22 best convenience food that look like they could have been from a restaurant

You don't have to be a kitchen wizard to get a delicious meal on the table.

If you’re sick of cooking for yourself, discouraged by delivery fees, and tired of delivery food options, then this is for you. Here’s a list of delicious convenience foods that come ready-to-eat. All you have to do is heat one up and you have a piping hot meal that may look like they came from the kitchen of a restaurant. Affordable, no fuss, and no excessive washing. What more can we ask for?

Italian convenience food

1. Goat Cheese pizza

Picard goat cheese pizza

You’ve had pepperoni, hawaiian, and margarita – but have you tried this? This one-person stracchino cheese base pizza features red onions, chopped spinach, and walnut kernels. It’s topped beautifully with a generous helping of fresh goat cheese and a touch of honey. Simply pop it into the oven to crisp up the crust and get the cheese oozing.

Available on Redmart for S$7.90.

2. White Truffle Tagliatelle

picard tagliatelle

Get your truffle fix with Picard’s white truffle tagliatelle. Pre-cooked in a creamy white truffle sauce and topped with french button mushrooms, this pasta dish is hassle-free. Just heat it up and it’s ready for eating.

Available on Redmart for S$7.90.

3. Spinach and ricotta ravioli pasta

Sashas Fine Foods spinach and ricotta ravioli

Here’s another pasta option – this time for the ravioli fans. Made with spinach-infused pasta dough, the ravioli squares are filled with sweet ricotta cheese and spinach. Give it a boil and then top with your sauce of choice.

Available on Redmart for S$14.90.

Chinese convenience food

4. Mixed oat congee

Famous House Oat congee

Now, this is comfort food. Try Famous House’s instant mixed oat congee if you want a simple mid-day snack, or if you’re feeling under the weather.

Available on Redmart for S$2.

5. Hai Chi Jia Suan La Fen

Hai Chi Jia

These mala vermicelli noodles are currently trending across Singapore – and for good reason too. Simply add the sauce packets to boiling water for a rich broth bursting with spicy-sour goodness before tossing in the dehydrated veggies and peanuts for a quick but hearty meal. (The AVENUE ONE team tried it too and here’s our review of Hai Chi Jia Suan La Fen.)

Bundle of 6 available on Lazada for S$19.90.

6. Glass Noodle with Baked Shrimps

CP glass noodles shrimp
Source: foodievstheworld.com

Simple yet delicious, CP’s Gourmet Glass Noodles with Baked Shrimps is a quick way to get your seafood fix without breaking the bank. This peppery dish is sure to get your stomach growling.

Available on Redmart for S$5.90.

7. Taiwan basil pancake

Food People taiwan basil bancake

Your travel plans may have been foiled, but nothing’s stopping you from sending your taste buds on a trip to Taiwan with Food People’s ready-to-eat basil pancake. Give it a quick shallow fry till it’s golden brown and crispy. Or, if you want a healthier preparation method, just pop it in the toaster oven.

Available on Redmart for S$5.90

8. Pork Xiao Long Bao

Le le xiao long bao
Source: bakecooklove.files.wordpress.com

Missing dimsum? How about a pack of frozen xiao long baos to satiate that craving? Simply steam them in a basket to turn them into the delicious soup-filled dumplings that we all know and love.

Available on Redmart for S$5.95.

Korean convenience food

9. Korean Japchae


We can’t seem to get enough of glass noodles. This soy sauce flavoured stir-fried noodle dish not only offers up a healthy selection of vegetables (such as spinach, carrots, onions and green bean sprouts) but is also low in calories. What’s more, it takes almost zero effort to prepare. All you have to do is pop it in the microwave for five minutes, and you’ll have a delicious piping hot dish waiting for your consumption.

Available on Redmart for S$4.80.

10. Seafood pancake

Source: singaporesupermarketrecipes.com

Who can resist a Korean pancake? Not us, that’s for sure. Check out Arumi’s traditional style seafood pancake for a savoury flavour bomb of a meal. It’s already pre-cooked, so all you have to do is heat it up. We recommend a quick pan-fry, because Korean pancakes taste the best when crispy.

Available on Redmart for S$8.90.

11. Sonsoo jjolmyeon (Cold spicy noodles)


This dish provides that much needed spice kick, while somewhat catering to our sweltering hot weather. The noodles, bouncy and chewy in texture, are meant to be eaten chilled. Coated in a sweet, tangy sauce, this sonsoo jjolmyeon might just become your new pantry staple.

Available on Redmart for S$8.

12. Beef Bulgogi With Rice


Some kinds of foods make you feel like you’re eating a warm hug – comforting, yet so tasty. Beef bulgogi is one of those dishes. Both sweet and savoury in taste, this Chef-in-Box microwavable packet will give you that fix in no time at all.

Available on Redmart for S$6.80.

Indian convenience food

13. Coconut Chutney


Here’s an option for the vegetarians. This South Indian dish is made from freshly grated coconut, green chillies, curry leaves, and a blend of dal. Boasting 100% natural ingredients, this fragrant dish is great for the health-conscious. Consider having this with idli for a hearty and authentic meal.

Available on Redmart for S$4.95.

14. Biryani With Vegetables And Dhal Makhani


Want a hearty meal that’s bursting with flavour and spices? Look no further. Try this Chef-in-Box biryani meal, pre-cooked and ready for consumption. Simply microwave for several minutes and you’ve got yourself a rich, spicy curry atop a bed of fragrant rice.

Available on Redmart for S$6.80.

15. Palak paneer


You can never go wrong with spinach and cheese. If that combination speaks to you like it speaks to us, consider giving Haldiram’s Palak Paneer a go. Think cottage cheese swimming in thick spinach gravy. We cannot resist. 

Available on Redmart for S$5.50.

Japanese convenience food

16. Potato mochi


These potato mochi are not to be missed. Stuffed with rich camembert cheese, this Japanese side-dish is the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of rice. Just fry or grill them, and watch them turn into crispy golden brown beauties, oozing with hot cheese. If it finds your fancy, you could even take it up a notch and pair it with red wine.

Available on Redmart for S$29.50.

17. Curry sauce with vegetables

sb curry sauce

Here’s a simple, yet solid staple. Japanese curry sauce. Full of vegetable chunks, this ready-made sauce is both convenient to prepare and versatile to boot. Just heat it up in the microwave and pair it with rice or even udon.

Available on Redmart for S$2.70.

18. Shoyu Broth Koshihikari Porridge


Introducing yet another porridge dish, because there’s no such thing as too much comfort food. This instant Koshihikari porridge is cooked in bonito shoyu, koji, and kelp broth, and is a great meal option to warm up your soul.

Available on Redmart for S$4.20.

Western convenience food

19. Lobster Cream Sauce Spaghetti with Cod

Chef in a box lobster cream cod

It’s time to take your meal up a notch. This decadent option simply needs to be popped into the microwave and then voila! A rich lobster cream sauce spaghetti, topped with tender chunks of cod. It’s the closest you can get to a restaurant-quality meal without ever stepping foot out of your home.

Available on Redmart for S$5.80.

20. Beef And Guinness Pie


Pies are delicious, but so labour-intensive. If you have neither the time nor patience to get cracking in the kitchen, here’s a quick solution. Sasha’s Fine Foods’ beef and Guinness pie comes already baked to perfection, packed with tender and juicy chunks of beef – so all you need to do is defrost, reheat and enjoy.

Available on Redmart for S$10.90.

21. Mini Pastry Appetisers


Picard’s mini pastry appetisers make the perfect pre-dinner bite to whet your appetite. Boasting four Italian-inspired flavours, it’s got variety and fancy written all over it. We fully approve of this indulgence.

Available on Redmart for S$8.90.

22. Mushroom crepes

picard mushroom crepes

A little effort can sometimes go a long way. Check out Picard’s Mushroom Crepes – 10 golden brown pockets filled with creamy bechamel sauce and minced button mushrooms. Just heat them in a pan for several minutes and they’re good to go. This is some crispy-soft pillowy goodness that you definitely shouldn’t be sleeping on.

Available on Redmart for S$4.90.

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