Chinatown Food Street is back with 6 new steamboat and BBQ a la carte buffet concepts

Think Singaporean food paradise and chances are Chinatown Food Street comes to mind. If you’ve had fond memories hanging out there with your fellow foodie friends, you’ll be happy to know that Chinatown Food Street has reopened, bringing back the well-loved alfresco-style dining experience.


Amongst the 17 reopened stalls are six new steamboat and BBQ a la carte buffet concepts, which are no doubt a highlight of the dining destination.


Why you should visit Chinatown Food Street for steamboat and BBQ gathering

Six new a la carte buffet concepts featuring well-loved steamboats and BBQ cuisines are introduced to Chinatown Food Street. They include: Chinese BBQ (老东北烧烤), Chinatown Laksa Steamboat (牛车水叻沙火锅), Mala Steamboat (舌尖上麻辣火锅), Hongdae Korean BBQ, Nabemono Shabu Shabu, and S88 Mookata Steamboat.

Prices range from S$19.90 to S$23.90 nett per adult for a minimum of two diners each time. They charge S$12.90 nett per child (aged 3 to 12).

AVENUE ONE visited and tried the Chinatown Laksa Steamboat and Hongdae Korean BBQ.


For the steamboat, we were able to get a dual-pot and chose different soup bases to cater to different taste preferences. We went with Laksa for one and Herbal Chicken for the other.

The laksa base, in particular, won our favour. Fragrant and rich, it makes every food item we threw into the soup taste more flavourful and indulgent. Opt for shellfishes, thick beehoon, and quail eggs if you want yours to look like a giant pot of laksa.


The Korean BBQ was also a treat. The meats were very well-marinated so it was easy to grill up something that tasted juicy and flavourful. We especially love the garlic pork belly, which melted in our mouths. The marinate reduced the “gamey” taste of pork while elevating the aroma of the grill.


Don’t forget to check out the free-flow cooked items that come with your steamboat or BBQ. Because we ordered from the Chinatown Laksa Steamboat, we were able to enjoy free-flow poached Hainanese Chicken, and for Hongdae Korean BBQ, we had free-flow Korean Tteokbokki and Kimchi Pancake. The latter, by the way, was delicious.

The kimchi pancake was delicious.

Enjoy other heritage cuisine


Apart from the steamboat and BBQ, you can also enjoy other local foods. They include the Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee, run by a 5th generation hawker, who is still operating their stall at Eunos Hawker Centre.


Besides that, look forward to other local fare such as chilli crab, roast meats, BBQ seafood and satay, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink towers.

Don’t forget to also check out the “Always 99” promotion for a la carte style items, which are going at S$0.99, S$1.99, S$9.90 or similar price points across all reopened stalls. The promotion will run from now till January 2021.

Chinatown Food Street is located at Smith Street, Singapore 058938. It is opened from 11am to 11pm daily, with the steamboat and BBQ concepts available between 5pm and 11pm daily. 

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