8 must-try “hidden gems” from Don Don Donki recommended by netizens

Don Don Donki is a beloved Japanese discount chain store, and is a treasure trove of Japanese goods in Singapore.

With over 10 outlets islandwide, many Singaporeans are familiar with the Don Don Donki jingle that rings throughout its outlets.

All the stores also feature many delicious ready-cooked meals and desserts, which are widely popular.

In fact, each store stocks so many items, we may have missed some “hidden gems”. Thankfully, netizens on RED has shared some of their must-tries that we’re definitely getting on our next visit!

1. Toya’s Fried Garlic Chilli Oil

Credit: RED

Definitely not one for any vampires out there or for those who can’t handle their spice, this fried garlic chilli oil can be used as a dip alongside some fried dumplings or in cooking.

Perfect for garlic and chilli oil lovers, the fried garlic taste is noticeable without being too pungent, and its spice level is not unbearably spicy.

Toya’s Fried Garlic Chilli Oil retails for S$5.90 at Don Don Donki outlets.

2. Chawanmushi

Credit: RED

A delicate and smooth custard egg dish, Chawanmushi is a staple Japanese food that everyone can enjoy. While this crowd-pleasing dish looks simple, those who have attempted making it would know it actually requires quite a bit of skill to make a good one.

Forget about making it yourself, get this pack and you now have four Chawanmushi to enjoy from the comfort of your home. Enjoy the custard egg dish cool or heated up, depending on your preference, though it is typically served hot.

Chawanmushi (pack of four) retails for S$6 at Don Don Donki outlets.

3. Keisuke Tonkotsu King Gyoza

Credit: RED

Have you always enjoyed the gyoza from Keisuke Tonkatsu King? You can now savour it at home with this frozen pack.

A perfect companion to the Toya’s Fried Garlic Chilli oil listed earlier, these scrumptious pork gyozas are simple to prepare at home, and only require some oil and water to pan-fry.

Keisuke Tonkotsu King Gyoza (pack of 12) retails for S$6.90 at Don Don Donki outlets.

4. Arabiki Pork Sausage

Credit: RED

Another savoury side dish, the Arabiki Pork Sausages are salty and succulent, wonderful for being paired with white rice. These sausages are slightly sweet and have a slightly smokey flavour as well.

Arabiki Pork Sausage (450g) retails for S$12.90 at Don Don Donki outlets.

5. Frozen Tarako Cod Roe (Mentaiko)

Credit: RED

Some might be afraid to cook with Cod Roe because of how fishy it is, but the mentaiko dishes that you can wipe up with it definitely make the experience worth it.

It can be used for cooking with mentaiko spaghetti, but netizens do not recommend mixing it directly with mayonnaise for a dip as it can taste rather fishy.

Frozen Tarako Cod Roe (Mentaiko) (75g) retails for S$6.80 at Don Don Donki outlets.

6. Donki Mega Pork Bowl (Buta Don)

Credit: RED

If you’re feeling lazy to cook but am still craving some delicious Japanese food, Don Don Donki has got you covered with their Donki Mega Pork Bowl (buta don).

A healthier alternative to fast food for a quick and easy midnight snack, or even as a meal after work, this Buta Don features grilled pork slices with caramelised soy sauce.

Donki Mega Pork Bowl (Buta Don) (200g) retails for S$5 at Don Don Donki outlets.

7. Assortment of Snacks

Credit: RED

Don Don Donki is not only known for its fresh produce and ready-made meals, but also for its wide assortment of unique Japanese snacks. Try Japanese potato chips that are exclusive to Don Don Donki, as well as special items such as salty butter biscuits.

They also have fan-favourite Lotte chocolates and corn-flavoured bar sticks – yes, exactly the ones you’ll always grab when you are in Japan.

8. Mitsui Nourin Nitto Royal Milk Tea + Condensed Milk

Credit: RED

Ending things off on a sweet note, try fragrant milk tea from the comfort of your sofa without having to break the bank. Netizens recommend pairing it with condensed cream that’s packaged in a tube – a convenient way for you to dispense cream onto drinks and food such as strawberries.