Bynd Artisan’s partnership with Sunday Folks is the collab we never knew we needed

Dessert lovers will know of the famous artisanal ice cream parlour Sunday Folks, which is best known for their gorgeously churned ice cream towered atop their delicate waffles.

Meanwhile, craft fans are sure to recognise Bynd Artisan, a gift concept that places emphasis on craftsmanship, particularly in leather works.

The two brands seem worlds apart in terms of their focus but have collaborated in an unexpected – but certainly welcome – partnership.

Credit: @ion_orchard/Instagram

Enter the Bynd Artisan + Sunday Folks ION Experience Store. Both aesthetically pleasing and gorgeously designed, this store is sure to catch your eye as you walk by and entice you to enter its premises.

Credit: @ion_orchard/Instagram

The shop offers more than its pleasing-to-the-eye beauty though – it is a retail and F&B outlet all wrapped into one while also offering lifestyle activities such as crafting workshops courtesy of Bynd Artisan.

Sunday Folks menu

Credit: @wearesunday/Instagram

For the ION outlet, Sunday Folks hopes for their customers to “take a pause from their everyday busyness and enjoy a moment of therapy with artisanal ice cream desserts, speciality coffees, and crafted leather goods.”

A new dessert menu was crafted especially for this store, and it focuses on ice cream creations such as parfaits and other ice cream entremets.

Credit: @wearesunday/Instagram

Seasonal dessert pairings are also introduced with their teas and speciality coffees that are sourced globally.

And of course, you’d expect nothing less from the desserts dished out by Sunday Folks – just take a look at the Pavlova Ice Cream Cake (pictured above) that features mango passionfruit sorbet, classic French vanilla ice cream, coconut mousse, passionfruit curd, raspberry meringue kisses, whole raspberry, lemon zest, and edible viola flowers.

Get ready to embark on a gastronomical adventure when you let your tastebuds be enveloped in the artisanal sweet treats.

Retail offerings by Bynd Artisan

Credit: @byndartisan/Instagram

Once you’re done giving yourself a well-deserved (and delicious) treat, head over to the shopping section for some retail therapy. Browse through a wide variety of Bynd Artisan’s customisable handmade leather-and-paper gifts that include notebooks, cardholders, wallets, trays, and mousepads.

Credit: @byndartisan/Instagram

Bynd Artisan also offers crafting workshops where you’ll be guided by their craftsmen on how to make your own personalised products such as your own leather Apple AirPods case, jewellery, cardholders, bookbinding, and many more.

No prior experience is needed for Bynd Artisan’s workshops, so take this chance to learn a new skill while you’re at it.

Overall aesthetics and vibe of the Bynd Artisan + Sunday Folks ION Experience Store

As mentioned earlier, the shop is gorgeous in its aesthetics and emits calm and peaceful vibes to invite you in. The combination of leather, earthy hues for their furnishing and gentle lighting adds to the tranquil atmosphere.

Credit: @byndartisan/Instagram

With all products on display, the shop almost looks like it’s inspired by an art gallery and allows you to enjoy the store while taking your time to browse their products.

Credit: @byndartisan/Instagram

The shop also has a “gratitude corner” that contains a guest book, and visitors are welcome to pen down what makes them happy for others to read and find joy as well.

Credit: @wearesunday/Instagram

Additionally, the store has designer benches with leather hammocks underneath the seat for you to store your bags safely and securely, adding to the luxurious and pampering feel of the store. Following this theme, they also have tailored tableware upon which food and drinks are served.

Credit: @wearesunday/Instagram

You can find the Bynd Artisan + Sunday Folks ION Experience Store at ION Orchard, #04-11. The outlet opens from 10am to 10pm daily.