Artisanal ice-cream to enjoy at home so you can avoid the weekend queues

Phase 2 post-circuit breaker allows us to dine out but the safety measures that we have to follow means that popular spots see queues and waiting time than usual. If you’re craving a good scoop of ice-cream and want to enjoy it without stepping out of the house, you’ll be glad to know that there are many great options available for delivery so you can get your sweet tooth fixed.

To add some zing to your otherwise lacklustre sweet course, AVENUE ONE has put together a list of recommendations of unique ice-cream flavours that are sure to colour your palate.

1. Milo Monster

Moosh Softserve’s Milo Monster is the ultimate nostalgia in a cup. It is served with fully packed Milo flavour plus a generous amount of Milo powder and biscuits – kind of like the Milo Dinosaur you would usually order at coffee shops but only thicker and creamier.

Moosh is a total ‘new kid on the block’ with super wholesome and unique flavours that are sure to tickle your taste buds. Located in Haji Lane, the newly opened dessert parlour is committed to serving high quality ice-cream that will leave you coming back for more. Other popular flavours include S’mores, Nutella Brownies Cheesecake (NBC) and Ondeh Ondeh.

Available at Moosh for S$12. You can also get an offered price of S$10 if you buy 3 pints or more. WhatsApp (click to message directly) them for orders.

2. Caramel Banana Foster Frozen Custard (most indulgent!)


Go bananas with Tillamook’s exclusive Caramel Bananas Frozen Custard flavour. It is made with a generous amount of fresh cream and milk from cows that are not treated with rBST (growth hormones) which explains its rich and velvety texture. If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely a dessert to go for.

Available at Redmart for S$13.55.

3. Caramelised Strawberry

This is not your conventional, boring strawberry flavour that you get off the shelf. This is Apiary’s French strawberries sweetened with the toasty tint of caramel. It is a heavenly combination and you will be squealing with glee at the buttery texture that melts in your mouth ever so slowly and gently.

Available at Apiary for S$15, with a minimum order of S$50.

4. Red Bean with Pudding Ice Cream Bar (most nostalgic!)


You’ve certainly tried red bean potong ice-cream, and this is kind of an elevated version from that.

The interesting combo makes you think that you’re sitting in a quaint dessert store having a bowl of red bean with pudding treat even though you’re sitting right at home.

Available at Shopee for S$21 for two boxes.

5. Durian

Gold Gild’s Durian ice cream is truly one of a kind – it is full-flavoured and 100% natural with no artificial flavourings. Made with real fruits, this pint of natural goodness gives you the satisfaction of eating the fruit fresh from its shell.

Available at Gold Gild for S$18.90. Gold Gild also offers an attractive incremental pricing structure so you can save more when you buy more!

6. Bubble Milk Tea Gelato

What better way to satisfy your bubble tea cravings than having it in the form of ice cream! This creamy gelato is rich in flavour and tastes exactly like your favourite cup of bubble tea. Handcrafted by The Ice Cream and Cookie Co., this pint of goodness is every Singaporean’s go-to premium dessert. The highly reviewed parlour also offers a wide range of locally inspired flavours like Onde Onde, Chendol and Calamansi.

Those who are lactose-intolerant will also be happy to know that their ice-cream are vegan and dairy-free!

Available at their website for S$12.90. Note that there will be an additional S$8 delivery fee for orders below S$80. Otherwise, you can check out Foodpanda’s Panda Mart for single pint orders with a low delivery fee (availability of flavours is subjected to location).

7. Bandung Gelato (most refreshing!)


Our favourite local drink in a gelato? Yes, please!

Created by local brand StellaMarina, this halal-certified treat is described as refreshing and sweet. The brand also offers other interesting flavours such as Bubur Pulut Hitam, Oolong Lychee, Chendol, Thai Milk Red Tea, and more.

Available at Shopee for S$10. You can enjoy 10% off when you purchase four (of any flavours).

8. Root Beer Float

This is quite an interesting flavour by Merely Ice Cream and is definitely one that brings back precious childhood memories. Filled with a variety of ingredients like ginger, cinnamon and vanilla, this egg-free complex combination packs a punch and will make you go “MMHM!”.

For all you root beer lovers out there, get ready for a sensory overload experience.

Available at Merely Ice Cream for S$10.90, with free delivery for orders S$40 and above.

9. Chrysanthemum

Known for its unusually creative flavours (like Chee Cheong Fun and Carrot Cake), Tom’s Palette is back with another of its own but perhaps this time, with a little more classic and old-fashioned approach. The all new Chrysanthemum flavour is a delicate infusion of the East Asian flowers and milk – a mixture combined to deliver a sweet, floral taste with a tinge of herbal honey note.

Available at Tom’s Palette for S$18.

10. Yakult Oreo

Licker’s Yakult Orea is the combination of every Singaporean’s ultimate childhood favourites packed into one delicious cup of nostalgic treat. On one hand, you have the sweet-and-sour flavour of Yakult and on other other, the delectable crunch of the cookies that you grew up loving. This unique blend of the best of both worlds is definitely a must-try for those who want a change from the conventional cookies and cream.

Available at Lickers for S$10.50. Free doorstep delivery for orders over S$65, otherwise it will be at a flat rate of S$20.

11. Woobbee

JUST IN! Tom’s Palette is having a new collaboration with Singapore’s homegrown bubble tea outlet, Woobbee, on their brand new bubble tea flavour! If you already know, Woobbee is known for its finest selection of tea leaves and using pure raw sugar for its drinks so for anyone out there who is craving for that perfect cup of aromatic bubble tea ice cream but is on the calorie count, this might be the perfect treat for you!

Available at Tom’s Palette for S$18.

12. Tiger Radler

Now this is something special for all the Tiger beer fans out there. Who knew you could actually turn a pint of beer into a creamy and delicious dessert? At Butterknife Folk, you can finally indulge in the tasty sensation of a pint of refreshing and icy beer without the inebriation.

Available at Butterknife Folk for S$19.