24 exclusive menu items from fast food chains all over the world. Some are drool-worthy, and others… strange

Are you one of those people who visit fast food restaurants when you travel, to the protests of your travel mates?

Well, we’re with you – they don’t know what they’re missing out. You see, not all fast food restaurants around the world are the same. There are exclusive menu items that you can find only in outlets in certain countries. Since you’re looking for unique eats when you travel, why not these special ones from fast food restaurants?

Wondering which ones you should certainly go for? Here are 24 exclusive items on the menus of fast food joints around the world that the Avenue One team has put on our must-try list.

Exclusive items from McDonald’s all over the world

1. McLobster


Where: Canada

We’re starting our list with the super boujee McLobster in Canada. Because hey, how often do you step into a fast food joint with the pure intention of ordering lobster? Those who have tried it say that while you can’t expect it satisfy exactly like a hearty lobster sandwich, it is actually a pretty good option for how much it costs.

Side note: Canada also has Poutine Fries – fries with gravy, and cheese curds sprinkled all over for a heavenly, greasy meal. Are we envious or are we envious?

2. McChoco Potato

Source: jpninfo.com

Where: Japan

Trust Japan to come up with simultaneously the coolest and wackiest food items! Essentially fries with two sachets of white and milk chocolate you can drizzle lovingly on your fries, fellow sweet tooths in Japan were probably in for the ultimate treat.

3. NYC Benedict Bagel


Where: New Zealand

Ironically, this bagel-burger isn’t from NYC like its name suggests. Also, this looks heaps better than our regular old Egg McMuffin burgers. Somebody take us to New Zealand ASAP?!

4. Sweety Con Nutella


Where: Italy

Essentially two burger buns pressed together with sweet, sweet Nutella spread on both sides, it is available throughout the day for sweet tooths to munch on any time of the day. Cast aside everything your mom’s told you about eating a proper meal before dessert, and chomp away.

5. McKroket

Source: lynne-enroute.com

Where: Netherlands

Kind of like Japan’s own McCroquette burger but infinitely more badass despite its less-than-intimidating appearance, within the croquette is an entire beef stew. Oh, and mustard sauce on top of it.

There’s no veg topped on it too, so you’ll have a hard time trying to justify to yourself if you just so happen to be on a fateful Cheat Day.

6. Pancake Helado


Where: Uruguay

Drizzling two packets of maple syrup not enough for you? Go to Uruguay where you can get not only a scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream, but also have dulce de leche filling in your hearty pancakes.

Also, it’s available at all times of the day, so you’ll not only have to push down the urge to eat it in the morning, but all day. You’re welcome.

7. Chicken McDo with Spaghetti


Where: Philippines

Is this a picture from Jollibee? Nope, just a Chicken McDo set meal with spaghetti from the Philippines. Because the winning combination of fried chicken and spaghetti is apparently not a Jollibee exclusive in the Philippines.

8. Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry


Where: UK

We may have had our fair share of great McFlurrys with local favourites like the Dinosaur McFlurry, and the Chendol McFlurry, but UK has its own Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry that it only has during – well, you guessed it – the Easter season.

With chunks of milk chocolate filling with creamy centres, this is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

9. Bacon Mac and Cheese Toastie


Where: China

We’re guessing this is created by someone with a huge midnight-snack craving. Because who wouldn’t want gooey mac and cheese encased by toast when fighting off hunger pangs in the middle of the nigh?

10. Pineapple Oreo McFlurry

Source: twitter.com

Where: Colombia

Sure, the pairing of the pulpy, sweet fruit and the all-around favourite cookie might sound like a strange pairing to most of us. But you’ll be surprised that this is actually a big hit in Latin America, which means we might be missing out on something if we don’t try it when we get the chance.

Exclusive items from KFC all over the world


11. Scoff-ee Cup


Where: UK and US (Seattle)

Hate the hassle of throwing away the coffee cup when you go for your morning coffee? This exclusive menu item from KFC lets you have your coffee cup and eat it.

Made of a tart shell and sugar frosting for the wrapper, gulp down your coffee, and eat your cup immediately after. And in the US, the cup is made of heat-resistant white chocolate biscuit.

12. Deep Fried Corn Soup


Where: Japan

Love your corn soup but hate that you can’t bring it easily everywhere? Japan’s KFC has an idea: How about deep frying it for more… er, portability?

13. Double Down Dog


Where: Philippines

We may have our Double Down Zinger Burgers, but the Filipinos take it to a whole new level with this Double Down Dog. Fried chicken – good. Hot dog – good. Mustard to top it all off? Good.

14 Potato Krisper


Where: India

A hearty potato patty with tangy tomato sauce on it, you can eat meat-free meals without thinking about the artificial taste of fake meats.

Also, a large population of India is vegetarian, so if you’re vegetarian, India is a pretty good place to go for vegetarian menus that don’t just consist of one or two measly items.

15. Tiramisu and Sweet Pie

Source: facebook.com

Where: France

Bet you weren’t expecting to see a gourmet dessert here, were you? This is decadent, sinful with a blend of cream, coffee, and a crumbly base, which is equivalent to a perfect ending to a grease-filled fried chicken meal.

16. Wing Zeed

Source: pinterest.com

Where: Thailand

Mixed with a delicious blend of chili, and lime, this fried chicken is a delightful twist on the regular fried finger-lickin’-good chicken.

17. Cheese-Topped Burger


Where: Philippines

Why put cheese on top of the meat when you can put it… on top? This burger has brought us more questions than answers, frankly speaking, but we wouldn’t mind trying it, just because.

Exclusive items from Pizza Hut all over the world

18. Star-Edge Pizza


Where: Korea

Exclusive to Korea’s Pizza Hut, the pizza is topped with the seafood like squid and shrimp, meats such as steak and sausages, and surrounded by a crust stuffed with a choice of dessert creams including cranberry, cinnamon apple nut, and cream cheese filling.

Okay, we’re totally on board with the whole seafood and steak thing, but dessert fillings? But the weirder this sounds, the more it makes us want to try it when we’re see it in Korea the next time!

19. Crown Crust Pizza


Where: Middle East

This is essentially stuffed mini cheese burgers in pizza crust. We have two questions: who invented this and can we please bring this to Singapore?

20. Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza


Where: Australia

Speaking of weird things going into stuffed crust pizza, Australia has a Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza, which we imagine is more satisfying than a regular hotdog bun.


Exclusive items from Burger King all over the world

21. Kuro Pearl Burger


Where: Japan

We may have our own fair share of charcoal-related foods and desserts, but Japan takes this obsession with charcoal things in the form of this black burger.

With its buns and cheese dyed with bamboo charcoal, and squid ink sauce as its garnishing sauce on the patty, you won’t have to worry about colour dyes in this burger… we think.

22. Pumpkin Burger


Where: Japan

This is layered with ten slices of pumpkin, bacon, lettuce, an all-beef patty, and a creamy sauce made from peanuts, cashews, sesame seeds, almonds, and hazelnuts. The description sounds so yummy, we know we can’t wait to sink our teeth into this one.

23. Chicken Nugget Burger


Where: UK

Kind of like your regular ol’ chicken patty burger, except in nugget form. We’re guessing it’ll be a great option for those who can’t make up their mind on whether to order a burger or a box of nuggets.

Exclusive items from Wendy’s all over the world

24. Foie Gras Burger


Where: Japan

Wendy’s may be no more in Singapore, but check out what Japan has – a Foie Gras burger. Because you totally step in a fast food chain and expect foie gras, right? For that added boujee factor, it’s also topped with truffles.