19 best bakeries to get customised birthday cakes in Singapore that will have everyone ooh-ing and aah-ing

The centrepiece to any good party is, undoubtedly, the birthday cake. After all, it’s what everyone is going to be looking at when you blow out your candles, right? You’re going to want a customised birthday cake that is authentically 100% you— and one that goes well with the theme of the party, that is.

Finding a custom cake in Singapore can be an impossible feat, though, particularly if you’re getting one off the shelf of a bakery. The solution? Getting a customised cake, of course! As of late, there are more and more bakeries in Singapore that offer just that.

After scouring the web and the streets, we found 19 of the best bakeries to get customised birthday cakes in Singapore. Ready to be wow-ed by your birthday masterpiece just yet? We know we are!

1. Direct Cakes

You’ll find creative creations at Direct Cakes that will delight your taste buds. They specialise in alphanumeric cakes, which are a popular choice at the moment. Get one in the shape of the birthday boy or girl’s initials for a personal touch, and top it off with yummy, sugary treats to appease those with a sweet tooth.

Apart from cakes, the bakery also serves up cupcake gift sets (above), which make a thoughtful gift for family and friends. These fuss-free, quality cakes are also incredibly affordable – choose from a variety of bakes at less than S$100 and enjoy free delivery for all orders. There’s nothing better than that!

Direct Cakes:

Contact: [email protected] | 8894 4540 (Whatsapp only)

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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2. Bob the Baker Boy

customised birthday cakes bob the baker boy

Beautiful cakes don’t always have to be doused in sugar and fondant. This is why Bob the Baker Boy sets itself apart from other bakeries by serving soft and moist chiffon cakes that are less sweet. In fact, they’re 30 to 50% lower in sugar compared to regular customised cakes, so diabetic customers, kids, and the elderly can enjoy their creations.

MayEe, the founder, creates her favourite recipes with high-quality ingredients – think rich European butter, glossy chocolate couverture, and a fruit basket filled with berries. The thought is enough to make us drool, to be honest.

customised birthday cakes bob the baker boy unicorn

Apart from classy cakes for all occasions, they also offer some unique designs like this humorous creation with cash, betting slips, and gold ingot piled on top (pictured first). Its rainbow-coloured unicorn cake (pictured second) is also great for children’s birthday parties.

If you’d like, you can customise your cake with different colours, additional tiers, and larger sizes too. Bob the Baker Boy has 400 ready-to-customise designs on its website, so all you have to do is fill out the form and they’ll take care of the rest.

Cakes aside, Bob the Baker Boy also offers addictive confectionery such as mini pastries and Molten Lava cookies, which are soft, crumbly, and brimming with gooey chocolate.

Bob the Baker Boy:

Address: 369 Sembawang Road, #01-03 Sembawang Cottage, Singapore 758382

Contact: [email protected] | 8862 3327 | 9499 4015

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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3. InVantion

Looking for customised confections? Self-taught home baker Vanessa is behind InVantion’s gorgeous creations, and she’ll have you covered for all occasions.

No two cakes are the same when you place an order with InVantion. Simply state your requirements for the order if you’re after specific themes or characters, and she’ll whip up buttercream-based cakes that look as aesthetically pleasing as they are flavourful. To top it all off, she’ll even add her own creative touch to the design.

Kids will love InVantion’s colourful birthday cake featuring well-loved characters from Finding Nemo (pictured above). You’ll want to try some of her signature flavours too, which include dark chocolate with hazelnut, lemon cream cheese, and pandan kaya.

Apart from cakes, InVantion also offers customised desserts, such as cupcakes for birthdays and intimate celebrations. If you have a specific dietary requirement, don’t hesitate to let her know. InVantion caters to special requests, so she can create a cake that’s vegan, nut-free, or egg-free – ideal for kiddos with allergies.

All you have to do is place your order at least one to two weeks in advance via Instagram or email (see below for contact information), so the baker can get started on your delectable creation.

Prices start from S$55 for the smallest cake size (4”). Depending on the complexity of the customised designs and other additional add-ons, prices will vary.


Contact: [email protected]

Facebook | Instagram

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4. MissGluttonSg

A self-taught baker, MissGluttonSg specialises in delicious, customised buttercream cakes. She uses only the freshest ingredients to craft each modern and creative bespoke cake. What’s more, all cake designs will be done omakase (left up to the baker for customisation), so you’re sure to receive a splendid cake of utmost quality.

We also recommend MissGluttonSg’s signature lychee rose standard cake, which is naturally sweet and aromatic. Plus, there’s no additional sugar added, so it’s a great option for diabetics or for those who are watching their weight.

*Do note that unlike standard cakes, customised cakes are coated with buttercream, which contains sugar.

If the name MissGluttonSg rings a bell, that’s because you may have chanced upon one of her unique geode cakes in the past. However, that’s not all she brings to the table. The baker is also known for her drinkable cakes – cakes that you can literally take a sip from, such as this boba-inspired confection (above).

A scroll through her Instagram page will also show you gorgeous examples of floral-adorned cakes, kids’ cakes, as well as gravity-defying cakes.

Since MissGluttonSg is a passion project that’s supported by the baker’s full-time day job, all orders are subject to her availability. Hence, it is advised to place and confirm your orders as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

MissGluttonSg’s cakes are priced from S$100.


Contact: SMS or WhatsApp 8127 5399 to place an order

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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5. Lisse Cakes

Know someone who has a collection of designer handbags? Put a smile on their face with a decadent cake from Lisse Cakes.

These bakers are able to replicate your dream bag, luxury watch, and even automobiles to create stunning cakes that are made for the ‘gram. They aim to get every detail correct, right down to the stitching or car plate.

Marvel at this gorgeous recreation of the iconic Dior Saddle Bag (above) with realistic gold hardware – we’re in awe of how well they replicated the intricate monogram.

Besides cakes, the bakery also whips up cupcakes for special occasions. This Chanel cupcake set (above) is perfect for mums who can’t resist a classic designer piece. Each cupcake even features the luxury brand’s signature quilted texture.

Lisse Cakes are baked to perfection too, with a soft and moist sponge in the middle, layered with a delicious filling made in-house and coated beautifully with frosting. It also offers free islandwide delivery with every order.

Lisse Cakes:

Contact: [email protected] | 8891 1169 (WhatsApp only, strictly no calls)

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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6. Afters Bakery

Both kids and adults will marvel at Afters Bakery’s eye-catching celebration cakes. This bakery allows you to fully customise your cake, so you can have your child’s favourite plushie or figurine as adorable cake toppers.

These expert bakers can also create cute figures of your whole family for a memorable, heart-warming celebration. What’s more, every bit of these cakes is edible! If you’re not a fan of fondant-coated cakes, fret not. These meticulously crafted cakes can also be done in a buttercream base too.

Apart from serving up a whole gamut of cakes in every form, Afters Bakery also does 3D fondant cupcakes, which are a popular choice for school celebrations and intimate parties. Even better, you can enjoy free islandwide delivery for all website orders. If you’re placing a custom order, however, you may incur a delivery fee.

Afters Bakery:

Address: 466 Crawford Lane, #01-08, Singapore 190465

Contact: [email protected] | 8742 3895 (WhatsApp for enquiries)

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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7. Mad About Sucre



Image source

Mad About Sucre is considered to be one of the best bakeries to get customised cakes in Singapore amongst many circles. Award the Best Patisserie Award and Singapore’s Top Best Restaurant by notable publications in 2017 and 2018, you’re sure to get a stunningly beautiful and unique creation from them. You have to act fast, though — custom orders are subject to availability, and as of now, there is a three-month waiting list.

Prices averages from SGD23 to SGD25+ per person, excluding 3D elements for your creation.

Fill out the form here to get started on the customisation process.

Mad About Sucre: 

Address: 27 Teo Hong Road, Singapore

Contact: [email protected] | 6221 3969 | Site

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8. Eesme Bakery

Delicate and elegant, the cakes made at Eesme Bakery are worthy of weddings and the most special of occasions. These bohemian luxe designs are right on trend, and they’re guaranteed to hold the attention of your guests. Their stunning cakes also come in petite sizes, so they’re perfect for birthday celebrations too.

Using only the finest ingredients and botanicals, the team of bakers at Eesme Bakery put the utmost care into each handcrafted artisanal cake to create the dessert of your dreams. These unique cake designs aren’t just for the ladies – Eesme Bakery also offers classy designs for kids and men.

If you need a cake within the week, the online bakery has you covered. It offers free flexi cake delivery for all cake and dessert orders placed on its website. They’ll require you to place your order three days in advance, so you can receive them on time.

Enjoy free islandwide delivery when you place an order with Eesme Bakery too. If you require a specific delivery timing, there will be an additional charge of S$20 – simply choose your preferred timing when you checkout.

Eesme Bakery:

Contact: [email protected] | 9278 6398

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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9. Zee & Elle

A boutique cake shop, Zee & Elle’s cakes are inspired by elements of nature, such as the calm sea and lush forest floor. Baker duo Zee and Elle cite Mother Nature as their muse, creating intricate, multi-layered celebration cakes and customised cakes (pictured above) inspired by scenic snapshots.

For instance, the duo crafted a tree cake, complete with dried flowers as well as gorgeous undulating textures of tree bark and branches made of chocolate. They’ve even created a two-tiered cake painted in hues of ocean blue, adorned with pretty seashells and macarons that will delight practically anyone.

If you want a cake that’s perfect for all occasions, try the Honey Yuzu Fresh Cream Cake (from S$58). It has a three-layer yuzu sponge that is lightly sweetened with manuka honey cream and layered with fresh yuzu curd. This light, citrusy cake is a refreshing one that’s perfect for those who prefer something a little lighter on the palate!

Another pick you have to try is the Guava Lychee Fresh Cream Cake (pictured above, from S$52). Fluffy layers of guava-infused sponge are layered with fresh guava cream, with small chewy chunks of lychee whisked into it. This fruity creation is also a great choice for those who prefer a lighter cake.

Zee & Elle:

Address: 524 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368215

Contact: Email [email protected], fill in the contact form, or call 6741 4514

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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1. Monice Bakes



Image source

Up and coming baker Monice Bakes is big on super cute creations featuring cartoon favourites like We Bare Bears, Deadpool, and the characters from LINE that we all know and love. Don’t peg her as a one trick pony just yet, though — she also has gorgeous florals and drip patterns on her cakes that will have look amazing on anyone’s Instagram feed. One of the best places to get customised cakes in Singapore? Bet on it.

Monice Bakes: 

 Address: Bedok Reservoir View

Contact: [email protected] | 9815 0022 | Site

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2. Cupplets



Image source 

Literal pieces of art, or a customised cake? We just can’t tell. Known for producing beautifully detailed masterpieces that just belong on the ‘gram, Cupplets is the go-to bakery for intricate blooms, watercolour marbled cakes, and delicate hand-drawn designs that resemble calligraphy.

Honestly, they’re so pretty we’re not sure we can bear to eat them, but with flavours like Yuzu Banana, Milk & Cookie Dough, and Green Tea Strawberry, they’re probably too delicious to resist!

Prices begin from SGD210 for a 2-tier cake that is 4″ by 6″.

Fill out the form here to get started on your customisation process.


Address: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 533 Clementi Road Blk 16, #01-03 Sports Complex, Singapore 599489

Contact: [email protected] | 9010 4743 | Site

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3. Sugarwhim



Image source

Responsible for some gorgeous and seriously inventive cakes (we’re talking, uh, a blood and bones themed one, even), Sugarwhim is the place to go to if you want something fabulous, 100% original, oh, and tastes amazing, of course. Be prepared to fight for slots, though: this home baker has limited ones available for custom cakes, especially considering her rising popularity.


Contact: [email protected] | Facebook | Instagram

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4. Charlotte Grace Cakeshop



Image source

If you’re looking for hyper realistic character cakes or a pretty pastel palette, then Charlotte Grace Cakeshop is the one for you. Run by two best friends Jia En and Ee Lin, Charlotte Grace Cakeshop is one of the top choices when it comes to being one of the best bakeries to get customised cakes in Singapore. Take note, though — they’re extremely popular and get fully booked fast, so make sure to submit your request ASAP, particularly if you require your cake to be done urgently.

Charlotte Grace Cakeshop: 

Address: Blk 5 Everton Park, #01-24 S080005

Contact: [email protected] | 9768 9827 | Site

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5. Little House of Dreams



Image source

A homegrown bakery specialising in bespoke cakes and desserts, there’s no doubt that Little House of Dreams is probably one of the best bakeries to get customised cakes in Singapore. Expect to see amazingly detailed and intricate fondant cakes depicting anything from adorable farm animals to a pineapple donning shades (what?!).

Prices begin from SGD100 for a 1-tier, 6″ cake. Check out their full list of prices here!

Fill out the form here to get started on the customisation process.

Little House of Dreams: 

Address: Block 8 Dempsey Road #01-14, Singapore 247696

Contact: [email protected] | 6472 4977 | Site

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6. Creme Maison Bakery



Image source

Trust us, you’re going to be in awe of Creme Maison Bakery’s creations. With everything from pretty pastels to literal champagne bottles, Creme Maison Bakery is dedicated to providing you with the cake of your dreams in terms of both appearance and flavour. They even do full thematic sets of common birthday themes, such as unicorns and mermaids, where you can get cupcakes, macarons, and truffles to boot. How convenient!

Fill out the form here to get started on the customisation process.

Creme Maison Bakery:

Address: 30 Tai Seng Street, #08-03B, Singapore 534013

Contact: [email protected] | 8181 3689 | Site

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Image source

Witness some serious architectural wonders with creations from CRUMMB. Established in 2012, CRUMMB is a one woman show featuring passionate baker Paulin who is all about delivering on high-quality, excellent cakes that is sure to wow and stun your guests. Expect classy, elegant designs made of moist butter-based sponge cakes and covered in satiny Italian meringue buttercream and chocolate frosting. Of course, you can always opt for your own combination: pick from a selection including Speckled Earl Grey Tea Cake, Yuzu Zest Cake, and more!

Prices begin from SGD650 for a three-tier cake.


Address: 535 Kallang Bahru, GB Point, #01-06, Singapore 339351

Contact: [email protected] | 8228 8300 | Site

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8. Baker’s Brew



Image source

From birthday parties, to baby full month cakes, to longevity confections, Baker’s Brew has you covered when it comes to designing a cake that is both delectable and aesthetically gorgeous. Seriously, their creativity knows no bounds — check out their Kopitiam cake, if you don’t believe us!

You can even pick from a variety of flavours such as Earl Grey Lavender, Lemon Raspberry, and Ondeh Ondeh. Yum! No wonder they’re considered to be one of the best bakeries to get customised cakes in Singapore.

Fill out the form here to get started on your cake customisation process.

Baker’s Brew:

Address: They have outlets at Paragon, Upper Thomson, and Sembawang. For a full list of their locations, click here. 

Contact: [email protected] | 9004 7233 | Site

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9. Susucre



Image source

It’s downright cake-ception with these creations from Susucre. From laksa to sushi to drumsticks, they can pretty much give you any design you can dream up, no matter how quirky or out of the box! They have a pretty great offering of flavours too — think Speculoos Caramel Cookie and Lavender Thyme. There’s no doubt that they are a top contender when it comes to the being one of the best bakeries to get customised cakes in Singapore, really!

Fill out the form here to get started on the customisation process.


Address: 7 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199139

Contact: [email protected] | 9867 2176 | Site

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10. Cake Spade



Image source

Known to be one of the best bakeries in Singapore to get customised cakes — and great desserts, we might add — Cake Spade specialises in customised cakes in bright, tropical shades that will be perfect for any beach bonanza. Of course, they also have a wide variety of character cakes and pretty floral themed designs that will have your guests swooning, too!

Check out their portfolio of customised cakes here, and or contact them to get more information about the customisation process.

Cake Spade: 

Address: 83 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore

Contact: [email protected] | 6444 3868 | Site

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