermaid performance. (Photo by AVENUE ONE.)

The 45-minute performance was always entertaining. Syrena’s repertoire included dancing (even Chinese-style dance with a long scarf!), lip-syncing, and more. Each time we thought she had run out of tricks under her sleeve (or should we say, tail), she’ll come back with more to charm us with.

When you’re there, be ready to whip out your cameras for photos of and with Syrena. She was interactive with the guests and was always ready to pose for photos while in the pool.

Will I visit again?

Given its limited menu made up of raw fish, this is certainly not where you’d go frequently for dinners. However, I think it’s the perfect spot for couples who are tired of boring dinner dates, and it also makes for a intimate bar to hang out with friends at.

Those who are planning personal or corporate gatherings or parties will also find this a great dining spot to impress your guests with – I mean, how often do you get to see a mermaid in real life? This is definitely a dining experience anyone will find memorable.

Fish Pool at The NCO Club is located at 32 Beach Road, Singapore 189764. It is open only on Fridays and Saturdays, from 6pm to 10.30pm. Make a reservation here or email [email protected].