This easy pancake decoration tip will show your oozing love for your loved ones!

Nothing’s better than waking up to the smell of freshly made sweet, buttery pancakes and having your loved one bring those delicious pieces drizzled in hot maple syrup right to you in bed. If you’re looking to show your bursting love for your partner and surprise them with breakfast in bed, we have a trick for you that will certainly show your partner your oozing love for them, literally!

Decoration hack: pancakes that ooze love

Ingredients needed (serves two)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 pancakes (about 12cm in diameter)
  • Strawberry jam
  • Icing sugar
  • Strawberry
  • Whipped cream
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter


Step 1: Once you’ve made your pancakes, hollow out the centre of one pancake with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

Credit: Enuchi

Step 2: Place this hollowed-out pancake on another piece of pancake and sprinkle some icing sugar.

Credit: Enuchi

Step 3: Take some strawberry jam with a spoon and place it in the hollowed heart.

Credit: Enuchi

Step 4: Decorate the plate with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and you’ve got yourself a breakfast that oozes love once you cut into it!

Credit: Enuchi

If you don’t want to use strawberry jam, you can also replace it with the traditional maple syrup or even chocolate syrup. It’s entirely up to you and your partner’s preference.

This would be a fun activity to do with your kids as well! And if you’re looking to do so, we’d recommend getting cookie cutters in different shapes so that they can let their creativity flow as they decorate the pancakes as they please.

Cookie cutters you can consider purchasing

1. Heart-shaped cookie cutter

The easiest way to showcase your love is to purchase a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out hearts in your pancakes.

Credit: Shopee

The heart-shaped cookie cutter offered by this seller is of good quality and it has no sharp edges, so you won’t have to worry about your kids hurting themselves when they use this.

There are also many other shapes available. Get any of them for S$1 each on Shopee.

2. 5pcs set round cookie biscuit cutter

This set of five round cookie cutters is perfect if you prefer to have different sized cookie cutters to play around with. You might only use the smallest one for this pancake decoration, but you can still use the rest for other baking projects!

Credit: Shopee

This set of five can be purchased for S$1.68 on Shopee.

3. Sakura Cookie Mold Stamp Set

You may not be able to see cherry blossoms anytime soon, but you will still be able to decorate your pancakes with cute sakura flowers thanks to this set of five sakura cookie cutters.

Credit: Shopee

This set will certainly make any breakfast that much more appealing to eat!

Get this set of five for just S$2.63 on Shopee.

4. Star-shaped cookie cutter

Here’s another set of five that you can consider purchasing. This time, the cookie cutters are in the shape of a star.

Credit: Shopee

Show your love by cutting out a star in your loved ones’ pancakes to signify that they’re the star of your life!

Get this set of five for S$1.29 on Shopee.

5. Cookie Cutter Set

Not quite sure what shapes to purchase? Prefer variety? This set of 10 cookie cutters in different shapes is the one for you!

Credit: Amazon Singapore

With this, you’ll be able to get more variety in your pancakes. The kids will also have fun figuring out the shapes and choosing their favourite designs.

This set of 10 retails for S$1.50 on Amazon Singapore.

6. Dinosaur Cookie Cutter

If your kids are huge fans of dinosaurs, we think that this set of cookie cutters in various dinosaur shapes will be right up their alley.

Credit: Shopee

Surprise them with dinosaurs on their pancakes for breakfast or with dinosaur-shaped cookies that they can bring to school to share with their friends!

A set of four costs S$2.83 on Shopee.