CNY Goodies 2024: Addictive Pineapple Tarts, Cookies, & More

It’s time to put away all of your Christmas snacks and it’s time to finally purchase the next round of treats to indulge in this festive season that is approaching us in less than a month. We’re talking about Chinese New Year (CNY) goodies, of course!

Be sure to order early too if you want to have extra savings since many of these shops are running early bird promotions.

Pineapple Tarts Singapore

Pineapple Tarts Singapore, a renowned purveyor of Chinese New Year goodies, is best known for their commitment to delivering the highest quality and delectable treats.

pineapple tarts singapore 1

At Pineapple Tarts Singapore, quality is paramount. They meticulously handpick the freshest and most premium ingredients, ensuring each bite is a burst of flavour reminiscent of just-out-of-the-oven goodness.

What sets them apart is their dedication to freshness – CNY goodies are baked to perfection only upon receiving your order.

In an ever-evolving culinary landscape, Pineapple Tarts Singapore embraces innovation. Their Cheese Pineapple Tarts and Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts are standout creations, adored by many.

The former use fragrant parmesan cheese infused within the buttery crust to offer an additional dimension to the perennial favourite. The latter, on the other hand, is created with 100% natural salted egg yolks for a flavourful profile that is irresistible.

It’s no wonder these delightful twists on tradition are a hot favourite amongst their offerings!

The top-selling products from Pineapple Tarts Singapore are a testament to their culinary mastery. From the classic Pineapple Tarts to the bold and spicy Hae Bee Hiam, and the delicate Kueh Bangkit, to nutty delights like Almond Cookies and Cashew Nut Cookies, they offer a delightful array to savour.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Peanut Butter Love Letter is a must-try, exemplifying the artistry that goes into every treat they craft.

pineapple tarts singapore 2

Every pineapple tart from Pineapple Tarts Singapore is a labour of love. These goodies are 100% homemade and handmade, a testament to their commitment to delivering the best possible taste, just as if they were baked in your own kitchen.

To sweeten the deal, Pineapple Tarts Singapore offers free delivery for orders exceeding S$100, making it easier than ever to stock up on these delectable goodies. Additionally, customers have the opportunity to savour the flavors through free tastings at their location at 22 New Industrial Road, Primax, #03-15, Singapore 536208.Order your CNY goodies from Pineapple Tarts Singapore on its website.

Wang Lai Bakery

Established in 1968, Wang Lai Bakery, nestled in the heart of Chinatown, is a beloved confectionary booth that specialises in crafting traditional Chinese delicacies such as pineapple tarts.

Wang Lai Bakery’s legacy is founded on the belief that the genuine flavours of tradition should never be compromised. That’s why, for over five decades, they have remained true to the art of crafting homemade and handmade CNY goodies that capture the essence of Chinese New Year celebrations.

wang lai bakery 2

At Wang Lai Bakery, they invite you to make this festive celebration truly special with their range of premium and affordable Chinese New Year goodies. They take immense pride in offering you the very best in both taste and pricing.

One thing that truly sets Wang Lai Bakery apart is their dedication to the traditional art of homemade and handmade CNY goodies.

They understand that this commitment to quality might demand extra effort and affect scalability, but they refuse to take shortcuts or mass-produce their treats – something that we really respect. Instead, they limit their orders each year, ensuring that every morsel you savour reflects the authentic taste of homemade, handmade goodness.

wang lai bakery 1

Their dedication to preserving the essence of tradition is evident in their top-selling products.

You should definitely check out the signature Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pineapple Tarts range. It boasts a delectable balance of thick, buttery pastry and tangy sweet pineapple jam.

Another well-loved CNY snack is their irresistible Peanut Butter and Chocolate Love Letters. This features creamy and thick peanut butter and chocolate spread between crispy love letters for a decadent treat that you and your guests will love.

Wang Lai Bakery offers free delivery for orders exceeding S$100. If you prefer to taste before buying, head to their location at 20 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #03-58, Singapore 573968 for free tastings.

Order your CNY Goodies from Wang Lai Bakery on its website.

Da Paolo Gastronomia

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Da Paolo Gastronomia’s delectable handcrafted goodies, where Italian flair meets traditional Chinese New Year favourites.

Try the Bakkwa Pineapple Dragon Bread (S$11.90), which is inspired by Hawaiian pizza, milk dough stuffed with smoky bakkwa, candied pineapple, sundried tomato pesto, and fiery Crusco chilli peppers for a taste of “dragon fire”.

Mandarin Meringue Tart

For a vibrant start to the new year, treat your guests to the Mandarin Meringue Tart (S$12.90), a delectable mandarin curd nestled in a buttery tart shell, topped with fluffy meringue and mandarin zest that’s perfect for sharing, or the Mandarin Tiramisu (S$13.90), Da Paolo’s signature mascarpone layered with brandy-soaked ladyfingers, mandarin orange juice, and tangy mandarin compote for a citrusy twist on the classic.

Almond Clusters Tin
Almond CrispsTin

The Almond Crisps Tin ($22 for 200g; $58 for a bundle of 3) features light and buttery cookies with fragrant almonds, ideal for gifting or snacking during family visits.

Finally, the Nian Gao Croissant Roll ($5.90 each, available in a box of 4 for $23.60 for online purchase only) is a delicate croissant pastry wrapped around soft homemade nian gao, symbolising harmony and prosperity, which will certainly impress guests.

Pre-order is now available and the collection is available till 24 February, in stores and online.

603 Tau Sar Piah

Tucked away in a charming shophouse on 603 Balestier Road, you’ll find the heart and soul of 603 Tau Sar Piah. This family-owned and family-run business has been thriving for nearly three decades, thanks to the unwavering dedication and passion of three generations.

四季平安 Festive Gift Box_2
Lunar New Year Gift Box

Their commitment to creating exquisite artisanal delights is evident in their Si Ji Ping An (四季平安) Lunar New Year Gift Box (starting from S$50). This delightful box is filled with four compartments of meticulously handcrafted goodies that are sure to bring joy to anyone who receives them.

Indulge in the light and buttery Signature Pineapple Balls, generously filled with their homemade pineapple jam. The classic Kueh Bangkit will transport you to a tropical paradise with its fragrant pandan and coconut flavours. And let’s not forget the irresistible Peanut Cookies and crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies that will leave you craving for more.

好意头 芋头糕 Yam Cake_2
Yam Cake

Their Yam Cake (好意头 芋头糕, S$28.80) is also a Festive Must-Have . This hand-shredded yam cake, bursting with flavour and texture, and is cured with dried shrimps, sausage, dried scallops, and shiitake mushrooms.

Enjoy as-is or pan-fry for a crispy touch. Each cake comes with separate garnishes: chili, spring onion, shallots, and sesame seeds, for freshness and personalisation.

And for their signature Piah, consider the Prosperity Piah (6-inches) in Gift Box (S$22.80) or Prosperity Piah (3-inches, 8 pieces) in Gift Box (S$22.80) for a classic gift or indulgent treat.

603 Tau Sar Piah is located at 603 Balestier Road, Singapore 329904. You can also place y our order online.

The Marmalade Pantry

the marmalade pantry salted egg cookies cny
Salted Egg Yolk Almond Cookies

The Marmalade Pantry has released a delightful selection of festive treats to ring in the Year of the Dragon.

Look forward to scrumptious newly created cookies such as the Black Sesame Almond Cookies (S$20+) that are embossed with a sailboat to signify a smooth-sailing year, the Salted Egg Yolk Almond Cookies (S$20+), Walnut Cookies (S$20+), Shallot Cheese Cookies (S$20+) that are moreish and fragrant, as well as the perennial favourite Petite Chicken Bak Kwa (S$30+) that has a smoky fragrance thanks to its preparation using a traditional charcoal-smoking process.

For those who are looking for elegant gift sets, choose from two beautiful collections – The Marmalade Collection (S$70+) and The Signature Collection (S$90+) – presented in stunning jewelry vaults, filled with a variety of cookies and bak kwa – perfect for loved ones or business associates.

The cookies and gift sets are available for ordering online.

One Farrer Hotel

Cookies + Five Blessings Petit Gateau

One Farrer Hotel has rolled out its selection of Prosperity Goodies created by Pastry Chef Wee Pai Hau.

For tarts and cookies, look forward to delectable creations such as the Homemade Pineapple Tart, Wolfberries Cookies, Garlic Cookies, and Barbeque Cookies (S$28 each).

For something unique, try the Blessings Petit Gateau (S$58), a playful French-inspired creation that features lifelike cake replicas of auspicious items, housed within a modern gift box that you can enjoy at home or as a gorgeous gift for your associates.

Available till 13 February. Ordering details on its website.


nesuto pineapple tarts

Ring in the Year of the Dragon with a unique twist on a classic treat! Nesuto, known for its artisanal delicacies, presents a limited-edition collection of pineapple tarts.

Co-founder and Executive Pastry Chef Alicia Wong crafted these beauties with lower sugar and no artificial additives so you can enjoy them guilt-free.

Look forward to three unique flavours:

  • Brown Butter Vanilla: Buttery melt-in-your-mouth crust infused with browned butter and Madagascar vanilla, paired with sweet pineapple filling.
  • Roasted Tea (Hojicha): European butter crust infused with Uji Hojicha tea powder, perfectly complementing the caramelised pineapple.
  • Chinese 5-Spice: Rich European butter crust infused with Nesuto’s signature five-spice blend, featuring cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise, and Sichuan peppercorns.Only limited quantities available at Nesuto. Pre-order has started and each of these are priced at S$29. 

Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel welcomes the Year of the Dragon with opulent Lunar New Year treats from 18 January to 2 February.

Pandan Pineapple ‘Huat’ Tarts
Pandan Pineapple ‘Huat’ Tarts

The exquisite collection includes the Auspicious Firecracker (S$138), a ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian roll cake bursting with creamy, tropical goodness, which will very likely be a hot favourite among durian-lovers.

For pineapple tarts with a twist, consider the Pandan Pineapple ‘Huat’ Tarts (S$68.80), which blend fragrant pandan with sweet pineapple.

Looking for CNY goodies that will make for great gifts to business associates and elderly relatives? Impress them with these:

Lucky Fortune Bamboo (Orange Pound Cake)

  • Lucky Fortune Bamboo (S$148), a majestic orange pound cake shaped like a lucky bamboo stalk that wishes the recipient prosperity and growth;
  • Dragon Boat of Bountiful Blessings (S$138), a stunning chocolate marble cake sculpted as a dragon, adorned with golden coins and ingots for abundant luck;
  • or the Flourishing Prosperity Tier (S$118), a tiered treasure trove of intricate pastries, that is designed for indulgence and to wish your recipient progress in the new lunar year.

Place your orders on the Goodwood Park website.

Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore

intercontinental singapore cny goodies

Man Fu Yuan has reintroduce the highly sought-after Prosperity Pineapple Balls (S$53.80) this Lunar New Year. These delectable treats feature a delicate and buttery pastry filled with a tangy pineapple paste that simply melts in your mouth. Alongside this delightful offering, the menu also includes other delectable pastries such as Danish Cashew Nut Cookies (S$46.80), Peanut Cookies (S$43.80), Green Peas Cookies (S$43.80), and Almond Slices (S$43.80).

For those looking to impress business partners and loved ones, go for the Executive Prosperity Hamper (S$598.80) is the perfect choice. This luxurious hamper includes premium goodies such as Tattinger Brut Réserve Champagne, six-head abalone, tiger palm fungus, Iberico bakkwa, Hong Kong duo pork sausages, Prosperity pineapple balls, Danish cashew nuts cookies, and a tin of the Man Fu Yuan five-element tea. Alternatively, the Man Fu Yuan Tea Gift Box (S$138.80) and Tea Set (S$128.80) make ideal gifts for tea-lovers, and are complete complete with an elegantly-designed tea cup.

Place your orders online by 25 February. 

Janice Wong

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon in sweet style with Janice Wong Pure Imagination™’s enchanting Lunar New Year collection. This year, the renowned chocolatier unveils a captivating array of chocolate delights and festive cookies, blending traditional symbols with intriguing twists.

Indulge in the CNY Box of 9 (S$39), featuring Janice Wong’s signature silky chocolates adorned with symbols of wealth and prosperity. The Lion Head Set of 5 (S$68) showcases praline’s versatility with unique flavors like Orange Praline Poprock and Ginger Hazelnut. The Koi Fish Set of 3 (S$58) brings back the velvety pecan orange chocolate koi fishes, perfect for festive gatherings.

For intimate celebrations, explore the Chinese New Year Mini Cakes (S$12 each), resembling symbols of good fortune. Janice Wong’s Chinese New Year Cookies include twists on classics like Salted Egg Yolk Cookies and Chocolate Bakkwa Cookies. Elevate family joy with the Assorted CNY Dragon Cookie Tin ($58), blending tradition and innovation for both young and old.

Place your order on the Janice Wong website.