12 impressive cheese platters that you can order and have delivered right to your doorstep

Have a sudden yearning for grazing on a gorgeous cheese platter to bring back those al fresco Parisian evenings, back when travel was still a thing? We feel you, and we have good news for you because you can totally satisfy those cheese platter cravings right here in Singapore from the comfort of your air-conditioned couch.

Also known as charcuterie boards (which literally translates to “cooked meat” boards) – these cheese platters have transformed over the years to become gorgeous and sometimes extravagant boards arranged with an array of artisanal cheeses, cured meats, crackers, bread, dried and fruit, nuts, dips, and other accompanying tidbits like olives and pickles.

And with no lack of options for doorstep deliveries these days, here are some of the most amazing artisanal cheese and cured meat platters for you to graze your days away.

11 cheese platters that absolutely anybody can enjoy

1. Cheeselads

cheese-platter-grazing-box-singapore-cheeseladsMeet Cheeselads, who is on a mission to make artisanal cheeses to be easily enjoyed by everyone. Their decadent platters are not only extremely Insta-worthy, but they are also carefully put together for maximum enjoyment, with flavours that pair well together.

If you’re new to cheese platters, do try their Chloe/Truffle Brie platter, a platter named for the two Chloes who put it together (founder Chloe Lee and content creator Chloe Choo, if you’re curious). Assembled with ingredients that are made in-house, it comes highly recommended – it includes Cheeseland’s signature fragrant Truffle Brie accompanied by delicious soft and chewy nougats.

Price range: Prices start at S$40 for the Chloe/Truffle Brie Platter (1-2 pax) to S$179 for the Grand Platter (5-8 pax)
How to order: Head over to Cheeselad’s website to place your order
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2. Lush Platters

https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ2ZFV7M52F/Turning grazing platters and boxes into an art form in itself, if you’ve seen the beautiful spreads created by the homegrown company, Lush Platters. Platters and boxes of all kinds are available here, with a wide selection of artisanal cheeses, cured meats, dried and fresh fruit and nuts, salads, and healthy dips.

Choose from options to pamper yourself on a solo chill weekend, or platters that have enough gorgeous goodies for five to ten people, if you’re having a cosy get-together at home with some friends (five is still the magic number, folks!) There are lush meat-free and even vegan options that include plant/nut-based cheeses – consider us impressed.

Price range: Prices start at S$68 for the Intimate Platter Box (1-2 pax) to S$328 for the Large Vegan Lush Platter (9-12 pax)
How to order: Head over to Lush Platter’s website to place your order
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3. Rainbowly (Meat-free option!)

Rainbowly is a homegrown brand that boasts an assortment of gifts that are centred around fruits. Unlike the traditional fruit hampers available on the market, Rainbowly takes it a step further by arranging the fruits into intricate bouquets of flowers or by using them as decorations on fruit cakes for a healthy surprise, catering to all crowds including the vegans and vegetarians!

Under their array of unique offerings, one of the items you should definitely check out is their meat-free cheese platter. You read that right! They offer a cheese platter that can be enjoyed by anyone.

The cheese platter comes in a sweet pink gift box with a ribbon and a complimentary gift card, and it features all sorts of delicious fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, figs, cherry tomatoes, and olives. It also comes with an assortment of other treats like wafer biscuits, dark chocolate, and mixed nuts.

And of course, just like every cheese platter, it comes with a sizeable portion of triple creme cheese that is enough to satisfy all of your cheese cravings.

The cheese platter is carefully arranged by their in-house artisans to ensure that every gift box provides an amazing experience from the unboxing to the tasting of treats.

Suitable for two to three people, the Grazing Fruits Cheese Platter is the perfect addition to your lunch or dinner. If you’re feeling a little peckish after lunch, you can also have the platter as a light snack between meals! Filled with mostly fruits, it’s definitely going to be healthier than snacking on chips.

P/S: They also have a gorgeous watermelon fruit cake that you may want to check out when you order their cheese platter!

Price: S$108 for the Grazing Fruits Cheese Platter
How to order: Head over to Rainbowly’s website to place your order
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4. Nomad’s Soirée (Halal option!)

cheese-platter-grazing-box-singapore-nomads-soireeWe are always happy when we can add a halal option to any of our lists because it means more people can enjoy these treats! Nomad’s Soirée has the honour of being the very first Muslim-owned and halal-certified artisanal grazing platter company in Singapore, and their selection of cheeses include both hard and soft halal cheeses that would please any cheese lover.

The Signature Palm Leaf Platter (the name already gives us major vacay vibes!) that comes with four artisanal cheeses and two types of cold cuts is everything you need for a relaxing soirée with family and friends. It even comes with sweet, crunchy honeycomb and artisanal chocolate to round it all off perfectly.

Psst… Do dunk everything and anything into their signature dips like hummus with a dash of truffle oil or salted caramel sauce for a true treat for your taste buds. We promise you, it’s pure magic.

Price range: Prices start at S$38 for the Personal Box (1 pax) to S$250 for the Large Palm Leaf Platter (6-9 pax)
How to order: Head over to Nomad Soirée’s website to place your order
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5. Gourmet Shop

cheese-platter-grazing-box-singapore-gourmet-shopIf you’re no newbie to the world of cheese platters, the specialist ones by French grocer Gourmet Shop will be right up your alley.

The platters are heavy on the artisanal cheeses – the smaller Gourmet Platter already features five different types of cheeses. So dive right in among the cheeses that include creamy Brie and Camembert, and more pungent blue cheeses Bleu d’Auvergne and Fourme d’Ambert that may require a more seasoned palate to relish.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even try their very honestly named Premium Aged and Pungent Cheese platter, for an intense olfactory and gastronomic experience.

All the cheeses are handpicked by their resident cheese master Madame Edith Lai Bompard. And the word around town is that Madame Lai certainly knows a thing or ten about cheese and wine pairings. So you know your platters will be perfectly matched!

Price range:  Prices start from S$62 for the Gourmet Platter to S$192 for the Mega Platter of Cheese and Charcuterie
How to order: Head over to Gourmet Shop’s website to place your order
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6. The Plattering Co.

cheese-platter-grazing-box-singapore-plattering-coWhether you want a single portion to nibble on while you catch up on some R&R over the weekend, or to wow your friends at a long-awaited get-together post HA measures – there’s a cheese platter box for you here at The Plattering Co.

The platters here are stuffed full of delicious cheeses, savoury cold cuts, fresh and dried seasonal fruits, and gourmet water crackers. You can even choose to add a mini bottle of wine, champagne or Prosecco with personal boxes for a complete cheese platter experience. Nibbling your way through such an opulent spread is the perfect way to spend a languorous weekend if you ask us.

Price range:  Prices start from S$28 for the Petite Cheese and Fruit Platter Box to S$240 for the Gourmet Cheese and Fruit Grazing Platter Box (10 pax)
How to order: Head over to The Plattering Co’s website to place your order
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7. LPB Market

cheese-platter-grazing-box-singapore-lpbGourmet store LPB Market is well-known among gourmands for their prime selection of fine foods, air-flown from European farms. In particular, their cheese selection is tipped to be top-notch, just a quick peep into their online store of ala carte cheese shows that there’s everything from good old cow’s milk cheese to buffalo cheese to goat cheese to sheep cheese.

Armed with this knowledge, we recommend trying the specially curated Surprise Me! selection, a platter good for four to five adventurous people to share. You won’t know what cheeses you’ll be getting with this platter, but you can be assured that whatever cheeses you do get will brie awesome!

Price range: Prices start at S$69 for the Pop the Box platter (2-3 pax) to S$149 for the So Cheese platter (6-10 pax)
How to order: Head over to LPB Market’s website to place your order
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8. The Cheese Artisans

cheese-platter-grazing-box-singapore-cheese-artisansThis is THE place to be if you are looking for a solid cheese and cracker platter with none of the fun frills and additions. With a wide selection of cheeses sourced from European farms both big and small, it’s a true gastronomic adventure for anyone – whether it’s your first or hundred-and-first encounter with artisanal cheese.

The Classic selection gives you four artisanal cheeses to sample from including blue cheeses, whilst the Master selection includes a whopping seven to eight different types of cheese for you to slowly savour over and over again.

Price range: Prices start at S$100 for the Classic selection to S$200 for the Master selection
How to order: Head over to The Cheese Artisan’s website to place your order
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9. Platter with Love

cheese-platter-grazing-box-singapore-platter-with-loveThey say passion can’t be hidden, and it’s certainly true at little homegrown cheese platter store, Platter with Love. Each and every platter is handcrafted with lots of heart and love here, resulting in exquisite and pretty platters that will lift your soul.

Choose from a more casual selection with their deluxe box of artisanal cheeses and cold cuts, or opt for a more luxe experience with the premium platter box which includes premium cheeses like truffle brie and delectable treats like smoked salmon and salmon caviar.

Every platter purchased buys a meal for a needy person in Singapore – taking the term “made with heart” to a whole new level, indeed.

Price range: Prices start at S$98 for a Single Deluxe Platter Box to S$498 for a Large Premium Platter Box.
How to order: Head over to Platter with Love’s website to place your order.
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10. The Chatter Platter (Halal option!)

cheese-platter-grazing-box-singapore-chatter platterThis halal cheese box store touts itself as proudly homegrown with a Singapore twist, and we are sold. We spied their one-of-a-kind cili padi cheese and their signature Brie Brulee in all their cheese grazing boxes – the thought of which, we have to say, excites us enormously.

Another thing that we really look forward to? Their eye-catching selection of dips with flavours we Singaporeans know and love, like Salted Caramel Kaya and Chili Pomegranate Yoghurt.

The Chatter Platter is really aptly named in our opinion because we will certainly be chattering about their platters long after they’re in our happy tummies. Totally drool-worthy, we say.

Price range: Prices start at S$58 for a Single box (1-2 pax) to S$168 for a Family box (6-10 pax)
How to order: Head over to Chatter Platter’s website to place your order
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11. One Fifty Peel

cheese-platter-grazing-box-singapore-one-fifty-peelPerfect to perk up the dreary days of WFH are these exciting cheese and grazing platter boxes from One Fifty Peel. The signature item here is actually the highly addictive salted caramel fudge – consider yourself duly warned!

It’s all highly customisable here, you can choose how you want your boxes to be made up. Opt for the traditional cheese and charcuterie combination paired with wine, or go local and try the cheeses and cold cuts with a pod of aromatic Kopi-O, Thai Tea or Mint Tea made from Nespresso-compatible pods from Pod Labs.

Price range:  Prices start at S$38 for the WFH Graze box (1 pax) to S$160 for the Serious Graze box (5 -6pax)
How to order: Head over to One Fifty Peel’s website to place your order
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12. Fave Fine Food

cheese-platter-grazing-box-singapore-fave-fine-foodWhat’s better than a cheese platter packed with decadent artisanal cheeses, smoky cured meats, nuts, fresh fruits, and crackers? Well, here’s what: a cheese platter with all of that and a slab of what some call the best butter in the world – artisanal butter from Bordier. You will really be luxuriating in what may be the perfect marriage of creamy goodness, with this heavenly combination.

If antipasti are your jam, you’ll also want to make some room to try the Antipasto Platter here. It offers an epicurean selection of beautifully prepared antipasti which includes sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and peppers alongside a delectable selection of charcuterie and cheeses.

Price range:  Prices start at S$128 for the Small Antipasto Platter (2-3 pax) to S$280 for the Bespoke Luxury Cheese Platter (8-10 pax)
How to order: Head over to Fave Fine Food’s website to place your order
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