Taiwanese BBT cafe known for super pretty layered concoctions is now in Singapore

Do we need another “bubble tea” brand in Singapore? I’d usually say no, but I’m making an exception for the newly opened Dont Yell At Me (不要对我尖叫。日常茶间).

And it’s for two reasons: I love that their hand-shaken beverages have pretty layers that look good on my Instagram feed and perk up my day, and how it has a positive statement to make. The brand is conceptualised as an empathetic reflection of the daily struggles of a hustler. I mean, how often do you silently plead “Don’t yell at me!” when you receive yet another demanding request? This space can hopefully be a respite for you to get away from these internal (and sometimes external) screams.


Dont Yell At Me hails from Taiwan and has recently opened its first branch in Singapore.

Taiwanese celebrity Yako Chan is one of the co-founders of Dont Yell At Me.

The brand is co-founded by TV show personality Yako Chan (丫头) – you may know her if you’re familiar with Taiwanese girl band Hey Girl. She is also a regular guest on popular variety-comedy talk show Kangsi Coming (康熙來了).

While this is Dont Yell At Me’s first outlet in Singapore, it actually already has more than 380 stores worldwide, including China, Japan, United States, Canada, and Malaysia.

Dont Yell At Me: what to order

Dont Yell At Me has a comprehensive menu that includes traditional tea, milk tea, coffee, fruit tea, sparkling water, and offers a variety of toppings to choose from.

We’ve tried a few of items from the menu and here are our top picks.

From left: Cherry Blossom Thé Au Lait, Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea with Sweet Potato and Taro Pearls, and Tiramisu Café Au Lait

Among the Old Master Formula (老茶莊) options, the Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea (冬瓜菊花) is its bestseller and is understandable why.

This is made with a blend chrysanthemum tea (you can spot the flowers in the drink) and a specially made Winter Melon Brew that’s air-flown from Taiwan. I love how thirst-quenching and comforting the beverage is; it’s perfect for a specially hot and humid day or on a day you just want to kick back with something soothing. Think of it as a more delicious liang teh (herbal tea).

Try it with the iconic Sweet Potato and Taro Pearls for some punchy texture.

If you love milk tea, the Au Lait menu will be your go-to.

dont-yell-at-me make drinks
Cherry Blossom Thé Au Lait is a unique item found only on Singapore’s menu.

And of the items in this series, I enjoyed the Cherry Blossom Thé Au Lait (櫻花紅茶歐蕾). This is a special drink that’s only available in Singapore and I’m so glad it’s in the menu.

Besides flaunting gorgeous Instagram-worthy layers, I love that it has a subtle floral scent. I appreciate that the floral flavour wasn’t too overpowering (you know the kind of taste that makes you feel like you’ve spritz perfume in your mouth?) but adds a pleasant edge to it.

Tiramisu Café Au Lait is made with a professional coffee machine.

From the Café (咖啡特調) series, try the dessert-inspired Tiramisu Café Au Lait (提拉米蘇咖啡歐蕾). The layers are made to look like an actual tiramisu and its taste is reminiscent of it too (sans alcohol).

This is made of regular cuppa café au lait, layered with tiramisu syrup, topped with fluffy cream cheese, before a generous sprinkle of cocoa powder goes right on top.

I first drank it without stirring and was greeted by the aromatic and rich taste of coffee. Stir it up, and it’s as though I had a new drink altogether – now we have something that is creamier and just as enjoyable.

As someone who is often unable to finish an entire cup of beverage because I get “bored” quickly by the same taste, I liked having two distinctive experiences in one drink.

If you prefer something that is more zesty or feels healthier, consider the Fibre Fruit Teas (纖果茶) and Sparkling Water (氣泡飲) series.

The crowd-pleasing Grapefruit and Lychee Fruit Tea (香柚荔枝水果茶), for instance, features a blend of Oolong tea, 100% grapefruit and lychee juice, some diced apples and a slice of lemon. This is certainly a refreshing drink that we will enjoy in summery Singapore.


For those who love their toppings, Dont Yell At Me offers a selection of them: Honey Jade Pearls (白玉珍珠), Brown Sugar Pearls (黑糖珍珠), Coconut Jelly (原味椰果) and Cheese Cream Top (起司奶蓋).

But for something unique, try the Sweet Potato & Taro Pearls (地瓜芋圓), which is a tribute to traditional Taiwanese desserts.

Of all the drinks that I’ve tried, the ones that stood out to me were the Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea and Cherry Blossom Thé Au Lait, but my absolute favourite has to be the Tiramisu Café Au Lait.

I was surprised that what struck me as primarily a tea place invested in professional coffee machines and good coffee powder to create a coffee beverage that really would give barista-staffed cafes a run for their money.


The new Dont Yell At Me takes up a 900 square feet space in Orchard Central so you can take some time to rest your feet and enjoy a drink, along with some pastries, such as brownies and cookies.

Prices range from S$3.80 to S$9, with additional toppings for hand-shaken beverages priced separately.

In celebration of its official launch, from 1 November 2021 to 31 January 2022, Dont Yell At Me will be spreading joy to anyone who needs it – by delivering free hand-shaken beverages to charity organisations and community groups. Simply pledge an amount to purchase a beverage for the cause, and Dont Yell At Me and its brand partners will match that beverage-for-beverage.

You can find out more about this initiative on its social media pages on the first week of every month for more details. A unique range of Dont Yell At Me merchandise that encapsulates the unapologetically authentic and positive spirit of the brand will also be made available by the end of the year.

Dont Yell At Me at Orchard Central (#02-24 / #02-12A) will officially open from 29 October 2021. It opens from Monday to Sunday, from 11am to 10pm.