Start your day right with these 11 highly appetising breakfast recipes

A good breakfast can really set the tone for the entire day, especially when the days seem to blend into each other while we’re holed up working from our homes. A beautifully made breakfast plate doesn’t just have the sights that simply lift the soul, but also flavours that nourish from within.

But, we get that not all breakfasts are easy to make, even when they’re touted to be when you look them up on Google. The ones we rounded up ahead, though, are recipes that you can whip up with minimal time and effort using ingredients that you can easily find at home or at your local supermarket. Yes, no elusive ingredients or fancy cooking techniques in our edit, we promise!

Ahead, check out our top 11 simple and beautiful breakfast recipes that are guaranteed to put you in the best mood for your WFH days.

1. Easy Breakfast Popsicles

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When the weather gets warm – which it is most days in Singapore year-round, go ahead and treat yourself to an ice-cold popsicle for breakfast. These breakfast popsicles are a creamy treat and pack a fruity burst of flavour and vitamins.

What’s cool (pun fully intended) is that you can very easily substitute the fruit in the recipe for whatever that’s found in your refrigerator. The granola adds a bit of a crunch but it is optional, so feel free to omit if you don’t fancy working your jaws too hard in the morning.

Get the recipe here.

2. Ham and Cheese Bread Bowl

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This recipe prides itself on being a “no-wash-up” dish (except for maybe your spoon) and we can’t think of a more convenient recipe than this one!

Simply carve out the centre of a bread roll, toss in some chopped ham and shredded cheese, crack an egg into the centre and sprinkle more cheese before you pop it into the oven.

Just 10 minutes or so is all you need for the dish to come to life. Dig in with your hands to complete the no-wash-up theme!

Get the recipe here.

3. Dashi Oats with Crunchy Vegetables

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Don’t be daunted by pairing a beloved breakfast staple like oats with dashi, which is a quintessential Japanese flavour. They go surprisingly well together; the rich umami of the dashi just takes flight to new heights against a backdrop of comforting, nutty oatmeal.

To give this dish a much-needed refreshing crunch to keep your palate light and cleansed, simply grate any type of crunch vegetables such as cucumber and radish that are readily found in your refrigerator. Give this a try to shake up your breakfast routine!

Get the recipe here.

4. Chewy Granola Bars

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You could buy these off the supermarket shelves but really, why buy them when you can make them with exactly the ingredients you want?

This recipe contains so many different kinds of superfoods like almonds, dried cranberries, dried cherries, and desiccated coconut but like any DIY recipes, you always have the option of adding in only what you can find in your pantry.

Just remember these four ingredients that serve as a base: oats, brown sugar, butter, and honey! Pro tip: remember to press the mixture really hard into the pans so that these stay as bars and not end up as clumps.

Get the recipe here.

5. Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

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Isn’t there something so gloriously luxe about the word “creamsicle” in itself, calling to mind swirls of rich cream atop refreshing orange juice?

Smoothies are always a good breakfast idea for all of us who live on our sunny isle because they are the right amount of pick-me-up in the mornings along with a healthy boost of vitamins.

This version uses Medjool dates as a natural sweetener but also works well with frozen banana if you don’t have dates at home. It even contains cauliflower which you won’t even notice once it’s all blended in, though you have the option to swap it out for ice cubes if cauliflower just isn’t your cup of tea.

Get the recipe here.

6. Simple Yoghurt Parfait

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We’ve got yet another cold breakfast option for you to enjoy especially on warm mornings: fruit yoghurt parfaits. We admit that we love them mostly for how they look but trust us, they taste just as good too!

Parfaits are really easy to make, you just stack layers of yoghurt and fresh or frozen fruit, sweeten it all with honey or maple syrup, and top it off with crunchy granola.

Opt for Greek yoghurt if you prefer your parfait to be heavier and denser; otherwise, plain regular yoghurt will do. It sounds so easy to make that you’d hardly need a recipe but here’s an awesome one, just in case!

Get the recipe here.

7. Cloud Eggs

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Send yourself to cloud nine with these fluffy cloud eggs for breakfast!

To get your eggs fluffy as visualised, start by whisking the whites with an electric mixer for about two minutes until stiff peaks form and bake for about six minutes. Then, gently place the runny uncooked yolk in the centre like a nest, then bake for another three minutes to finish off.

We highly recommend eating this on top of a piece of hot buttered toast, it’s so comforting and delicious that it’ll pull you in like no other breakfast item can.

Get the recipe here.

8. Avocado on Toast

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What started out as a hipster trend looks like it’s here to stay, judging by just the sheer amount of people who still love making and eating it today. We’re talking about avocado on toast, a healthy yet slightly indulgent breakfast choice thanks to the superfood’s creamy goodness.

The best part about avo toast is that it’s so quick and easy to make, all you literally need are two ingredients and five minutes to make it work: avocado and bread, and you can add everything else to taste. Eggs, tomato, bacon bits – it’s entirely up to you!

Get the recipe here.

9. Breakfast Mushroom and Cheese Omelette

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The omelette has to be the quintessential breakfast dish, and for very good reason. It’s a breeze to whip up with anything that’s in your pantry, and everyone likes it, whether they’re aged one or a hundred-and-one.

What works beautifully though is a classic combination of shredded cheese, chopped spring onion, and mushrooms. Gently bathe the omelette in a knob of melted butter over a pan and you’ve got a winner.

Get the recipe here.

10. Morning Flatbread Pizza

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Throwing together a pizza in the morning is ridiculously simple, and we don’t mean microwaving greasy leftovers from dinner.

Make a fresh breakfast pizza using bread as a base (if you have flatbread, go for it; otherwise, normal sliced bread will do too) and add all the toppings you know and love on top with a generous helping of shredded cheese.

Think shredded meat, pineapples, pepperoni, bacon strips, ham, olives, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms… The world’s basically your pizza dish with this breakfast item!

Get the recipe here.

11. Cornflakes Bacon

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Ahh, bacon… it’s just hard not to love it, and we found a super simple recipe that will elevate this breakfast favourite and add extra crunch and texture without going overboard with the grease or fat. The trick is elegant and clever: bake bacon strips that are coated with Worcestershire sauce and rolled in plain, golden cornflakes.

The result? Bacon heaven that looks like it came right out of a fried chicken joint. Pro tip: if Worcestershire sauce is not commonly stocked in your kitchen, replace it with a mixture of oyster sauce, soya sauce, and sugar for a similar taste!

Get the recipe here.