In need of a cold brew delivery? Here are 18 of our top picks for your coffee fix

Whether we’re rushing to the office or having a work-from-home day, we won’t want to risk missing our daily coffee.

The best way to make sure you’d always get your caffeine fix? Coffee delivery.

Here are coffee delivery services in Singapore, including coffee subscription plans, that java-addicts need to bookmark.

Coffee delivery in Singapore with free delivery (min purchase <S$60)

Old Hen Coffee


One of the pioneering names in the cold brew scene, Old Hen has been serving up their smooth cold brews to the enjoyment of all of us here in Singapore since 2014. With more than seven years to perfect their brew recipe, it’s little wonder that their bottled cold brews are so well-loved through the years.

Even their signature black cold brew eschews bitterness for a sweet fruitiness that even more casual coffee drinkers will appreciate. If you’re not feeling like caffeine, you can also enjoy the non-caffeinated brews, like Cold Dark Cocoa made from Varlhona chocolate, or the fragrant Cold Matcha Milk for matcha lovers.

We’ve got to be honest, what we truly appreciate Old Hen for are its eye-popping one-litre bottles of white cold brew. A few of these are guaranteed to take you through the work week in good spirits!

You can place your order here, with a minimum spend of S$35 and a delivery fee of S$5. Enjoy free delivery on orders above S$55. A three-hour express delivery option is also available at S$15 for orders below S$55, and S$10 for orders above S$55. 

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Enchanted Cafe


With a name like this, you may be expecting super special magical brews that are extraordinary to some degree. Happily enough, the cold brews here are pretty excellent. We hear the flavoured brews are thick and concentrated without being over-the-top sweet, while the black brew is smooth like silk.

For an experience that comes close to a coffee fairytale, we recommend the Snow White and the 7 Dwarves (S$50) set. Looks aside (we have to admit it’s absolutely gorgeous out of the box, displaying like a magical rainbow in your fridge), it’s perfect for if you can’t decide what brew to order, thoughtfully packing eight coffee and non-coffee options together in a single box for your enjoyment.

They’ve got new flavours up for grabs too, think sea salt caramel chocolate, chocolate orange, and rocha, on top of their signature rose chocolate and bandung brews. Try them in the Enchanted Wonders set of 12 (S$70) if you want to give them all a whirl!

You can place your order here, with a minimum spend of S$25 and a delivery fee of S$5. Enjoy free delivery on orders above S$50.

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Bootstrap Beverages


First introduced in a well-known bakery cafe in Bali and now taking the Singapore cold brew scene by storm – say hello to the answer to your coffee-lacking prayers, Bootstrap Beverages. Using Arabica beans sourced from a family-run plantation in Bali, the beans are roasted and brewed in Singapore to aromatic perfection.

We hear their star beverage is the creamy and sweet Bootstrap Cold Brew Milk & Manuka Honey (S$39 for a six-pack),  which is a delicious and easy-to-drink white coffee with organic New Zealand Manuka honey. The other brew that stands out from the pack is the double-strength Bootstrap Cold Brew Strong (S$36 for a six-pack), great if you need that extra caffeine boost for a long day ahead.

All their brews are made fresh daily in their microbrewery in Mandai and sent straight to your doorstep, available either as one-off bundles or customisable subscription plans. We have to say fresh coffee is truly one of life’s best gifts, and fresh coffee that comes daily? Can’t beat that.

You can place your order here, with island-wide free delivery with code CHEERUP for a limited time only.

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Naga Brews

Credit: Naga Bistro/Facebook

Naga Brews just opened for business this year, but that doesn’t mean they’re lacking in their cold brews in any way. Their best seller is the Cold Brew Black which has hints of caramel and milk chocolate, making it a refreshing drink to perk you up in the midst of a workday. For those who prefer something a little sweeter, opt for the Cold Brew White which has fresh milk mixed in.

Naga Brews is also known for their Cold Brew Dirty Hojicha which is the perfect balance of coffee and tea. It is brewed with Japanese hojicha leaves and espresso, so the sweetness complements the bitterness, giving you the best thirst-quencher you’ll have for the day.

Each bottle is priced at S$6.90, but you can mix and match the cold brews in a three- (S$19), six- (S$36) or 12-pack (S$68).

You can place an order here, with a delivery fee of S$5 for orders below S$30. For orders above S$30, you can enjoy free cold brew delivery.

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Wake The Crew

Credit: Wake The Crew/Facebook

Wake The Crew is another strong coffee contender on the list, and here’s what sets them apart from the rest. Other than just serving up ready-to-drink bottles of cold brew coffee (from S$5.50), Wake The Crew takes it a notch higher by offering cold brew concentrates. That’s right, you can buy bottles of concentrates (from S$18) and you can customise your own coffee based on how you like it.

Feeling a little tired and need a stronger cup of coffee to get through the day? Simply add a little water to the concentrate. Need something a little more soothing? Simply add milk. It’s really that simple. The possibilities of how you can use the concentrate is endless, making this super worth it.

Now that Christmas is coming, Wake The Crew has even prepared a whole bunch of Christmas specials so that you can feel extra festive even when you’re just drinking coffee from home, like Gingerbread Latte and Toffee Nut Latte.

Click here to order now, and enjoy free delivery for orders above S$60.

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Gather The Misfits

Credit: Gather The Misfits

Gather The Misfits serves its drinks in sleek brown bottles that make for good decorations even after you’ve finished them. Their Cold Brew Black is smooth and sweet, and goes for S$7 a bottle. Need a little more variety? Opt for other offerings like Milk Coffee, French Earl Grey Latte, Milky Genmaicha, Mocha, or Milky Hojicha. For something a little sweeter with no caffeine, you can also choose their Milky Chocolate.

Get a set of six bottles and enjoy 10% off your entire bill. Gather The Misfits also serves up a ton of wicked good bites, like the Seasalt Dark Chocolate Brownie and Burnt Cheesecake. Want the entire cafe experience but don’t want to leave your house? Just head on down to the Gather The Misfits website to order all the treats that you need.

Enjoy free delivery for orders above S$50. Click here to place an order now. 

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Made Cold

Credit: Made Cold/Facebook

Made Cold offers cold brew delivery for its artisanal coffee and tea cold brews. It packages its cold brew in thin bottles that fit perfectly in your bag, making it super convenient as you move from place to place without missing out on your coffee fix.

Go for their signature called Breaking Point, which is a black cold brew with hints of caramel. If that’s too strong for you, Made Cold has a version called People’s Choice with a dash of milk and sugar to make it easier on the palette to drink.

The bottles are sold for S$6.50 each, and a bundle of eight bottles will cost you S$52. You can even opt for their subscription plan which is essentially an automatic cold brew delivery system that delivers cold brew coffee to you every week without you having to continuously order it. Talk about convenience, right?

You can place an order here, and you’ll get free shipping once you spent a minimum of S$50.

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Credit: Kopiboy

If you’re more into the kind of coffee and tea served at hawker centres, you’re in luck, because Kopiboy serves drinks inspired by those but here’s the good part. You can buy them in bulk, keep them in the fridge and take it out whenever you need a quick perk-me-up.

Their drinks are offered in two sizes, 300ml (from S$5) and one-litre bottles (from S$15). For some of the drinks, you can even choose the sweetness level you would like so that it is tailored to your tastebuds. Get a bundle of six bottles from S$30, and add on some bakes to go with your drinks. This cold brew delivery can’t get any sweeter.

You can place an order here, and you can enjoy free islandwide delivery if you spend a minimum of S$25.

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Other coffee delivery services in Singapore

Parallel Coffee Roasters


If you’re a coffee-lover and this is the first time you’re hearing of Parallel, today is your lucky day. Parallel was started in 2017 by a pair of brothers who wanted very much to enjoy a good cup of coffee every single day without breaking the bank. Today, the cafe has certainly stuck to its origins, by making awesome cold brew available via affordable subscription plans.

With four brew options: black, white, mocha, and oat milk (a real treat for those of us who don’t do dairy!), you can mix and match two or three brews for six (S$26) or 12 (S$52) bottles every week. Our caffeinated brains are already excited at the thought of this well-anticipated cold brew delivery arriving on our doorsteps every week, rain or shine!

If you just want to give Parallel’s brews a shot before committing, you can still go ahead and place an order for a one-off six- (starting from S$25) or 12-pack (starting from S$48). The subscription’s calling, though, and we’re in!

You can place your order here, with a flat delivery fee of S$6. 

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Strangers’ Reunion


If the coffee life is one you have been living, you won’t be a stranger to the brews at Strangers’ Reunion, a cafe that’s been brewing solid coffee since 2012. And if you’re craving for an ice cold cuppa minus the crowds, you’ll be glad to know that Strangers’ Reunion offers cold brew delivery.

We’re already salivating at the thought of downing their signature White Magic brew (S$6.90) in one sitting, savouring the perfect creaminess of the milk against the smooth black brew. Sea Salt Chocolate (S$6.90) is also another fan-favourite to perk up dull work days, packing a surprising tang of the sea salt behind the sweetness of the chocolate.

One bottle is hardly enough to get us through the week, so we say you should totally get a bundle of six (S$38) where you can even specify the mix of flavours to hit the right notes at the right time.

We recommend ordering some fresh bakes to go along with the delicious brews – it’s a treat for the soul any day of the week.

You can place your order here, with a delivery fee of S$10 for orders below S$100. Free delivery for orders above S$100.

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Kafve Coffee


Kafve Coffee started life as a mobile coffee cart, but they’ve since put their coffee expertise to excellent use, brewing bottles of cold brew on demand every day. The beans Kafve uses are a special blend of Brazil Cerrado and India Monsoon Malabar, yielding a super clean and creamy brew that’s sweet with a tinge of caramel.

Opt for the Black brew to taste the blend in its full glory, or as a Latte with creamy cow’s milk, soy milk, or oat milk options to boot. We also hear the Cold Brew Tonic – a bubbly concoction that’s unsweetened – is extremely refreshing, especially in the muggy heat.

If you’ve got a need for an upsized serving of the good stuff, Kafve’s got you covered too. Choose from one-litre (S$25) and even two-litre (S$48) packs to feed your supersized caffeine craving!

You can place your order here, with a minimum purchase of one bundle and a delivery fee of S$3. Enjoy free cold brew delivery on orders with a minimum of two bundles. 

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Chye Seng Huat Hardware


One of Singapore’s favourite cafes among the cafe-hopping set is Chye Seng Huat Hardware, and we’re so stoked that they offer cold brew delivery now.

They come in six-packs (S$45) or you could get Stay Home Care Packs (S$38) with two bottles of brew and a freshly baked cake loaf to go.

Choose from black (no sugar added), white (with added sugar and cream), red (brewed jasmine tea), chocolate original (milk chocolate drink) or chocolate oat (milk chocolate drink with oat milk) brews to make up your pack of six. We hear the black brew is one-of-a-kind, with earl grey, citrus, and peach notes you can pick up with every smooth sip.

Your brews will surely disappear in a jiffy, so we’re glad they come in sixes!

You can place your order here, with a delivery fee of S$15 for orders below S$70. Free islandwide cold brew delivery is available for orders above S$70. For same-day delivery, you can order from food delivery platforms like FoodPandaDeliveroo or Grab, standard platform delivery fees apply.

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Cafe Cartisan


If you’re craving for a brew a little different from the ordinary, you’ll want to cart out a bundle or two from this Melbourne-inspired cafe to hit that sweet spot.

For a truly one-of-a-kind brew, try the Magic Coffee Bomb (S$6.90), an eclectic and decidedly healthy-sounding mix of double espresso, purple brown rice, black sesame, and plant-based milk. For matcha lovers, do try the Lushie Golden Matcha Latte (S$6.90), made with pure matcha powder and gorgeous golden malt.

Their chocolate blends are also pretty eye-catching, with four options (all at S$6.90 per bottle) – Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate, and French Rose. Carting out, pronto!

You can place your order here, with a minimum spend of S$41.40 and a delivery fee of S$9. Enjoy free cold brew delivery on orders above S$80.

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Imperfect Drinks

Credit: Imperfect Drinks/Facebook

Turn your everyday caffeine boost into an act of kindness by getting cold brew delivery from Imperfect Drinks. The brand collaborates with ex-offenders to brew, juice, and blend drinks in their factory located in Changi Prison Complex. They are currently also trying to innovate new ways to turn their used coffee grains, tea leaves, and dried fruit pulp into fertiliser for a more sustainable future.

Imperfect Drinks is best known for its Mocha Latte, Earl Grey Milk Tea, and Cold Brew White, and they’re all S$5.90 for a bottle. Their coffee is brewed from 100% Arabica specialty coffee beans, so you’ll get a taste of that chocolatey and nutty goodness with every sip. Their offerings also do not contain any artificial preservatives, artificial sugars, or flavourings. And here’s the best part, you can keep your drinks in the fridge for much longer than other brands without compromising their freshness thanks to the high-pressure processing Imperfect Drinks does to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Since they’re that popular, their drinks on their website are often sold out. Thankfully, you can still order the drinks from other platforms like FairPrice and Shopee. They currently offer a bundle of 3 for about S$15. 

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Dapper Coffee

Credit: Dapper Coffee/Facebook

Unlike other coffeehouses, Dapper Coffee offers cold brew with a little extra something to make you feel golden and energised for the day. Their Gold Brews are made from single-origin Ethiopian Yirgachaffe coffee. And here’s the special part, the coffee is infused with edible gold dust that makes the bottle become an instant snow globe the moment you shake it. How cool is that?

They also have their unique Unicorn Tears drink in blue that makes it look like you’re drinking an ethereal magical potion. A refreshing and aesthetic drink delivered to your doorstep? Sign us up please!

You can order their drinks directly from their website here where a set of six is going for S$55. Since their Gold Brew is wildly popular, it runs out of stock often. But not to worry, you can also write in an email to [email protected] to enquire about the availability and place an order through there. 

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Mellower Coffee

Credit: Mellower Coffee/Facebook

Mellower Coffee is a common name amongst those who love coffee. They are well-known for their Sweet Little Rain, also known as the cotton candy coffee, which features a cloud of cotton candy suspended over a cup of Americano.

But today, we’re focusing on their cold brew instead. Mellower Coffee offers cold brew delivery of four options – Black Cold Brew Coffee, Mocha Cold Brew Coffee, White Cold Brew Coffee, and Matcha Latte. These are brewed with their signature house espresso, and you’ll be able to taste notes of floral and cocoa when you take a sip. These drinks are smooth and balanced, guaranteeing you a wonderful coffee experience even when you’re hard at work.

You can order Mellower Coffee from their official delivery platform (subject to delivery location) or Shopee (which offers islandwide delivery). You can choose to mix and match the bottles in a bundle of four and the price starts from S$27.20. 

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Mad Roaster

Credit: Mad Roaster/Facebook

In need of a cold brew delivery right now? Mad Roaster offers one of the most affordable cold brews out of all the other brands available, and the quality isn’t compromised either despite the lower price.

Their Black Cold Brew is priced at an attractive S$4.50, their White Cold Brew at S$5, and their Cereal Milk Cold Brew at S$5.50. You can purchase as many bottles as you want, and add on their box sets or loaves to go with your cold brews so that you have the perfect breakfast set every morning. You can even enjoy the treats for your tea break when you need a little something to get you through the day.

Click here to order now. A delivery fee of S$10 applies.

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Maxi Coffee Bar

Credit: Maxi Coffee Bar

Here’s another coffeehouse that offers cold brew delivery. Maxi Coffee Bar serves bottles of cold brew goodness in interesting flavours. Other than the classic Black Cold Brew (S$5.80), it also features an Oat Cold Brew (S$6.80) with a creamy and nutty finish, Cereal Milk Cold Brew (S$8.20), and the Dirty Cold Brew (S$8.20) with seven spice chai and oat milk.

Get two bottles of cold brews in the Maxi Breakfast Club Petite bundle (S$25) along with a Maxi muffin and a slice of banana bread for the ultimate breakfast experience. If you’re looking to get four bottles instead, go for the Maxi Breakfast Club Party bundle (S$46) instead. This comes with two Maxi muffins and two slices of banana bread.

There is an islandwide delivery fee of S$9, and you can order your cold brews here.

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