Brotzeit’s Pork-sperity Feast review: New way to celebrate CNY with your family and friends

I won’t be surprised if you are thinking of dining at Chinese restaurants for your reunion dinner or perhaps even having a sumptuous home-cooked reunion dinner this Chinese New Year.

If you have tried dining at Chinese restaurants – which os extra busy during the festive season – for your reunion dinner, I’m sure the following experiences are something you may have experienced:

  1. poor service
  2. bad timing (dinner at 5:30pm?!)
  3. poor food quality as the chefs seem to be rushing them out

To avoid disappointment, how about doing things a little different for the year of the Pig?

For the first time ever, Brotzeit has created a special Pork-sperity Feast menu for Chinese New Year! You may need to wait for this special menu to be available again in the year 2031!

brotzeit porksperity feast review 2019

What’s available?

For a group of six to eight, you may choose the “Prosperity” Brotzeitplatte (S$188).

For a group of two to three, go for the Zweierlei Ripperl aka Duo of Prosperity Ribs (S$38).

If you love your dessert sweet and with a touch of “Chinese”, they have the Blissful Poached Pear with Chinese Herbs for you to try (S$8).

Brotzeit’s Pork-sperity Feast Review: Yay or nay?

Brotzeit prosperity feast review


The “Prosperity” Brotzeitplatte consist of a golden roasted pork belly stuffed with moist bread, Brotzeit’s signature crispy pork knuckle, a duo of ribs marinated with Bavarian honey sauce and apple cider with chilli flakes, along with premium German sausages that cheese and spice lovers will enjoy.

The platter is accompanied with three side dishes of sweet potato fries, creamy Chinese cabbage, and sautéed garlic mushrooms.

This platter is good for a party of six to eight people. If you have family members or friends with small appetite, this platter might even be able to feed 10 people!

The golden roasted pork belly

brotzeit pork belly review

I’m never a fan of roasted pork belly, not even the Chinese roasted pork belly version. But I’ll say this dish is pretty good along with the stuffed bread.

I was told that the kitchen takes 4.5 hours to roast it, and with a special mix of beer. This technique gives the roasted skin its fine taste and ability to stay crispy even after being served for more than an hour (go ahead and take your time to get that Instagram-worthy shot!).

Brotzeit’s signature crispy pork knuckle

Again, I’m not a fan of pork knuckle because of the strong “pork” taste and smell that doesn’t agree with my palate. But Brotzeit’s signature crispy pork knuckle certainly tastes different from any other ones that I’ve tried before – it’s crispy and feels lighter. I can’t believe I actually like it!

If you like your pork knuckles to stay crispy (who doesn’t!), this definitely works out.

Duo ribs marinated with Bavarian honey sauce and apple cider with chilli flakes

Brotzeit CNY Duo of Prosperity Ribs review

The ribs comes in two flavours. Half of it is drizzled with Bavarian honey sauce, and the other half is flavoured with apple cider with chilli flakes. I personally love the ribs with Bavarian honey sauce. I find the apple cider with chilli flakes decent and not spicy at all (I have a very low spice tolerance level). During the tasting session, another media representative said that she loved the one with apple cider with chilli flakes.

The sides

The sweet potato fries were tasty but there’s no surprises there – they taste exactly like how you’d expect them to be.

What’s interestingly different for my palate is the creamy Chinese cabbage, which is served as part of the “Prosperity” Brotzeitplatte. I would have loved to go for another portion if not because I know a bulging stomach would embarrass me. The taste is so memorable that I wonder if I could recreate it at home.

The dessert

As the main dish contains fried (heaty) items, the folks at Brotzeit wanted to balance it off with a cooling dessert that many Chinese people will be familiar with – poached pear.

Served chilled and poached in Brotzeit’s own herbal wine essence and brewed with various Chinese herbs, this dessert  is naturally sweet, thanks to the pear.

Where are the Brotzeit outlets?

In case you can’t find a Brotzeit outlet near you, you can order via Oddle. Delivery is free with a minimum spend of S$135. Pre-orders of the Prosperity platter (made before 17 Jan 2019) comes with a complimentary Blissful Poached Pear. All you need to do is enter “PEAR” for your promo code.

Brozeit outlets can be found at the following locations:

  • VivoCity
  • Raffles City
  • 313@Somerset
  • Katong
  • Westgate