A Malaysian TikToker said coconut flesh tastes just like sashimi when you eat it with soy sauce and wasabi

A TikToker from Malaysia has gone viral on TikTok for the way she enjoys eating her coconut flesh. While most of us would just eat it by itself, Rachel enjoys eating it with sushi soy sauce and wasabi claiming that it taste just like sashimi!

@blurluke Im not even kidding pls try it PLEASE #fyp #foryou #weirdfoodcombos #sashimi #foryoupage #coconut ♬ original sound – lily

Rachel’s controversial video has now been viewed more than 159,800 times and has received mixed emotions. While many commenters reacted in horror to her TikTok, there have also been many others in agreement with her.

It turns out, that according to some bloggers, this coconut combination is actually a great vegan sashimi alternative. This is because coconut flesh and sashimi have similar textures. With just a splash of sushi soy sauce and a dash of wasabi, it transforms the coconut into a whole new dish! It’s a great substitute for vegans or even just to satisfy a pregnancy craving for sushi.

Photo: @janeang on Instagram

Apparently, coconut sashimi is also a local treat in Guam! One area in particular that specialises in this treat according to travellers, is Chamorro Village’s night market the Wednesday Night Market. Blogger Annie Atoz, says that there are stalls around the market making this delicious delicacy where they will chop up a fresh coconut and add some soy sauce and wasabi to create “sashimi” just for you.

While we unfortunately can’t travel to Guam at the moment, give Rachel’s recipe a try instead! It might even become your next favourite snack.

Featured image from @alex64kr on Instagram Eric Beaulieu.